Shawn Patrick Hunter is a recurring character in Girl Meets World. Shawn was the secondary main character of Boy Meets World.


Shawn is the lifelong best friend of Cory Matthews and Topanga Matthews. Shawn had a rocky upbringing, having been abandoned by his stepmother multiple times, as well as his father, who ended up dying of a heart attack just as he and Shawn reconciled. Shawn was somewhat of a ladies' man throughout most of his younger life until he met Angela Moore, whom he dated for three years until she left to go to Europe with her father for a year. At the end of Boy Meets World, Shawn moved to New York along with Cory, Topanga, and Eric. He left New York the day after Riley was born, and has since traveled around as a photographer and a writer.


In Boy Meets World, Shawn is rebellious and popular, being very much of a ladies' man. However he gets emotional at times, though this is because of his family background.



Chet Hunter

Chet is Shawn's deceased father.

Biological mother

Shawn's biological mother was a stripper, but she left shortly after Shawn was born.

Virna Hunter

Virna is Shawn's stepmother. Virna would often run away because she felt that she and Chet were bad parents, thus causing Chet to run after her to bring her back.

Jack Hunter

Jack is Shawn's half-brother.

Stacy Hunter

Stacy is Shawn's sister.

Eddie Hunter

Eddie is Shawn's half-brother.


Angela Moore

Angela is Shawn's girlfriend. Their relationship status is currently unknown, since she left to live with her father in the Boy Meets World episode, "Angela's Ashes."


Cory Matthews

Main article: Cory Matthews

Cory is Shawn's childhood friend and best friend.

Topanga Matthews

Main article: Topanga Matthews

Topanga is Shawn's childhood friend.

George Feeny

Main article: George Feeny

Mr. Feeny is Shawn's former teacher and mentor.

Rachel McGuire

Rachel is Shawn's friend from college.

Eric Matthews

Eric is Cory's brother, who is also his friend and adoptive brother.

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