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Slobbers are one of the strongest enemies in Epic Mickey, the first you encounter is a sort of Mini-Boss, but the others appear as regular enemies. According to Gremlin Gus, when Mickey encounters one of these, it means that the Blot really wants to stop him. It is first seen in the Tomorrow City Exhibit, on the purple platform behind the curtain. When you see it, it roars and tries to throw Thinner at you. It will slash or smash you if you get close to it.


The Slobber has three forms of attack: up-close melee, thinner blasts, and a giant inhale. The only way to cause damage to the beast is to wait for it to try and inhale Mickey, then pump it full of paint or thinner.

To defeat it, throw Thinner inside its mouth when it tries to inhale you. To redeem it, throw Paint inside its mouth when it tries to inhale you. If you throw enough Paint or Thinner, there is a chance it will get choked up, giving you time to run away from it. If you don't, it will continue to smash you after it tries to inhale you.

If you have 2 guardians, try using them. Use 2 Tints to befriend it, or use 2 Turps to defeat it.

Deloris the Slobber


Deloris the Slobber, is the first Slobber you encounter in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. If Deloris is befriended with paint, she will leave and go to live in Blot Alley. She is given her name by Ghost Ian, which he gives to her after you befriend her.

Despite her appearance, she is presumed to be female due to her name, and being referred to as a 'she'.

If befriended, she will appear in the ending during the parade celebrating Oswald's and Mickey's heroic deeds, and she is shown happily offering an Ice Cream Cone to one of the toons.


  • The Slobber you meet in Tomorrow City Exhibit is set to do something if you use either of the brush's abilities. Using Paint on it will give you a picture of how Tomorrow City would look like if it was re-painted and Goofy's torso. Use Thinner and get a picture of how Tomorrow City would look like thinned out and a Gold Pin. You can't get both in one run, as with many other things in the game.
  • It will not mean anything if you use Paint or Thinner on other Slobbers throughout the game. Though it is a smart idea to use Paint since it's a Blotling you want on your side.
  • Oswald (with a kick) and Madame Leona (with a spell) are the only known characters to kill one in one hit.
  • The one in The Tomorrow City Exhibit is thought to either work for Petetronic (at first) or Mister Rover if you redeem it.
  • Slobbers are a great blot to have on your side. They can withstand a massive wave of sweepers. You will see a huge number of sweepers on the last blotical inside the shadow blot. There is also a slobber that you can befriend. Use the slobber to distract the sweepers.
  • Slobbers make their return in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, and are first seen in Fort Wasteland. This Slobber is named Deloris the Slobber. This is also the only Slobber with a known gender, and also the only Blotling with a known gender.
  • Like the Fake Shadow Blot, Slobbers must be defeated by squirting Paint or Thinner into their mouths when they attempt to bring Mickey closer to them by inhaling.


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