Snapshot III is a thorougbred racing black horse who comes from a long line of winners, but unfortunately, too much of a camera hog to be much use on the oval track. He appeared in the 1948 animated short, They're Off.

Snapshot first appears as he and the other thoroughbreds enter the race track. While the race horses trot toward the starting gate, Snapshot trots with pride showing he has the greatest chance of winning the race.

At the start of the race, Snapshot takes the challenge by remaining in the starting gate while the other horses have a head start. After a few minutes, his jockey permits him to go and the champion thoroughbred dashes out of the gate and catches up to the other horses with amazing speed. When Snapshot finally catches to the pack, all the other horses box him in, but Snapshot bites them and escapes, again galloping with great speed.

As Snapshot runs around the final turn into the home stretch while being in first place, he stops before a camera posing for a photo shot. After all, he cannot resist a snapshot, hence his name. Before his photo can be taken, Snapshot notices the other horses galloping passed him and quickly runs passed them. As soon as Snapshot takes the lead again, he stops and holds his leg out again tripping all the other horses, except for a begraggled Old Moe, who surprisingly jumps over Snapshot's leg, much to Snapshot's shock. Snapshot runs the remainder of the race neck and neck with Old Moe. Old Moe's jockey tries to cheat by bringing himself before the horse to help Old Moe get into the lead. Old Moe quickly grabs hims jockey by his breeches and a surprised Snapshot runs ahead of his component again leading by the nose. As the remaining two horses cross the finish line, it appears that Snapshot wins. However, with a photo finish, the photo shows that Old Moe won because Snapshot posed for the camera letting Old Moe pass him and cross the finish line first.

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