"Snot Your Mother's Music" is the 13th episode of the first season of Pepper Ann. It aired on October 25, 1997.


Pepper Ann is shocked to discover that Mick Snot, her favorite rock star, is friends with her mother -- and more shocked when Mick Snot comes to stay at the Pearsons and is a different man when he's not onstage.


Pepper Ann and Milo are listening to their favorite band Flaming Snot when they hear on the radio that they will be performing in Hazelnut. Unfortunately, the tickets are already sold out and the two admit that they would never have been able to afford them. However, Lydia reveals that she is friends with Mick Snot who back in school was simply known as Harry Schnitzel. She reveals that she got them all tickets to the show and gets more for the rest of Pepper Ann's friends (minus Trinket, whose father bought the amphitheater and allowed her to get the last ticket, albeit far in the back with Pink-Eye Pete). After the show, Pepper Ann and her friends meet Mick in person who appears very friendly and goes to hang out with Lydia which surprises Pepper Ann as she cannot fathom that her mom is "cool".

After trashing a hotel, Lydia reveals that Mick will stay with them which excites Pepper Ann. When Mick arrives, he is revealed to be somewhat particular about things such as drinking only room temperature water and needing to sleep for fifteen hours. His usual British accent combined with his green spiky mohawk is also revealed to be a ruse with him being bald and having a very lazy sounding nerdy voice. He also begins complaining about everything and taking up everyone's time with his insistent demands. Pepper Ann tries to convince Milo and Nicky about Harry, but they do not believe her.

Lydia, who had been putting up with Harry's demands, finally gets fed up with him and tells him to get over himself. She demands that he get back out on the road and Harry breaks down. Eventually, Lydia kicks Harry out and Pepper Ann and Moose suddenly gain a new perspective on their mom. At work, Pepper Ann and Lydia talk about what it means to be cool with the latter adding, "not worrying about being cool in fact actually makes you cooler". Pepper Ann's reflection comments that that line was the best advice, but the moment is ruined when Lydia offers a bizarre-looking dress for Pepper Ann to wear.



  • The episode pokes fun at interpretive lyrics. When Pepper Ann asks if the song "Let Her Rip" is supposed to mean anything, Mick Snot simply says that he just liked saying the word "rip".
  • When Pepper Ann learns that Mick Snot is staying with them, she spins around like a tornado similar to the Tasmanian Devil from Looney Tunes. The same sound effect is even utilized.

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