Shorty Hollow is the main antagonist of the Quack Pack episode "I.O.U. a U.F.O.".

Role in episode

Shorty Hollow is first seen arriving late at night at an abandoned area in the desert with his dog, Cody where he finds an experimental government project and uses it for his own greedy purposes to make money.

Over the next few months, Shorty has made enough money to open up a U.F.O. theme park and become the owner of Hollow Gulch, named after him. He often promises people that every night, aliens land in the exact area where they camp out in his gulch and then depart.

Shorty is about to face the press in a few days time. One of them is a reluctant Daisy Duck having arrived with a cynical and skeptical Donald as her cameraman and his nephews including U.F.O. fanatic, Dewey.

Shorty, delighted to hear of Daisy Duck's profession, cuts their rent in half. After a prank on Dewey by Donald, Huey, and Louie gone wrong, ending with Donald getting spiked with cactus spines on his rear, Shorty is seen plucking out the spines on his rear with tweezers. When Shorty overhears Daisy wanting to leave but Dewey saying otherwise, he manages to convince them otherwise while promising a U.F.O. landing late at night.

Indeed, Shorty keeps his promise but Dewey begins to suspect something when he notices the flying saucer passing through objects like a ghost in the pictures he took and the aliens passing through Donald in the video they recorded.

Later, Shorty passes by a depressed Dewey, encouraging him not to give up on his beliefs in aliens. Then, after Donald has had dealings with the aliens from earlier, Shorty is seen disguising himself as an even bigger and scarier alien that causes to Donald to faint with fear so as to further his proof of aliens' existence. Then, he notices the other aliens keep appearing and disappearing, thus, suspecting something wrong is going on in a cave. Shorty comes in to find Dewey having found and discovered the secret project Shorty stole months ago, which turns out to be a holographic projector, projecting the aliens and the flying saucer that turned out to be nothing more than fakes projected through the machine the whole, thus, confirming Dewey's suspicions.

Unfortunately, Shorty's boots are a dead giveaway to his true identity, thus, exposing his alien disguise to Dewey as well. Disappointed, Shorty decides to hold him captive to avoid being exposed as a fraud. Nevertheless, to keep him alive, Shorty leaves to bring back some groceries to feed him for as long as he still needs him despite the big list of groceries Dewey wrote down.

Luckily, Huey and Dewey find and rescue their brother just in time. Later, as Shorty is addressing the press including Daisy, the boys begin to mess around with the machine while exposing him as a fraud in front of the press.

Busted, Shorty decides to make a run for it in his truck only to discover that the boys sabotaged his truck earlier to avoid escape. Shorty is last seen being arrested by the police while the machine is taken back into custody by 2 governmental guards that unknowingly turn out to be real aliens in the end once the coast is clear.



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