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Sheriff Callie is the titular protagonist of the Disney Jr. series Sheriff Callie's Wild West. She is the sheriff of Nice and Friendly Corners and is an excellent singer-songwriter and musician of the series. Callie is a tomboyish but beautiful calico cat who is always ready to lend a hand. She is charged with making sure the town upholds its reputation for being the friendliest town in the West.


Callie works closely with Deputy Peck, and Toby. She is also inseparable from her lightning-fast horse, Sparky.

Perhaps her greatest talent is the use of her noodle lasso for show and sport. Because the lasso is magic, it can take the form of other objects like hammers and stairs. In many events, it has saved Callie and the others from trouble. Callie sings and writes songs as she plays her guitar called "Sweet Strings" in numerous episodes to accompany it.

Callie is all about helping others, fixing things, and giving advice. Whenever there is a lesson in an episode, she is usually the one to help others see it.


  • Callie shares many traits with Wander, from Wander Over Yonder:
    • Both have Southern accents.
    • Both play an instrument in a majority of their songs that they write (Callie: Acoustic guitar, Wander: Banjo), both of which have a set of stars on them.
    • Both have a blue horse as a sidekick (Callie: Sparky, Wander: Sylvia).
    • Both wear a star on their outfits (Callie: Sheriff Star, Wander: Star button on hat).
    • Both wear hats.
  • Her name Callie is wordplay on calico cat.
  • When the show was in a development stage, it was titled Oki's Oasis, implying her name would have been Oki.
  • Callie named her guitar Sweet Strings, and mentions that her mother gave it to her when she was still a kitten, implying that she has played it for a long time. Adding to her musical skills, she is shown to have the ability to out-sing music bandits.


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