"Shapeshifters" is the thirty-third episode of the Disney Channel animated series Elena of Avalor. It premiered on March 10, 2018, and is the eighth episode in the second season.


Sometime has passed since the Sunflower Festival and Shuriki's return to Avalor, her alliance with Victor and Carla, and the revival of Fiero have become public knowledge. At Avalor Palace, Gabe has the Royal Guards tailing Elena everywhere to protect her from Shuriki, to her annoyance. They’re even guarding her when she’s safely inside the palace. Elena arrives late for a meeting of the Grand Council of Avalor. Elena's cousin and grandparents ask Elena if it's true that Shuriki has returned and that the Delgados and Fiero are working for her. Elena confirms that it's all true and insists on going after Shuriki. Esteban and Francisco are against this and insist that she let the Royal Guard and the Jaquins handle this. When the matter is put to a vote, the Grand Council votes that Elena is to be confined to the Palace until Shuriki is found. Outside, Migs, Mingo, Zoom, and Estrella fly up to tell Elena about Luna's Birthday celebration. Elena tells them she can't go as she's confined to the Palace, to which the cubs invent a Guardian Salute for her. In Mateo's Workshop, Elena asks Mateo what Fiero stole from the Codex Maru to which he tells her he just stole some seemingly blank pages. Mateo also informs Elena he made a Shape-shifting Potion that turns anyone it's poured on into a Jaquin. Upon assuming her Jaquin form, Elena decides to sneak out in it. Gabe enters and is completely fooled by it until Mateo turns her back. Elena tells him she wants to go to Luna's Party in it and invites him to come with her and Mateo, to which Gabe reluctantly says yes.

After assuming their Jaquin forms, the trio set out for the Mooncliff Mountains. On the way, they run into Cruz, the future Chief of Avalor's Jaquin Clan. The trio introduces themselves as Francisco, Luisa, and Esteban and go with Cruz to Luna's Party. When they arrive, Gabe starts playing Skyball with the Clan. Elena flies up to ask Chief Zephyr if she can join the search for Shuriki, but he tells her that job is for the Scouts only. Zephyr then flies up to Cruz and tells him to come with him. The pair take off into the jungle with Elena and Mateo following. The pair arrive at a secret hideaway, Commander's Rock, that Alacazar made before he left. Disappointed, Elena heads back to the party. Inside, Zephyr tells Cruz that he picked him because he saw awesome potential in him, but he has since proven a disappointment, so Zephyr rescinds naming him his successor as the Chief of Avalor's Jaquin Clan. Angered, Cruz traps Zephyr inside Commander's Rock.

Back at the party, it's time for Luna to receive her gifts. Everyone wonders where Chief Zephyr is as he's always the first to give gifts. When Cruz gets back, Elena asks him where Zephyr is. Realizing she tailed him and Zephyr to Commander's Rock, but did not see him trap Zephyr inside, Cruz, to cover himself, tells everyone that Chief Zephyr is missing and Elena, Mateo, and Gabe are responsible. The Clan believes this as they know Cruz and don't recognize the trio. Elena tries to tell them who they really are, but the Clan doesn't believe them and locks them up. In the hole, Gabe finds out that Elena really wanted to leave the Palace to find Shuriki, to his fury. Elena tells Mingo, Zoom, and Estrella who they are. The cubs don't believe them until Elena does the Future Guardian Salute. Realizing that they're telling the truth, the cubs lets them out, only to be caught shortly thereafter by Cruz, Skylar, Migs, and Luna. The Clan pursues the trio to the hideaway, where the trio let Zephyr out. Zephyr, furious, reveals that Cruz is a traitor, and after Elena manages to knock him out of the sky, Zephyr pins him down, and the Clan apprehends Cruz and locks him up. Cruz states they can't keep him locked up forever, especially after his sister finds out. Zephyr thanks Elena for her aid, but tells her to leave Jaquin Clan matters to the real Jaquins.

Back at the palace, Gabe is furious that Elena lied to him and disobeyed the Grand Council, but lets her off with a warning; he threatens to tell the Council if she disobeys again. The trio also learn, thanks to the Scepter of Light, that the seemingly blank pages Fiero stole actually contain information on the Scepter of Night that Alacazar concealed to ensure it did not fall into the wrong hands. They realize that Shuriki is after it, and prepare to go after her to stop her once they decipher the riddles Alacazar provided that lead to the three pieces of the Scepter of Night.




  • This episode reveals that Cruz has a sister.
  • Moral: Leave a job to those who know how to do it.

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