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"Shangri-La-Di-Da" is the twelfth episode of Legend of the Three Caballeros. It premiered on June 9, 2018 on the DisneyLife app in the Philippines and premiered on Disney XD in the United States on October 23, 2021[1].


Daisy's patience with Donald has run out, so Xandra books them for a vacation in Shangri-La to help solve all their problems. The Yeti resort staff have orders to not let Donald leave until his temper has been dealt with once and for all, leaving him unable to help the other Caballeros as they begin a final assault on Sheldgoose's mansion to stop him from reviving Felldrake.


Having retrieved the amulets from the room of the original Three Caballeros, Sheldgoose returns to his mansion and noticing the mystic barrier blocking the entrance, Felldrake attempts to unlock it so the two can enter the mansion to which after a few failed attempts, the two finally enter. Back at Clinton Coot's cabana, Xandra, José, Panchito, Donald, and April, May, and June return there after training with Arthur to which José and Panchito practice themselves to help them prepare to face Felldrake. Donald feels inspired and does his tantrum to prepare to face Felldrake. Noticing the basement leading to the lair of the original Caballeros opened, April, May, and June decide to investigate the culprit who entered the original Caballeros' basement to make sure everything is all right. After Donald explains to himself that he returned home, believing that Daisy would return, Xandra tells Donald to help him the problem about his relationship with Daisy so he plans to send Daisy and Donald to Shanghai-La, which is deep in the Himalayas, where Donald's problem would be solved. Donald then talks to Daisy on the phone planning to talk to her about Xandra sending him and Daisy to Shangri-La.

Back at Sheldgoose's mansion, Sheldgoose, Felldrake, and Leopold walk down the basement as Felldrake himself is excited to be free from the staff where Leopold is tasked to guard the basement from intruders as Sheldgoose takes his descendant to the Summoning Chamber, where Felldrake would be free. Back at Clinton's cabana, Daisy approaches Donald where she recaps about her poor dates with Donald at the train station, at the Chez Quackmore restaurant, and the plan used by her nieces while Donald is away to which Xandra sends the couple to the Himalayas. At the snowy mountains of the Himalayas, Donald and Daisy walk into a cave where a yeti appears in front of the duo. The yeti greets the couple to the Himalayas' very own Shangri-La Resort and Spa and introduces himself as Gary who works as the Resort's concierge, activities coordinator, and licensed behavioral therapist. Seeing Donald and Daisy in front of the desk, he directs the two to enjoy natural resources of Shangri-La.

Gary sings to Donald and Daisy where he introduces the two to the Shangri-La Resort and Spa as a group of Resort staff members who, just like Gary, are all yetis. The staff members sing to the couple about the activities done at the Resort to which while exploring the Resort, Gary, the head yeti, explains to Donald and Daisy that here at the Shangri-La Resort and Spa, he and the staff members of the Shangri-La Resort and Spa treat all problems. Gary, the head manager, then gives out a rule to guests that visitors who stay in Shangri-La must stay there until their problems are taken care of, telling Donald and Daisy to sign if they want to stay and leave Shangri-La as part of the Resort's policy.

Meanwhile, on their way to the Summoning Chamber, Sheldgoose and his ancestor arrive at the Sheldgoose Catacombs where the two pass by skulls of Sheldgoose's deceased relatives. Amongst the ancestors Baron Von Sheldgoose passes through are the skulls of some of his deceased ancestors: Sheldgoose the Red, Julius Shelldrake, and Sheldbeard the Creep. While at the Catacombs, Felldrake and his descendant have arrived at the first gate where Sheldgoose is tasked to place the amulet into the gate's mouth to which Sheldgoose places the red triangle-shaped amulet to open the gate in order for Sheldgoose to enter the Summoning Chamber. Back at Clinton's cabana, José and Panchito are dueling with each other in a plan to fight against Felldrake. Suddenly, April warns Panchito that the amulets are missing from the basement leading to the treasure chamber of the original Three Caballeros as it is found out that Sheldgoose was the real culprit. Xandra scolds Humphrey and Ari for being irresponsible in protecting the amulets from Sheldgoose as it is found out that Sheldgoose took the amulets to his secret basement in his mansion to which Xandra devises a plan to get to Sheldgoose's mansion to stop Sheldgoose from fulfilling his mission, to which Xandra decides to get Donald to return to the Caballeros so that he would help prepare to face Felldrake in teamwork with the Caballeros.

