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The following episodes of Sheriff Callie's Wild West are listed in the order of their original airing.

Its first episode, "Horseshoe Peck", aired on Disney Junior on January 20, 2014, with an 11-minute episode preview having aired in the "Magical Holidays on Disney Channel" programming event on December 13, 2013.

Season One (2013-2014)

# Title Air date Summary
01 "Horseshoe Peck" December 13, 2013 Peck starts to brag about how good he is at horseshoes after he scores a double ringer. Due to this Sheriff Callie teaches him how to be a good sport when she challenges him to a game of horseshoes.
02 "Callie's Gold Nugget" January 20, 2014 Sheriff Callie found a gold nugget when she was mining for gold in the river. When she loses the gold nugget, Peck and Toby come up with the brilliant plan to paint a rock gold and disguise it as Sheriff Callie's gold nugget. In the end, Peck confess his lie and learns that he can always be honest no matter what.
03 "Train Bandits" January 20, 2014 Sheriff Callie takes care of business when three train bandits steal Peck's Golden Horseshoe trophy.
04 "A Dirty Dusty Apology" January 20, 2014 Dirty Dan and Dusty argue over which way the iron is when they mine for iron. Sheriff Callie soon steps in and teaches them to say that they're sorry when they hurt each other's feelings during the argument.
05 "Tricky Trouble" January 21, 2014 A slimy, traveling salesman named Tricky Travis hopes to make money selling his "Make You Strong Shirts" to the whole town. However, these shirts don't actually make you strong at all! After Peck and Toby are fooled by a big, strong bear dressed as a puny squirrel lifting a big but light and inflatable boulder while wearing the shirt, they think they're really strong. Callie tells them when something seems too good to be true, it probably is.
06 "Toby's Untrue Achoo!" January 21, 2014 Toby wants to show the town his new "Cowboy Cactus Kick Step" dance, but Sheriff Callie's getting all the attention because she has the kitty sniffles. Due to this Toby pretends to be sick just so he can get more attention, but soon realizes that pretending to be sick isn't fun, especially when it means that he will have to miss out on the dance due to his so-called illness.
07 "Stagecoach Stand-Ins" January 22, 2014 Peck and Toby get to drive the stagecoach when Pecos Pug the regular stagecoach driver is unable to drive it due to an injury that sidelined him for a week, however, they forget to get the important gold shipment that was needed to be delivered to River City while taking a dangerous shortcut through the Scary Prairie trying to avoid Sheriff Callie who Makes Peck and Toby make a mistake for a rough and tough bandit known as the "banjo bandit!"
08 "Gold Mine Mix-Up" January 22, 2014 When Dirty Dan says there is no gold in Tricky Mine, he tells Uncle Bun to tell his brother Dusty but when Uncle Bun doesn't pay attention while tending to the other customers in the general store and misinforms everyone that there is gold in Tricky Mine. Problems arise when Dusty goes mining over at Tricky Mine and is confused and nearly endangers himself. After saving Dusty, Uncle Bun apologizes for not listening to Dirty's message and promises from now on, he's all ears.
09 "The Pesky Kangaroo Rat" January 23, 2014 A baby kangaroo rat with a fondness for prairie pickles hitches a ride into Nice and Friendly Corners in Toby's basket and causes total chaos and destruction in town and driving Sheriff Callie crazy while trying to capture him. Then, Callie later learns by Tio Toturga's patience that being patient is the best way to catch a small pesky critter no matter how long it takes.
10 "Cattle Overdrive" January 23, 2014 Peck and Toby want to take a shortcut while herding Farmer Stinky's cattle out of the valley from their summer feeding grounds nearly endangering the cattle and themselves in the process.
11 "Sparky's Rival" January 24, 2014 Sparky feels jealous of the new, fast Iron Horse train which the conductor describes as being better than horses. Later, Sheriff Callie teaches Sparky that no train can replace a trusty horse.
