Simon Gimple is a minor character from Disney's Life Is Ruff. He is a student and the basketball team equipment manager of Wesley High.

Role in the film

Simon Gimple is first seen waiting for his rendez-vous with Calvin Wheeler at a pizza place. As it turns out, he is made to answer a cellphone hidden in a tissue box and talk to Calvin by phone; not knowing that Calvin is waiting outside the place. It is revealed they made a deal: Simon's basketball team, the Vikings' playbook in exchange for something hi-tech since his school, Wesley somehow got a hold of Calvin's team, the Wildcats' playbook earlier in the day. On the phone, Simon is told to slip the playbook in the newspaper racket. When Simon reminds Calvin about their deal, Calvin reveals to Simon that the phone he is holding in his hand is actually a Radio SCH-600, a phone which "doesn't come out of the U.S. till next year" as something in exchange for the playbook. However, Simon tells Calvin that he feels like he's a "traitor" for betraying his team into giving the book to someone from another school but Calvin has already hung up and proceeds to sneak into the pizza place and grab the book while Simon tries to talk to him about his opinion about his actions on his hung-up new cellphone. Simon isn't seen throughout the rest of the movie after this.


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