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The Singular is the commander of the technological realm known as Clockwork Control. A heartless robotic entity that desires absolute organization, the Singular will erase any irregularity to usher in its view of "order".

He is the main antagonist of the comic series Figment.

Role in Figment

In the second issue of the series, following the departure of Blarion Mercurial and Figment into a portal caused by Blarion's invention, the Integrated Mesmonic Convertor, Blarion's chairman Illocrant dangled for dear life from the portal's powerful vacuum effect. In panic, he used the machine to demand order to the situation. The request causes the machine to summon a portal to Clockwork Control. The Singular robot emerges from the portal to carry out Illocrant's request for "order," however, it finds London and everything else as chaos according to its perception. Although beginning relatively tame towards Illocrant, it decides to use him to summon the rest of its "kind," the Articulate Army from its world, to usher in order.

With its soldiers in tow, the Singularity quickly takes over London while Illocrant watches from its side. Terrified by the destruction the Singular has caused in its conquest, Illocrant tries to send the Singular back, but the Singular stops him from attempting to do so and threatens Illocrant. However, Blarion (now known as Dreamfinder) and Figment arrive on the back of their new ally, Chimera, to stop the madness. The Singular demands Dreamfinder uses the Mesmonic Convertor for him, however Figment and the Chimera manage to steal it back and they escape with Illocrant. To further enrage the mechanical tyrant, Dreamfinder creates the Dream Machine to suck in robots threatening the townspeople, turning them into tools that allow them to fight back against the Army. Irritated by Dreamfinder's rebellion, the Singular leaps onto Dreamfinder's machine to stop him. Unfortunately, the Singular's efforts become hindered as Figment and his allies are able to stall it long enough to allow Dreamfinder to summon another portal that sucks in the Singular, the robots, Dreamfinder, and Figment into it.

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