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"Sheldgoose Square Dance" is the thirteenth and latest episode as well as the season one finale of Legend of the Three Caballeros. It premiered on June 9, 2018 on the DisneyLife app in the Philippines and premiered on Disney XD in the United States on October 30, 2021[1].


Donald arrives in time to join Xandra and the Caballeros and the four of them charge the basement of the mansion, while Felldrake gives Sheldgoose powers of his own to stall them while he reaches his full power. Sheldgoose's attempts to summon evil allies from their past adventures are countered by the Caballeros's own allies, and they arrive in time for Felldrake to awaken and destroy the Institute. The Caballeros try to fight Felldrake but are overpowered and pushed to the verge of defeat. In their last moment, they are contacted by Blazebeak, an ancient wizard whose power had been protecting them through their amulets. With his power, the Caballeros attempt to banish Felldrake back into his staff, but Sheldgoose destroys it out of panic and inadvertently restores everything to normal. His true nature exposed, the boardmembers strip Sheldgoose of his presidency and Donald is named the new Acting President to everybody's happiness, especially Daisy. As Sheldgoose escapes on Leopold, he finds that Felldrake is now trapped inside his own body, and Felldrake decides to call in "an old friend", implied to be the Russian witch Baba Yaga.


At the Summoning Chamber, Sheldgoose has placed his staff at the center as part of his evil plans of fulfilling his mission to release Felldrake from his staff while Xandra, José, and Panchito fight against Leopold the Horrible guarding the entrance to the secret base leading to the Summoning Chamber and reacting to the flashing light caused by Sheldgoose just as Leopold decides to check on Sheldgoose to know if he is safe. Xandra tells José and Panchito to go after him to which Donald, wearing an outfit reflecting his ancestor, finally shows up with Xandra and the two. Seeing Donald wearing the outfit, José and Panchito ready themselves wearing armor just like Donald is wearing to reflect the original Three Caballeros. Meanwhile at the Summoning Chamber, the spirit of Lord Felldrake the Terrible is finally released from the staff albeit an egg. The Three Caballeros are fully equipped wearing armor from the basement at Clinton Coot's cabana to reflect themselves as the original Three Caballeros

Meanwhile at Clinton Coot's cabana, April, May, and June are planning to repair the document ripped up together at the cabana. As they approach their aunt, Daisy explains to them that Donald went to face his destiny with José and Panchito and noticing the pieces all mixed up, Daisy arrives and curiously observes the girls trying to put the pieces of the document together like a jigsaw puzzle. Back at Sheldgoose's mansion, Xandra explains to the Three Caballeros that the magic from their amulets reflects how the original Three Caballeros defeated Felldrake years ago and trapped him in his staff and with the amulets placed at the Summoning Chamber, it not only frees Felldrake himself but a disaster would soon be faced if he is not stopped. Meanwhile at the Summoning Chamber, the egg hatches revealing Felldrake in his baby self. Felldrake explains to his descendant to set a timer so that he can gain his ultimate strength to which upon Leopold hearing Xandra and the Caballeros on their way the Summoning Chamber. Felldrake gives his descendant some magic to make him more powerful than him in a plan to defeat the Caballeros.

As Xandra and the Caballeros are heading to the Summoning Chamber, the four end up reacting to the magical blasts summoned by Sheldgoose, causing a negative effect on Xandra's golden atlas. Upon looking at Sheldgoose riding on Leopold, he uses magic to open up a portal to which it is known that Sheldgoose has summoned a zoom point to slow down the Caballeros to which it is known that Sheldgoose is using it to summon enemies the Caballeros previously fought. Sheldgoose uses it to summon the Moon Bots to attack the Caballeros. Noticing the Moon Bot Army approaching, Xandra explains that Felldrake must have disrupted the balance of light and dark which gives Xandra inspiration to summon zoom points to send in reinforcements to fight back. Xandra brings in a zoom point to summon the Roman gods, Jupiter, Venus, and Mars who fight against the Moon Bots.

Having gotten past the Moon Bots, Felldrake evolves from his baby self to his teen self just as he watches Sheldgoose stop the Caballeros. Meanwhile, Sheldgoose sends in a zoom point to summon the Lava Lizards which approach the four as the room fills with lava. Xandra plans to counter this attack by summoning the goblins from Goblin Town to use their shields to block the Lava Lizards from approaching. The zoom point not only summons the goblins but also King Vomit riding on a giant green cat used as a catapult where they launch Xandra and the Caballeros to get past the Lava Lizards.

Having gotten past the Lava Lizards, Xandra and the Caballeros attempt to stop Sheldgoose for once. Sheldgoose sends in a zoom point to summon the Karasu Tengu and as he prepares to strike the Caballeros with his sword, Xandra sends in another zoom point to summon King Arthur of Camelot to which he engages in duel with the Tengu. Still on their way to the Summoning Chamber, Sheldgoose creates another zoom point to summon his ancestors. As Sheldgoose's ancestors are getting closer, Xandra creates another zoom point to summon the ghosts of the Mount Rushmore presidents, George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln to which the four ghosts clash with Sheldgoose's ancestors so Xandra and the Caballeros can continue their way to the Chamber.

