Shiv Katall is a character and minor antagonist in Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.

Role in the series

When Brain Pod #13 goes AWOL, Emperor Zurg calls on Shiv Kitall to hunt him down. At the same time, Commander Nebula gives the order to Team Lightyear to take a vacation while Buzz goes after him alone. Mira is angry that she feels underestimated and wants to stop him. When she, Booster and XR search for information on him, he has their first encounter with the rookies and defeats them easily, telling them to not go after him. They do not give up on catching him, so they chase after his ship, and he still tells them to get lost. When both ships get shot down by Zurg, they meet face to face again. Mira orders Shiv to surrender, but then Shiv removes his mask, and then Team Lightyear understands why the mission is classified; Shiv is Buzz.

While hiding in a secret safehouse, Mira deduces that Shiv is Buzz's alter ego, enabling him to smuggle out defectors from Zurg's empire to put in witness protection while falsely reporting to the Evil Emperor on the "successful" termination of his target. While Team Lightyear tries to escape, they are confronted by another Shiv Katall, who is in fact Commander Nebula, who helps them escape. Once they are safely aboard Star Cruiser 42, Nebula explains that he was the first Shiv Katall before passing his alter ego to Buzz. Now that the truth is known to Zurg, they decide to retire Shiv. However, Booster takes on the mask and a matching formfitting armor as he signs up as Zurg's bounty hunter, with the Evil Emperor easily being taken in by him.

In "Sunquake", Evil Buzz Lightyear dons the mask of Shiv Katall to steal technology to help him build a space station capable of surviving the intense heat of Capital Planet's sun.


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