12 "Jail Crazy" January 24, 2014 Sheriff Callie's out of town, so Peck is appointed as the substitute sheriff. However, he puts all the residents of Nice and Friendly Corners in jail for reasons that make little sense.
13 "Toby Gets Nosy" January 27, 2014 Toby grows a bump on his nose before the first ever town picture. Problems arise when the odd, pink bump gets bigger by the minute and there's virtually no way to cover it up.
14 "Peck Takes it Back" January 27, 2014 When Toby accidentally spills milk on the jailhouse floor, Peck calls him a pinecone. This makes Toby emotionally hurt. Later, Peck regrets calling Toby a pinecone. Peck learns that name calling can be a hurtful thing.
15 "Sparky's Lucky Day" January 28, 2014 Sheriff Callie gets Sparky a "lucky scarf" in hopes that it will improve his racing skills before a big race.
16 "Peck's Bent Beak" January 28, 2014 After trying to eat one of Priscilla's "Belly Sinker Biscuits," Peck pecks at it and bends his beak. Sheriff Callie calls the dentist, Dr. Wolf, but nobody knows Dr. Wolf is the dentist. He looks scary, and when he says that he's going to "straighten out the Deputy," everyone - even Peck himself - is terrified of him.
17 "Toby the Cowsitter" January 29, 2014 Toby earns money to buy milkshakes from Ella (a free cow) by promising to keep slave cows tied up for the farmers attending a Green Bean convention at Red Gap, but fails to keep up with his promise in taking care of his charges.
18 "Callie's Blue Jay Blues" January 29, 2014 Callie tries to stop a pair of blue jay brothers named Ray Jay and Jay Jay from stealing Farmer Stinky's corn crop during the annual Corn Pickin' Days festival. But Sheriff Callie discovers the real reason why they were stealing Farmer Stinky's corn crop and she and Farmer Stinky helps them out in their time of need while teaching them that they should never take something that doesn't belong to them, no matter what the reason and when they have a problem, they should ask someone for help.
19 "Peck's Darling Clementine" January 30, 2014 Tired of Clementine's tardiness and slowness, Peck decides to trade in Clementine for a fast horse named Lickety Split as his new ride but gets more than he bargains for because Lickety Split can be very tricky to stop. The other horses can't go to the slippery mud so Clementine hears Peck's cry and goes to rescue him and Dusty. She successfully rescues both of them and Peck is happy that Clementine saved them slowly but surely. And Peck returns Lickety Split to the owner.
20 "Lasso Come Home" January 30, 2014 Toby decide to use Sheriff Callie's Noodle Lasso without the proper training on how to use it and is abducted by a giant eagle which he accidentally lassoes.
21 "Twist and Shout" January 31, 2014 After a Spaghetti Twister roars through town, Peck gets mistaken for a hero for ringing the town square bell when Clementine was the one who rung the bell the first time. When Peck saw this, he decides to speak the truth to everyone.
22 "Calamity Priscilla" January 31, 2014 When Frida Fox comes to town, Priscilla's jealousy causes her to try riding on horseback like a stunt rider, much like her idol Frida. Soon, she realizes that it's best to be herself and use her expertise in growing beautiful roses after her horseback riding attempt turns out disastrous.
23 "King Stinky" February 3, 2014 The town folks decide to do favors for Farmer Stinky in order to get some rare Prairie Peppers. Unfortunately, there aren't enough peppers for anyone. After Stinky revealed the last prairie pepper, everyone gets upset with Stinky for what he put them though and Sheriff Callie tells him that he can't trade something he doesn't have (which is the same as not keeping a promise). To make it up to everyone, he use the last pepper to make his famous prairie pepper soup and from now on, he will keep his promises.
24 "Abigail's Extra Big Story" February 3, 2014 After reading Abigail's super-exaggerated news story about Vanilla Plains being a paradise with popcorn trees and soda pop springs that was discovered by explorers, Peck and Toby decided to explore Vanilla Plains not knowing that it was a desolated barren area filled with dangers. After saving Peck and Toby, Abigail promises that she will never write a made up story again.
