Sheeta, whose full name is Lusheeta Toel Ul Laputa ("Toel" meaning "true" and "Ul" meaning "ruler" in Laputian), is a 13-year-old orphaned farm girl. Her glowing stone keeps Laputa alive. She first appeared in Studio Ghibli's Castle in the Sky as the female protagonist.


Sheeta wore a plain, indigo dress until she changed to brown shirt and blue pants with yellow cap, later after captured again, she wore a plain long white dress, being rescued by Pazu and Dola she changed into Dola's large pink pants and yellow blouse. She has brown hair with short bangs in the front and wears her hair in two braids on either side of her head as well as a red hairband. Each braid is tied neatly at the bottom with a red ribbon, a common color for hair accessories in Studio Ghibli films. After getting them shot off by Muska, her hair is short, very similar to Kiki's hairstyle and Sophie's (second) hairstyle. Before putting her hair into braids, she left it long with the red hairband.

Role in the film

She is the rightful princess of Laputa and posses the aetherium crystal which saves her in times of danger. She befriends an orphan named Pazu. Possessing the aetherium crystal and being who she is, subjects her target to many antagonists such as Dola's gang, Muska, etc.


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