Sittin' Pretty! is a short comic story for Beauty and the Beast, included in the Comic Zone section for Disney Adventures digest magazine's eighth issue of its twelfth volume, being one and two-thirds pages in length.


Beast ends up expressing irritation on how to get Belle to love him, especially with his grotesque appearance. Chip requests that they do something about it, with Cogsworth agreeing because Belle falling in love with Beast is necessary to undo the spell. Lumiere then gets an idea on how to help their master: give him a makeover. Chip, Lumiere, and Cogsworth, alongside Fifi, then prep Beast up with a manicure, as well as putting curlers in his fur and cucumbers in his eyes. Beast expressed doubts about whether this would work, and eventually Chip and Cogsworth stumble, spraying water and coffee on him, causing him to get angered and mention he looked ridiculous. Belle then comes in and acknowledges it in amusement, as well as mention he looked adorable as well. Beast then is taken aback. Cogsworth then mused that the key was making him look worse, not better, with Lumiere disagreeing.

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