25 "Horsefeathers" February 4, 2014 After seeing Clementine with feathers and thinking she grew them, Peck and Toby try to teach her to fly. However, it turns out Clementine was just covered with sticky molasses and the feathers got stuck to her.
26 "My Brother's Sleeper" February 4, 2014 During the annual bed race, Dirty Dan and Dusty get overly competitive while racing with opposing teams during the race. But when they get into deep trouble along with Peck and Toby, they both realize that helping each other and having fun is more important than winning.
27 "Callie Asks for Help" February 6, 2014 Tio Tortuga recalls the day that Callie got stuck in which is now known as Helping Hand Canyon and needed help from the townsfolk to get out of the canyon.
28 "Peck's Trail Mix Mix-Up" February 6, 2014 Peck notices that some of his trail mix was missing and starts accusing the townsfolk for stealing his trail mix. It turns out that his sack has a hole because Peck puts his trail mix too close to his badge and failed to realize.
29 "Priscilla's Lost Love Bird" February 14, 2014 Priscilla's Desert Love Birds named Paulie and Dolly escape from their cage while meeting Governor Groundhog with the townsfolk (who was on tour awarding deputies shiny golden star badges for their hard work) after she accidentally knocks over the cage, so after capturing Paulie, both Peck and Sheriff Callie go on a hunt to find the missing love bird. They soon learn after a few disastrous rescue attempts that Dolly was attracted to Peck's whistling. And for his valiant effort was rewarded the largest shiniest Gold Star Badge by Governor Groundhog!
30 "Callie's Cowgirl Twirl" February 14, 2014 As Sheriff Callie prepares for the town's annual square dance, she gets a tin can stuck on her foot and while trying to pry the tin can off created a new dance step called "The Cowgirl Twist" which was a hit in the Square Dance.
31 "The Pie Thief" March 7, 2014 During a Pie Bake Off contest, Priscilla eats the competing pies when she was unable to resist and makes up a story about a pie thief who ate the pies so she tries to hide the pies she ate. Then while Callie and Peck are looking for the pie thief, she must stop a real bandit who's robbing Ella's milk saloon from getting away.
32 "Fool for Gold" March 7, 2014 When Uncle Bun finds a huge nugget of gold in his backyard, he thinks that he's rich and that he can use the so-called gold nugget to move to the big city because he is convinced it's the real thing. Soon, he gets rid of everything in his store including the general store itself but after he finds out from Dirty and Dusty that the nugget is actually fool's gold (AKA Pyrite)...which is worth not a lot of money, Uncle Bun soon has to tell everyone the truth. But, everyone already threw a going-away party for him! Uncle Bun runs away but got in trouble so Sheriff Callie rescues him. Uncle Bun was too afraid to tell the truth because he didn't want to be a fool to himself so Callie accepts his apology and the townsfolk returns his stuff to his shop.
33 "Peck and Toby's Big Yarn" April 8, 2014 Peck and Toby accidentally unravel Callie's blanket gift for Uncle Bun's birthday and try to knit another blanket with disastrous results.
34 "My Fair Stinky" April 8, 2014 After ruining the Flower Club meeting with his stink, Priscilla decides to turn Farmer Stinky into a refined proper gentleman. But things don't go to well without the old Stinky.
35 "Parroting Pedro" May 23, 2014 A newcomer to town named Parroting Pedro drives Peck crazy repeating everything he says and does. Peck thinks that everyone in town is teasing him but Pedro doesn't realize that copying and repeating someone can make them feel a certain way. Due to this, Peck puts Pedro in jail. Later, Callie, after apologizing for Peck's actions, takes Pedro to Echo Canyon where he finds out how repeating after Peck made Peck feel.
