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Siqiniq and Taqqiq are Nita's two aunts in Disney's 2006 animated feature film, Brother Bear 2. They are first seen with Nita as Atka, Nita's betrothed, arrives, and they fuss over her, trying to help her prepare for her wedding, and they keep arguing over several things (how to dry and style Nita's hair, what sort of wedding dress and jewelry for her to wear, whether to give her tea or smoked salmon, etc.).

They are present for the wedding when the Great Spirits intervene and put a stop to it, and are seen again near the end of the film, again arguing, and finally present when Nita, after she becomes a bear, marries Kenai instead.



  • Though they are her aunts, it is unknown whether Siqiniq and Taqqiq are sisters to Nita's father, Chilkoot or her late mother.
  • They are never named in the movie, so it is unknown which one is Siqiniq and the other Taqqiq during the whole thing, but it is later figured out through their voice actresses that Siqiniq is the tall and thin aunt with a blue parka while Taqqiq is the short and plump aunt with a pale red parka.
  • Siqiniq means "Sun" and Taqqiq means "Moon".

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