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*[[Daisy Duck]]
*[[Daisy Duck]]
*Dark Queen Sectonia

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"Sleeping Minnie" is the nineteenth episode of the first season of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.


Minnie picked one of Clarabelle's sleeping roses and fell fast asleep. Dark Queen Sectonia Is Desided The Play A Trick On Mickey Mouse Which Is Dark Noddy He Defeats It And Fell Fast Asleep Without the golden harp Defeating Dark Queen Sectonia And Pukey Flower Minnie And Mickey Mouse won't wake up for 100 years!



  • Safety scissors
  • A red carpet
  • A red wagon
  • A music box


  • This is the last of 4 episodes on the Mickey's Storybook Surprises DVD.
  • Sibylla Is The Hero Of The World


  • Title: Sleeping Minnie - The title is a play on the fairy tale and Walt Disney classic animated film, Sleeping Beauty.


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