36 "Toby Gets the Scoop" May 23, 2014 Toby wants to be a reporter just like Abigail and tries to find a "scoop" that is newsworthy. But what Toby doesn't realize is that his curiosity will get him into big trouble. Toby learns the importance of asking before touching.
37 "Here Comes the Sun" June 6, 2014 When Peck and Toby get afraid of nighttime noises, they choose to lasso the sun and make it day again, which is when they cause more problems than they solve. They decide to tell Callie about what they did and she chastises them for trying to fix their mistake by making another mistake. Callie lassoes the sun and puts it back down and everyone returns to sleep.
38 "Bug Trouble" June 6, 2014 When Farmer Stinky's rutaberries are in danger of getting eaten by berry-biting bugs, the townsfolk must help him pick them. Unfortunately, the townfolks starts to bicker about how to pick the rutaberries.
39 "Mustache Toby" June 20, 2014 Toby puts on a mustache to make himself look rough and tough like his hero Sagebrush Sam so that he may ride on a mechanical bull. Unfortunately, it causes problems because the mustache that Toby chose is too long.
40 "Doc's Cheatin' Chili" June 20, 2014 Doc steals Tio's tres colores peppers during the annual chili cook-off, therefore resorting to cheat in order to be the winner of this year's annual chili cook-off but resulted in a fiery disaster of hot fiery chili that threatens to bury the town! Only Tio's cooling beans can cool down the fiery mess that Doc created.
41 "The Prickly Pair" August 29, 2014 Peck feels replaced when Toby hangs out with his new porcupine friend, Polly-May, more than him.
42 "Crystal Cave Caper" August 29, 2014 Dirty Dan and Dusty are rescued by Sheriff Callie and an unlikely friend: A bat named Batty Belfry.
43 "Toby Braves the Bully" October 4, 2014 Toby is excited to be the first-ever newspaper delivery cactus. Unfortunately, a young bulldog starts to pick on him and tells Toby that he will be a "tattletale" if he tells on him.
44 "The Tumbling Tumbleweed" October 4, 2014 The folks are cleaning up the town, but Peck wants to remove the tumbleweeds all by himself, without asking for help.
45 "Hike to Wish Mountain" December 5, 2014 Peck gets in trouble because he hikes the wrong way.
46 "Rhymin' Rodeo" December 5, 2014 Mr. Dillo overcomes stage fright with the help of Peck.

Season Two (2015)

# Title Air date Summary
46 "Boots or Consequences" September 12, 2015 When Toby discovers that a pair of boots were left alone at the bank of Nugget Creek, Toby must return these to the rightful owner instead of keeping them.
47 "The Good, the Bad and the Yo-Yo" September 12, 2015 When a turtle (who is a twirler king) wants Toby to find El Yoyo, it turns out that Tio was formerly El Yoyo.
48 "Peck's Deputy Drill" November 6, 2015 When Peck is nervous on how to stop bank robbers, Sheriff Callie and Toby decide to pretend to be bank robbers. Meanwhile, the bandits (from the episode "Train Bandits") have returned and successfully rob the bank and Peck (who mistakes them for Sheriff Callie and Toby) must find a way to stop them.
49 "A Fistful of Flowers" November 6, 2015 After the folks get cured by Priscilla's feel better flowers, Stinky ends up with the sniffles. When Priscilla's out of flowers, she decides to come along with Sheriff Callie to Belly Washer Canyon to get more feel better flowers for her cousin Stinky. Along the way, they both need to overcome their fears of mud (Priscilla) and water (Sheriff Callie) to get the flower.
50 "Quilting Time" November 13, 2015 While everyone is putting patches on a quilt for Governor Groundhog for Founders Day, Peck and Clementine are making a special gift for him in Rocky Ridge: stone heads of the Governor. But Peck's special surprise only ends up putting the Governor and himself in danger.
51 "When Dirty Turned Purty" November 13, 2015 When Dirty Dan becomes clean and wearing all white clean clothes, he attracts everyone's attention and renames himself Clean Dan. However, this depresses Dusty since he misses his dirty brother.
