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The SkyDome (now known as the Rogers Centre as of 2005 as its current name) is a multi-purpose retractable roof stadium in Downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In Disney media, it was featured in the 2022 Disney/Pixar animated feature film, Turning Red where it is one of the locations where the all-boy band 4*Town performs.


In Turning Red, the SkyDome is one of the locations where the all-boy band 4*Town performed in concert. Throughout the film, Mei Lee, Priya, Abby, and Miriam devise a plan to make money so that they can each afford tickets to see 4*Town performing in concert. However, Mei's strict mother, Ming forbids Mei to do so, because she thought that Mei's friends, Priya, Abby, and Miriam, manipulated her daughter by taking advantage of her, causing the three to attend the concert without Mei herself.

During 4*Town's performance at the Skydome, the building is decorated with posters of the band's members outside in order to promote the band's performance. Later when Ming Lee in her red panda form arrives and disrupts the concert, mass panic ensues among the concert attendees. Mei furiously berates her and strikes her, causing her mother to land on the ground unconsciously, leading Mei's grandmother and aunties to sing the ritual while aided by Mr. Gao upon taking Mei's unconscious mother to a complete circle. As Mei's aunties and grandmother sing the ritual song under an eclipse, Priya, Abby, Miriam, and the members of 4*Town sing along with each other. After Mei, her grandmother, her aunties, and her mother return from the spirit world, the SkyDome building is shown to be temporarily closed for renovations due to the damage caused by Mei's mother in her red panda form. As a result, Ming and her daughter Mei raise a charity in the Lee Family's Temple to accumulate enough money to rebuild the SkyDome.

Role in the film

The SkyDome is one of the locations where 4*Town is going on their North American tour where they perform at the theater on May 25, 2002 (the time where the location was referred to by its original name) as heard through commercials in the film. Throughout the film, Mei Lee and friends Priya, Abby, Miriam devise a plan to collect enough money to buy tickets to see 4*Town performing live on stage. Mei and her friends successfully accumulate enough money to afford tickets for each of them so that they can all attend the concert together. Mei then knows that 4*Town performs at the SkyDome on May 25, the same day as the Red Moon ritual, fearing that her family would be worried about Mei not present during the ritual just as the four are excited to see the band perform at the SkyDome. Feeling excited, the four girls hear an ad about 4*Town performing on Toronto on May 25 at the SkyDome performing under a red lunar eclipse. However, Abby does not understand about 4*Town performing in Toledo, Ohio, just as she doesn't understand that they have previously performed in Ohio before they proceed to Toronto, Canada upon reading the flyer to which she worriedly rips it apart. As Mei hears that 4*Town's performance at the SkyDome is on the same day as the same night as the ritual, she fears that she would make her family worried. Mei suddenly hears Tyler telling her to participate with him to earn more money during the party to which Mei angrily leaps on him, leading Tyler's party at his house to be cancelled as well as causing the party guests to leave during the incident.

The next day, the SkyDome is decorated with posters of Aaron Z., Tae Young, Robaire, Jesse, and Aaron T., members of 4*Town where the theater is packed with many fans attending the concert. Priya, Abby, and Miriam arrive at the box office where they buy three tickets for the concert without Mei who was at the Lee Family's Temple doing a ritual to seal her panda form. However, Mei abandons the ritual to attend the concert at the SkyDome with her friends. Mei successfully leaps into the amphitheater on the spot where a large crowd of people are excited to see 4*Town perform. Mei then encounters her friends who reunite with her and while at the SkyDome, they see Tyler who is also a fan of 4*Town while Ming who is trying to get her daughter back with her approaches closer in red panda form. 4*Town suddenly performs on stage as a large crowd cheers for the band's arrival. Five members of the 4*Town band, Aaron T., Aaron Z., Tae Young, Jesse, and Robaire perform in front of a large crowd of fans just as Mei, Priya, Abby, Miriam, and Tyler are excited during their performance. The concert, however, was disrupted where Ming, in red panda form, sees Mei attending the concert during performance, causing the crowd to flee the arena in panic while Mei's father, Jin, her grandmother, her aunties, and Mr. Gao decide to perform the ritual again to seal the red panda spirit. Ming then punishes her daughter putting her in big trouble to which Mei furiously berates her, telling her mother that it was all part of her idea about liking boys, loud music, and gyrating just as Mei's grandmother and aunties decide to do the ritual again while Mei is tasked to keep her mother distracted while Jin draws a circle using a line marker around her mother. As Priya, Abby, and Miriam watch Mei showing her hip hop movements in front of her mother, Jin completes the circle and tells Mei's grandmother and her aunties to start their ritual singing while Mei knocks her mother, causing her to crash onto the stage, causing her to lie down unconsciously, interrupting the ritual. Mei's grandmother tells Sun Yee to turn her into a red panda to give her strength, followed by Mei's four aunties who also do the same, transforming into red pandas where they pull Ming in front of the circle while Mr. Gao tells Mei's aunties and her grandmother to sing louder while Priya, Abby, Miriam, and the members of 4*Town sing along, completing the circle while the other fans notice that 4*Town is back on stage again. As Priya, Abby, and Miriam sing along with 4*Town, Mei's grandmother and aunties continue singing the ritual just as the fans of 4*Town are happy to see their band's concert resume on stage while Mei ends up in the spirit world.

After Mei returns from the spirit world and reforms albeit keeping her red panda spirit with her despite her family members concealing each of their spirits, the SkyDome building is seen closed for renovations due to the damage caused by Ming in her panda form last night. At the Lee's Family Temple, Mei, her now-redeemed mother, and her family raise a charity to rebuild the SkyDome together where at least $100,000,000 is required to meet the goal.


  • During the scene where Jin arrives at the SkyDome and uses a line marker to draw a circle for his family's ritual, the line marker, The Chalker, is labeled as "Professional Model A113".
  • During the shot which shows the partially destroyed SkyDome after the 4*Town concert, a blue jay can be seen in front of the dome. This is a nod to the Toronto Blue Jays, the Major League Baseball team which plays its home games at the SkyDome.

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