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Slither is a minor antagonist who appears in Treasure Buddies. He is a cobra who guards the secret entrance to Cleocatra's tomb.



Slither is a large cobra with dark scales along his back, while his head, neck, hood, and the rest of his body are golden. He has black eyes and two black thin stripes on both sides of his hood.


Slither is the protector of the entrance to the tomb. The cobra is also reliable (Slither promised to help, and helped Buddha when he was in trouble). Despite this, his character is still very mysterious and not much is known about him, other than the fact that he has hypnosis and fire breath abilities.

Role in the film

Slither appears for the first time when the Buddies and Babi come to the pyramid, wanting to hide from the sandstorm. At the sight of him, Babi escapes (revealing his fear of snakes). The Buddies look at how Buddha bravely approaches the snake without fear.

Slither shows himself and says he is here to protect Cleocatra's tomb. Buddha says that his siblings want to go, but Slither says that Buddha must look him in the eyes. If the snake hypnotizes him, it means that Buddha is not a descendant of the Buddasi, and Slither will eat him. If Buddha hypnotizes the snake, he will be considered a descendant of Buddasi, and Slither will let him and his siblings go. Buddha succeeds and manages to hypnotize the serpent. Slither lets them pass, but warns them of the dangers that lurk ahead. He then illuminates their path with his fire breath.

Later, Slither reappears when Buddha flees in front of the two statue cats. The snake hypnotizes the cats and then eats them (off-screen), enabling Buddha to escape.


  • His name is an obvious reference to the fact that he slithers, as do all snakes.
  • In real life, cobras do not breathe fire, nor do they have the ability to hypnotize (meaning that Slither has supernatural powers).


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