52 "A Barrel Full of Trouble" November 20, 2015 When some bandits rob Uncle Bun's store to steal the town's flag and everything, it's up to Sheriff Callie to get her town's flag back from those thieves.
53 "Peck Clowns Around" November 20, 2015 Peck wants to go to the Rodeo Ring, but due to his failures on some tricks, he becomes too nervous to go because he doesn't want to be a laughingstock. Then, after some encouragement from Sheriff Callie and Toby, Peck decides to be a rodeo clown. However, when two dog bandits steal the million dollar bull Angus, Peck must find a way to stop them.
54 "Toby's Christmas Critter" November 28, 2015 It's Christmas in town, and Toby wishes that he wants to have a critter like Sheriff Callie and Peck. However, when a pair of animal wranglers steals Santa's sleigh, Toby with a help of a reindeer named Comet must find a way to stop them from escaping. And later, Toby has a goat as his Christmas gift and names him Little Prickles.
55 "A Very Tricky Christmas" November 28, 2015 Tricky Travis and Oswald the Bear have returned and manage to steal the Christmas tree after they tricks the townsfolk with a marching band. However, the duo soon change their minds when they see how happy the townsfolk are, but instead of locking them in jail, Sheriff Callie gives them a second chance.
56 "Bandit Toby" December 11, 2015 When a no good thief named Kit Cactus comes to Nice and Friendly Corners, the residents mistake him for Toby, leaving innocent Toby accused of his crimes and the folks want to kick Toby out of town. But at the end, everyone apologizes to Toby for kicking Toby out of town and now they know he's the real Toby.
57 "Barnstorming Bandit" December 11, 2015 While Sheriff Callie is hunting for a barnstorming bandit, Peck is dismayed when he was tasked to stay in the jailhouse writing descriptions of the missing cows. It is soon revealed that the bandit uses a plane to steal the cows.
58 "Peck Gets Fooled" January 2, 2016 A chicken named Phineas Foolery is apprehended for cheating and Peck is on guard. However, when Peck is inspired by Phineas' tricks, he fails to realize that Peck is being fooled by the latter. Sheriff Callie, Peck, and Toby must stop him before he tricks anymore victims.
59 "Doc's Runaway Balloon" January 2, 2016 While everyone enjoys at the fun fair, Doc is busy filling his hot air balloon with helium and repeatedly fails. But when Doc accidentally releases the rope securing the balloon, Doc and Toby are on a wild balloon ride with Doc, who's clueless on how to steer it.
60 "Sparky Runs Wild" January 9, 2016 When Sparky becomes unhappy with Sheriff Callie not playing with him, he decides to go free and play with the other wild horses, unaware that they (even Sparky) are the targets of horse thieves. Sheriff Callie together with Deputy Peck must rescue her beloved horse and the other wild horses.
61 "Milkshake Shakedown" January 9, 2016 Ella becomes jealous of Toby when he impresses the customers with his milkshake tricks.
62 "Toby's First Snow" February 1, 2016 Toby is excited to go to the snowy mountains. But when a guzzle bear wrecks Dirty Dan and Dusty's camp, Toby becomes depressed when the snowy mountain is dangerous with the bear around. Later, Peck and Toby covered the whole town in sugar and flour to make it a snow day and Ella's soup unexpectedly lure the bear and then hibernate in their town. But when Toby accidentally woke the bear up, it becomes enraged and chased them but Sheriff Callie managed to make it hibernate by throwing the snowman in his cave. After that, Toby accidentally causes an avalanche creating a big snow ball but Sheriff Callie stops it with her lasso and then uses it to make snow in town.
