Shiver is a minor character in Disney's 2018 movie The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. He is the regent of the Land of Snowflakes. He is portrayed by Richard E. Grant.


Shiver was brought to life by Marie Stahlbaum as she created the Four Realms and became its queen. Shiver was given to rule over the Land of Snowflakes while the other regents; Mother Ginger, Hawthorne, and The Sugar Plum Fairy were given to rule the other three realms; the Land of Amusements, the Land of Flowers, and the Land of Sweets. However, Marie left the Four Realms to be with her family, leaving Shiver and the regents saddened by her departure.

Unknown to the other regents, however, Sugar Plum was the most angered and saddened at Marie's departure so she sought to conquer all Four Realms to ease her pain. Mother Ginger discovered Sugar Plum's plot and attempted to stop her, only to be framed by the latter; causing Shiver and Hawthorne to side with Sugar Plum, believing Mother Ginger to try to take the Four Realms as a result instead of Sugar Plum. This lead to Shiver and his realm, along with the other regents and their realms to go to into war with Mother Ginger and the Fourth Realm. As Shiver continued to aid the other realms in the war against Mother Ginger, he, along with Hawthorne, was still unaware that Sugar Plum was the real traitor and was still seeking to conquer all the realms as she searched for a key for a machine Marie used that would allow her to turn those against her back into toys.


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