Still on their way to the Summoning Chamber, Sheldgoose begins to create another zoom point to summon the mutated termites from the World Tree. As the termites are getting closer, Xanda creates another zoom point to summon Larry the Minotaur from the Labyrinth. As Sheldgoose sees him and inadvertently offends him by calling him a "hunky slab of beef", Larry then charges to barge through the termites to help clear the path for them. As Xandra and the Caballeros are almost at the Summoning Chamber, Sheldgoose creates another portal to summon Tyrone, the red dragon from Camelot. Seeing the dragon blocking their path, Xandra manages to send another zoom point to summon the Moai Commander who stage dives onto Tyrone to which Xandra and the Caballeros have finally reached the Summoning Chamber. As they reach the Summoning Chamber, Felldrake has fully evolved to his monstrous form and upon approaching Felldrake, he faces the Caballeros and Xandra as he confirms his identity and plots for revenge. As Felldrake continues a plan for a new age of darkness, everything summoned via zoom point is sent back to their respective homes as Felldrake plans to destroy the world.

Back at Clinton Coot's cabana, the document is finally repaired; however, Daisy, her nieces, Humphrey, and Ari look at the violent storm Sheldgoose has caused. The residents of the New Quackmore Institute, including Eugenia Ferdinand-Ferdinand, react to what Sheldgoose did. Felldrake continues to evolve into a more powerful monster to destroy the world. With the New Quackmore Institute in ruins, everyone finds themselves in Outer Space where the Caballeros face Monster Felldrake, his monstrous form. The Caballeros engage in a duel with Felldrake in his monstrous form as the three work together in defeating Felldrake, but have trouble defeating him.

Leading right to where the opening of the 1st episode started, Xandra arrives and rescues the Caballeros from Felldrake as Xandra manages to face him. Sheldgoose managed to avoid harm from the current events thanks to Leopold, but after noticing the destruction caused by Felldrake, the two face Eugenia who is furious of what he did to the New Quackmore Institute to which upon facing her, the mention of the institute being her's made the evil sorcerer call and turn Eugenia into a rat-faced worm, much to his evil plans.

As Xandra continues firing arrows at Felldrake, she dodges his laser blasts but suddenly attacks her. As Felldrake grabs the golden atlas from Xandra, the Caballeros notice Xandra who is having trouble defeating him in his monstrous form. Losing faith in themselves, the three reflect themselves and see an image of Blazebeak at a pool. As the three dive at the pool where Blazebeak is at, he explains to the Caballeros that in order to triumph, the Caballeros must reincarnate themselves as the original Three Caballeros. The wizard Blazebeak introduces himself to the Caballeros where he explains to the Caballeros that his life force was bound to their amulets which have been protecting them, to which he devises a strategy that the amulets must be used in order to defeat Lord Felldrake the Terrible. He also explains to the Caballeros that if they fail, the universe will face disaster it has never seen and everything else will be destroyed. As a result, Blazebeak gives the Caballeros power to help them defeat Felldrake.

Panchito, José, and Donald manage to face off against Felldrake before he destroys the golden atlas. The Three Caballeros then fight against Felldrake just as three retrieve the golden atlas and return it to Xandra. As Felldrake begins to become more powerful, Xandra starts weakening but thanks to Ari who scooped up water from the pool where the Caballeros encountered the wizard Blazebeak, he splashes magical water on her to make her stronger. Ari blows the horn to send in the Caballeros and Xandra to fight back. While fighting Felldrake, the three see the staff where Felldrake was imprisoned at. As the Caballeros attempt to send Felldrake to the staff where he was imprisoned, Sheldgoose and Leopold attempt to defeat the Caballeros but Daisy, April, May, June, and Humphrey counterattack to stop Felldrake. The Three Caballeros then continue sending Felldrake back to the staff where he was imprisoned at. Noticing Felldrake being sent back to the staff where he was trapped at, Sheldgoose breaks the staff to prevent this which upon breaking it, everything else is back to normal with the New Quackmore Institute in its normal state, saving the world.

With everything back to normal, Sheldgoose and his ancestor fall into a fountain. Looking at the broken staff which he broke to save the world, which failed to save his ancestor, Eugenia Ferdinand-Ferdinand approaches Sheldgoose where she strips him from being president of the Institute as Eugenia gives her own position to herself as the president of the Institute. April, May, and June show Eugenia the document they fixed where they explain to her that should Sheldgoose's title of being president be stripped off, the title would pass on to Clinton Coot (or in this case, Donald Duck). Showing Eugenia the document, Debbie Affidavit declares Donald as the acting president of the Institute until a proper election can be held to which Eugenia tells her to know who will see who wins the presidency. Debbie then explains to Donald that as acting president, he receives the manor where Sheldgoose used to live at just as Xandra, the Caballeros, Daisy, her nieces, and Ari move to the mansion given by Debbie just as Ari places the tribal mask from Clinton's cabana on their new mansion.

Meanwhile, Baron Von Sheldgoose and Leopold feel humiliated after being defeated by the Caballeros where Sheldgoose feels upset about himself. Felldrake explains that when he broke the staff he was trapped at, he started gaining possession of him. Felldrake then devises a plan to Sheldgoose as part of his revenge against the Caballeros as Felldrake and his descendant plan to take revenge against their enemies while far away from the New Quackmore Institute.

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  • Donald's middle name is said in this episode when April, May, and June presented Eugenia with the repaired document



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