63 "Blazing Skaters" February 1, 2016 Abigail decides to enter the Silver Skates Ice Contest since she's the best ice skater . However their contest will have to wait due to the Silverado Brothers stealing every silver they find and while Sheriff Callie goes after the duo, Abigail decides to teach Peck how to skate to make the latter forget the accident last time. However, when Peck was shocked to see that Governor GroundHog is the judge, Peck's fear returns but soon overcomes it when he pairs up with Abigail to stop the Silverado Brothers and retrieved the Silver Trophy and they both win the trophy.
64 "The Long Adios" February 15, 2016 After a disaster with her performance, Frida Fox ends up with a crooked tail. Sheriff Callie becomes the substitute for Frida's performance. Unfortunately, Peck and Toby become worried because they might think that Sheriff Callie might not come back to town.
65 "Fire Engine Fuss" February 15, 2016 Toby, Mr. Dillo and Tio decides to recruit members for their Volunteer Fire Department, and succeeded after some encouragement from Sheriff Callie together with a fire engine. Unfortunately, things are about to turn worse when Peck, Priscilla, and Stinky are in a disagreement with each other and also using the fire engine for their own chores.
66 "Wrong Way Wagon Train" February 22, 2016 Three Vultures (a mother and two children) end up in Nice and Friendly Corners after they got lost and ask Sheriff Callie for directions on how to get to Dead Wave County. Callie accepts together with Ella tagging along. But little do Callie and Ella know that the vulture trio are actually bandits.
67 "Peck and Toby's Tall Twirl" February 22, 2016 Peck and Toby are excited to ride the Twirl of Fun until they become upset that they're too short to ride it. While Sheriff Callie helps with Farmer Stinky's problem, Peck and Toby accepts a deal from Slick Eddy to wear elevator boots hoping they'll become tall enough to ride the Twirl of Fun. Unfortunately for Peck and Toby, it only causes problems for themselves and to anybody else in the fair. But thanks to their error, Farmer Stinky's problem is fixed and won the blue ribbon for his biggest watermelon.
68 "The Prize Fight" February 29, 2016 Peck and Toby end up getting into a quarreling argument over who should be the rightful owner of a new prized pair of golden roller boots while the rustlers are planning on stealing the golden roller boots from them.
69 "Buckle Hustle" February 29, 2016 Tricky Travis returns to Nice and Friendly Corners and tricks the townsfolk into trading him their most valuable possessions.
70 "Peck's Prisoner Promise" March 8, 2016 When bandits pull a heist on the town bank, Sheriff Callie entrusts Peck to lock up the leader while she pursues the others.
71 "Toby's Two-Step Trouble" March 8, 2016 Toby is appointed judge of the town's dance contest and some of the townsfolk try to bribe him to win first place by giving him stuff.
72 "The Ballad of Sweet Strings" April 11, 2016 A horse named Johnny Strum begins using his voice to entrance the citizens of Nice and Friendly Corners to take their valuables and steals Sheriff Callie's guitar, Sweet String. Callie must stop him or risk falling under his spell too.
73 "Lost Popcorn Cavern" April 11, 2016 The Milk Bandit tricks the townsfolk into digging a hole into Farmer Stinky's cavern so he can steal all the milk.
74 "Homestead Alone" June 3, 2016 After the rest of the townsfolk leave to see Frida Fox's Wild West Show, Peck and Toby are left alone to defend the town against bandits.
75 "Where's Our Wishing Well?" June 3, 2016 Sheriff Callie and Peck track down the Trouble Brothers after they steal the town's wishing well.
76 "How the Water Was Won" July 5, 2016 Jolene and Jethro Beaver blackmail Sheriff Callie by damming up the creek and capture Peck, Toby and Mr. Dillo. Now Callie must find a way to save her friends and the creek.
77 "Double Trouble" July 5, 2016 Tricky Travis, Oswald and the rest of the town search for the elusive outlaw Wildcat McGraw.
78 "The Great Halloween Robbery" October 3, 2016 Rusty and his Rustlers steal a giant jack o' lantern full of treats from the entire town and hide the treats in a corn field. But when the field turns into a corn maze, Callie and company must find the treats before the Rustlers do!
