The Sirens are deleted villains from the 2020 Disney / Pixar film, Onward.



The Sirens were created to be villains in Onward, as they appear as shifty Real-Estate agents who sell rundown homes on the foundation of a sinking swamp. They appeared in a deleted scene where they are encountered by Ian Lightfoot and another deleted character Jenny. They hypnotize the teens into staying in one of their homes which begins to sink along with them, but they can't escape due to being hypnotized. Fortunately, Ian's brother, Barley Lightfoot, comes to their rescue when he is revealed to be immune to the sirens singing and sings very off-key, which is a weakness for them and this also snaps Ian and Jenny out of their hypnosis.

They were soon cut, because the people behind Onward believed that a villain for the film was unnecessary.

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