Meanwhile at Shangri-La, the yetis are giving Donald and Daisy a relaxing massage at the Resort where the two apologize to each other. A yeti waiter politely offers Donald a glass of lemon and ambrosia water to which Donald rudely tells him leave him alone. However, it is figured out that Donald's temper is a problem to the Resort staff as the yetis plan to take care of Donald's anger as part of the Resort's policy. Outside, Xandra is looking for Donald where she approaches Gary, the head manager, where she requests him to pick up Donald to which Gary explains that Donald is not ready yet because of his temper problems after signing the contract, Donald cannot leave the Resort until all of his problems are solved (especially when it comes to his anger problem). Gary, the head yeti, instead decides to interest Xandra in a Himalayan seaweed wrap. Xandra, however, decides to return to nether New Quackmore Institute at Clinton Coot's cabana.

Back at the Sheldgoose Catacombs, Sheldgoose and his ancestor are at the second gate where he places the green square-shaped amulet required to unlock the Summoning Chamber. Back at Clinton's cabana, Xandra explains that Donald cannot join the Caballeros at this moment because of his problems until all of his problems are solved as José tells his allies to not give up faith in fighting against Felldrake. Seeing a dark storm in the sky, Panchito feels worried that it is even worse without Donald.

Back at the Shangri-La Resort and Spa, Gary introduces Donald and Daisy to the group therapy as part of their stay. As the therapy process begins, Daisy gently interacts with the pillow given by Gary while Donald angrily rips it apart where Gary notices Donald having anger problems to which Donald denies. Daisy politely asks Donald for a game of croquet to which he denies. Donald and Daisy attempt to leave the Resort, but Gary and the Resort staff cannot allow Donald to leave due to his anger problems and due to the fact that Donald has signed the contract, preventing Donald from leaving until all of his problems are solved (especially his anger problem). Much to Donald's anger, two Resort staff members escort Donald to the Pool of Self-Reflection to help solve his problems.

At the Pool of Self-Reflection, Gary tells Donald to reflect on the depths of his anger in order for him to leave or his anger will make things even worse. As Donald reflects himself, he sees his own anger staring at him. Donald's reflection forms into a muscular, angry version of Donald himself. Donald attempts to fight his reflection in order to face his anger issues, but the battle even becomes complicated, as Donald cannot easily defeat his own reflection by just fighting him as the yetis watch Donald try to reflect himself. Gary then tells a fellow yeti that Donald reflecting his anger might reflect his perfect success rate.

Back at Clinton Coot's cabana, José, Panchito, and Daisy's nieces are having trouble finding an artifact required to access the mystic barrier outside Sheldgoose's mansion as plans to fight Felldrake have become more challenging without Donald. Believing that Donald would do everything if he were there, Ari, José, Panchito, April, May, June, and Xandra work together to build a cannon made out of artifacts for the group to access the mystic barrier. As the group approaches Sheldgoose's mansion, Xandra commands Ari to fire the cannon to destroy the mystic barrier blocking the entrance. The blast from the cannon not only disables the mystic barrier blocking the entrance to Sheldgoose's mansion at the New Quackmore Institute but also destroys the Money Bin at Duckburg where Scrooge McDuck worriedly notices the coins flowing out of the Bin.