79 "The Ghost of the Scary Prairie" October 3, 2016 Peck tells Clementine the terrifying tale about the Ghost Rider of the Scary Prairie. But things get out of hand when everyone in Nice and Friendly Corners starts believing that Peck's story is real.
80 "Ella Sneaks a Peek" October 10, 2016 When the townsfolk plan a surprise party for Ella, she tries to find out what the surprise is. But her curiosity ends up getting the best of her.
81 "Tunnel O'Trouble" October 10, 2016 While Ella hosts "Dairy Days", the Milk Bandit arrives in town with an elaborate plan to steal all the milk.
82 "Stagecoach to Yonderville" October 17, 2016 Sheriff Callie attempts to lead a crowded stagecoach across a prairie swarming with bandits.
83 "The Wild Brunch" October 17, 2016 Uncle Bun and Tio face off to see who can flip flapjacks the fastest. When the Vulture Brothers steals the flapjacks during one of the performances, Uncle Bun and Tio accuses each other of cheating and ends their friendship. Sheriff Callie catches the Vulture Brothers and Uncle Bun and Tio apologize to each other and repair their friendship.
84 "Callie's Got Trouble" October 24, 2016 Callie meets up with Teddy Trouble, the youngest of the Trouble Brothers. When she sees that Teddy isn't like his older brothers, Callie tries to help him reform.
85 "Outlaw Roundup" October 24, 2016 Deputy Peck gets jealous after reading about yet another news article praising Sheriff Callie's efforts. Peck wishes to be recognized and sets out to prove that he, too, can be a hero.
86 "New Sheriff in Town" November 7, 2016 When Boss Trouble has one of his boys switch the real votes with the fake ones, it's up to Peck and Toby to find the ballot box with the real votes and reveal that the rustlers stole the election. Eventually, the ballot with the real votes are found. After counting all the real votes, the winner is...Sheriff Callie!
87 "Buzzard Bust-Out" November 7, 2016 The Buzzard clan traps the townsfolk inside Nice and Friendly Corners in an attempt to break the Brainstorming Bandit out of jail.
88 "The Heartless Valentine's Day" February 13, 2017 Sheriff Callie sets out to track down a group of bandits who steal all of the town’s Valentine’s Day cards.
89 "Mine All Mine" February 13, 2017 When new miners come to town, they argue with Dirty Dan and Dusty over who found a giant gold boulder first.

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Season Two: "The Good, the Bad and the Yo-Yo" • "Boots or Consequences" • "A Fistful of Flowers" • "Peck's Deputy Drill" • "Quilting Time" • "When Dirty Turned Purty" • "A Barrel Full of Trouble" • "Peck Clowns Around" • "Toby's Christmas Critter" • "A Very Tricky Christmas" • "Bandit Toby" • "Barnstorming Bandit" • "Peck Gets Fooled" • "Doc's Runaway Balloon" • "Sparky Runs Wild" • "Milkshake Shakedown" • "Toby's First Snow" • "Blazing Skaters" • "The Long Adios" • "Fire Engine Fuss" • "Wrong Way Wagon Train" • "Peck and Toby's Tall Twirl" • "The Prize Fight" • "Buckle Hustle" • "Peck's Prisoner Promise" • "Toby's Two-Step Trouble" • "The Ballad of Sweet Strings" • "Lost Popcorn Cavern" • "Homestead Alone" • "Where's Our Wishing Well?" • "How the Water Was Won" • "Double Trouble" • "The Great Halloween Robbery" • "The Ghost of the Scary Prairie" • "Ella Sneaks a Peek" • "Tunnel of Trouble" • "Stagecoach to Yonderville" • "The Wild Brunch" • "Callie's Got Trouble" • "Outlaw Roundup" • "New Sheriff in Town" • "Buzzard Bust-Out" • "The Heartless Valentine's Day" • "Mine All Mine"
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