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"Sir Yipsalot and the Goose" is the first segment of the fifth episode of The 7D. It premiered on July 11, 2014 alongside "Starchy Takes a Break".


While in the royal garden, Queen Delightful's dog Sir Yipsalot gets dog napped by the Glooms in exchange for the key to the castle. The 7D come up with a plan to dress Dopey and Sneezy as Queen Delightful and will make the trade themselves since they weren't going to allow her to do it herself.

Meanwhile, the Glooms soon find out that Sir Yipsalot can be a handful as he runs around their house causing chaos and destruction. Eventually he escapes into the dark creepy forest. Hildy and Grim use a hand puppet made out of one of Grim's chewed up kitty slippers to pose as Sir Yipsalot, Sneezy and Dopey disguised as Queen Delightful hand over the key to the castle and the security code which is an handful of numbers. Both set ups are eventually exposed and the Glooms escape to the castle.

The 7D help Queen Delightful look for the real Sir Yipsalot but it so far seems hopeless. Just then the 7D come up with a plan and have Queen Delightful call him for a pickle treat. He hears her call and the two are happily reunited.

The Glooms try to input the security code to the castle before putting in the key. However, they give up with the confusing code and just put in the key and as a result get smashed by the door.



  • "We Love You, Sir Yipsalot"


  • Sneezy and Dopey disguised as Queen Delightful is similar to when they dress up as a tall man to dance with Snow White in the classic film. The only difference is Sneezy is the top and Dopey is the bottom.
  • Sir Yipsalot's run through the dark forest is similar to when Snow White runs for her life into the woods and gets frightened by the scary shapes and shadows.
  • For some reason, Sleepy is seen throughout the episode but never says a word, except when all the dwarves talk together. This is the first episode to not have all the dwarves talk.

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