Back at the New Quackmore Institute, Xandra happily notices that the blast worked because it destroyed the mystic barrier. As the group tries to enter, two bodyguards block the entrance as Xandra beats up Sheldgoose's bodyguards in a plan to stop Sheldgoose and Felldrake from fulfilling their plan. Meanwhile at the Sheldgoose Catacombs, Sheldgoose and his ancestor approach the last gate where Sheldgoose inserts the blue circle-shaped amulet as Baron Von Sheldgoose and Lord Felldrake the Terrible are on their way to fulfilling their mission. Back at Shangri-La, Donald is still facing his anger reflection to which while facing his reflection, Donald finds himself in a dream while attempting to deal with his anger issues. There, Donald faces a teapot where a face named Mr. Spirit appears and talks to Donald to know what brought him here to which he plans to take a look at the wrong actions Donald did before he started dealing with his anger issues. Mr. Spirit then recaps the wrongful actions Donald did back then before looping back to Donald himself. Back with Donald himself, he talks to Mr. Spirit explaining to him that he has an anger problem. Mr. Spirit explains to Donald that owning up is the first step to recovery. In order to help Donald deal with his anger, Mr. Spirit gives Donald a leaf to relax on so he can help deal with his anger issues. Back at the Pool of Self-Reflection, Donald is still facing his reflection as Daisy notices the giant monster preparing to strike him. Donald's reflection attempts to strike his own self but due to Donald being calm, the reflection of anger suddenly starts weakening, due to Donald's calmness as the yetis feel happy that Donald is starting to take care of his anger issues.

Back at Sheldgoose's mansion, a massive dark storm has filled the New Quackmore Institute as part of Sheldgoose's evil plans. Xandra warns the Caballeros that the basement is very dangerous as April, May, and June decide to stay. Seeing a ripped up document, April, May, and June decide to put the pieces back in place. As Xandra, José, and Panchito enter the basement leading to the Summoning Chamber, Leopold the Horrible guards the entrance just as the three face him in combat. Meanwhile after all the three gates are unlocked, Sheldgoose and his ancestor arrive at the Summoning Chamber where Felldrake would be free from his staff. Felldrake tells his descendant to place him at the center so he can be free from his staff. Sheldgoose places his staff at the center of the Summoning Chamber to which Sheldgoose's plan starts becoming successful while Xandra, José, and Panchito continue fighting Leopold.

Back at the Pool of Self-Reflection at Shangri-La, Donald's reflection of anger starts shrinking to tiny size as Donald's anger is finally vanquished. Gary, the head yeti, congratulates Donald for conquering his anger, which solves his problems and finishes his anger treatment just as the rest of the Resort staff celebrate Donald's success. As a result, Gary finally allows Donald and Daisy to leave to which he explains to the couple that the staff have unlocked the gates so that the two can leave the Resort, but before they can leave, Donald and Daisy must complete Gary's satisfaction survey. As a result, Donald and Daisy reunite happily with each other and share an embrace to complete Gary's survey as the yetis react in awe. Gary finally allows Donald and Daisy to leave Shangri-La as Gary and the yetis then bid Donald and Daisy for having a great stay at the Resort as the two depart on a log-flume vehicle just as Donald and Daisy leave Shangri-La together where the two end up at Clinton Coot's cabana at the New Quackmore Institute. Confused to know where Xandra, the Caballeros, and Daisy's nieces are at, Ari the Aracuan Bird warns Donald and Daisy that they have come to face Sheldgoose.

Approaching Sheldgoose's mansion, Donald tells Daisy to stay with Humphrey and Ari just as Donald gives Daisy a kiss before planning to face his destiny in a plan to help the Caballeros.

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  • When Ari's device accidentally destroys the Money Bin and Scrooge laments the loss of his money, a minor-key instrumental version of the DuckTales Theme plays in the background.
  • At one point, Donald's anger takes on the appearance of a hulking giant, similar to what had happened in the Mickey Mouse short, Split Decision.
  • When Donald came back to smooch Daisy, the way they kissed is similar to that from the short Donald's Dilemma.
  • During his therapy session, Donald refers to a disembodied voice as "Mr. Spirit", similar to Donald in Mathmagic Land.


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