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Sheldgoose's Ancestors are characters who appear in Legend of the Three Caballeros. They are ancestors of the series' antagonists, Lord Felldrake and Baron Von Sheldgoose. They are all voiced by Wayne Knight, who also voices Baron Von Sheldgoose himself.


Sheldgoose's ancestors are the past relatives of Baron Von Sheldgoose and the evil wizard Felldrake. According to April, May, and June, Sheldgoose's family line has a dark connection with every major catastrophe in history, which started with Lord Felldrake Sheldgoose who was responsible for various catastrophes throughout the past years (as shown in the episode "Mexico à Go-Go").

Years later after the New Quackmore Institute was founded by Clinton Coot with Baroness Von Sheldgoose taking control of the Institute, Baron Von Sheldgoose's ancestors ended up in the Underworld where they remain as ghosts living there while the skulls of Sheldgoose's ancestors remain at the Sheldgoose Catacombs at Sheldgoose's mansion in the New Quackmore Institute.

Role in the series

In "Mt. Fuji Whiz", after Panchito, José, and Donald defeat a very powerful Tengu, the three attempt to reach the Gateway to the Land of the Living only to be blocked by Baron Von Sheldgoose and Felldrake where Sheldgoose explains to the Caballeros that they haven't met his ancestors yet. Leopold the Horrible then drops several of Sheldgoose's ancestors who also guard the exit and prevent the Caballeros from escaping. Amongst the ancestors of Sheldgoose are caveman, knight, gladiator, pirate, Viking, and other predecessors of Sheldgoose who appear behind the Baron himself. Surrounded by Sheldgoose's ancestors, the Caballeros attempt to do the same thing they did during the duel with the Tengu where they attempt to repel them all at once, but they form into one giant monster, including Sheldgoose himself who forms the monster's head.

Sheldgoose and his ancestors fight against the Caballeros to which the Caballeros are having trouble fighting against Sheldgoose and his ancestors. Noticing the moon about to go down and fearing that they will be stuck in the spirit world forever, Sheldgoose and his ancestors prepare to finish them off, but Xandra controlling Charon's ship arrives and attempts to stop Sheldgoose. Xandra charges the ship toward the giant monster formed by Sheldgoose and his ancestors to which the giant monster is impaled by the skull bowsprit's horns, reverting Sheldgoose and his ancestors back to normal sizes to which Charon tells Xandra to give him back his helm as Xandra leaps down to fight against Sheldgoose and his ancestors. Clinton Coot arrives and rescues the Caballeros to help him repel Sheldgoose's ancestors to which he agrees to help fight against Sheldgoose and his ancestors. During the battle, four of Sheldgoose's predecessors surround them to which Panchito lassos the two of them followed by the pirate ancestor chasing José, to which Donald tackles him while Xandra takes on the Viking ancestor, the gladiator ancestor, and the caveman ancestor while Donald continues taking on the pirate ancestor only for him to be punched by Clinton Coot. After the battle, Sheldgoose's ancestors suddenly retreat much to Baron Von Sheldgoose's worry just as the two retreat with Leopold. Xandra and the Caballeros manage to return to the living world upon defeating Sheldgoose's ancestors.

In "Shangri-La-Di-Da" while on their way to the Summoning Chamber, Baron von Sheldgoose and his ancestor Felldrake arrive at the Sheldgoose Catacombs where the two pass by skulls of Sheldgoose's deceased relatives. Amongst the ancestors Baron Von Sheldgoose passes through are the skulls of some of his deceased ancestors: Sheldgoose the Red, Julius Shelldrake, and Sheldbeard the Creep. While at the Catacombs, Felldrake and his descendant have arrived at the first gate where Sheldgoose is tasked to place the amulet into the gate's mouth to which Sheldgoose places the red triangle-shaped amulet to open the gate in order for Sheldgoose to enter the Summoning Chamber.

In "Sheldgoose Square Dance", Sheldgoose summons the ghosts of his ancestors to fight against Xandra and the Caballeros. Seeing Sheldgoose's ancestors charging towards the group, Xandra manages to summon the ghosts of the Mount Rushmore presidents, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln who barge through the ancestors to which Xandra and the Caballeros continue proceeding. Later as Felldrake continues a plan for a new age of darkness, Sheldgoose's ancestors are sent back to the Underworld via zoom point as it is shown that the reinforcements summoned during the final battle are sent back to their respective homes. Even after the final battle has ended, it is likely that the ghosts of Sheldgoose's ancestors remain in the Underworld once again.


  • In "Shangri-La-Di-Da", three of the ancestors in the Sheldgoose Catacombs are Sheldgoose the Red (Viking ancestor), Julius Shelldrake (Roman ancestor), and Sheldbeard the Creep (pirate ancestor).

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