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Exploratio Continua!
―S.E.A. Motto

The Society of Explorers and Adventurers also known as S.E.A. is a fictional organization in various attractions at the Disney theme parks. The society originates in Tokyo DisneySea with the attraction Fortress Explorations though its most popular characterization originates from the Hong Kong Disneyland attraction Mystic Manor.



The Society was founded on August 12, 1538 in Porto Paradiso, Italy within the fort of Fortress Explorations. Consisting of scientists, explorers, researchers, artists, travelers and adventurers from around the globe, S.E.A. is dedicated to the continued exploration of the world's oceans and exotic lands. Four guiding concepts are represented on S.E.A.'s original Fortress Explorations crest: Adventure (represented as a Galleon), Romance (an Armillary Sphere), Discovery (a Compass), and Innovation (Artist Tools), selected as the best ways to represent the original charter and mission statement, which simply read "We the Society of Explorers and Adventurers shall acquire knowledge through exploration".

A more detailed Mission Statement of the Society reads:

The mission of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers is to collect, conserve, and curate valuable cultural and artistic artifacts from around the world and make them available to the public in an artistically pleasing and sensitive manner. It is furthermore the mission of the organization to equip and mount socio-cultural expeditions to discover, explore, chronicle and protect the artistic achievements of human society, past and present, exalted and forgotten.
―S.E.A. Mission Statement found at Oceaneer Lab and Mystic Manor

In this original incarnation, the society named several historic figures as, "Honorary members". This roster included colonists, sailors and explorers going as far back as Leif Ericson and Pytheas of Massalia though also including historic criminals such as Cristobol Colon, Sir Francis Drake and Prince Henry the Navigator. Honorary member Leonardo da Vinci would haunt Fortress Explorations as a ghost following his death in 1519 to assist future members of the society.

In the early-half of the 19th century, the society functioned democratically and was lead by one Vitale Robustelli. In 1851, Robustelli named the first (known) female member of S.E.A. in the form of Italian aviatrix Camellia Falco. This incarnation of the society also included the likes of English aristocrat Lord Henry Mystic, and inventor/club-secretary Jason Chandler. It was this incarnation of the society which lead a major global expansion of the organization with Chandler becoming its president.

Other members of this era included the morally dubious American businessmen Barnabas T. Bullion of the Bullion mining-family, and the evil Harrison Hightower III of the Hightower family and Hightower Industries. Members, such as Hightower and Lord Mystic would travel the world, using the society to claim artifacts from across the globe for their personal collections; this often resulting in actions such as grave-robbing and theft. Lord Henry Mystic's chapter of the society included members, such as the Maestro D'Elfman, aviator Prof. R. Blauerhimmel, painter Charlton J. Taboret, and Dr. J.L. Baterista. Lord Mystic also adopted a pet monkey named Albert which he made an effective member of the society.

By the early 1880s, Bullion lead the amoral Big Thunder Mining Company in the Arizona range of Big Thunder Mountain, land the company had stolen from the Indigenous shoshone peoples. However, the angered Indigenous spirit of Big Thunder did not take kindly to Bullion and caused a variety of natural disasters and accidents around the range in an attempt to ward off the invaders. The gold obsessed Bullion did not desist, however, and he used his connections with Chandler and the society to acquire resources needed to try and innovate against the angered mountain. After consulting with the magical Madame Zarkov at the Museum of the Weird, Chandler passively urged Bullion to stop though Bullion never did.

Notable Victorian members of the society also included the colonial English explorer Dr. Albert Falls, American industrialist Merriweather Adam Pleasure and English sailor/archaeologist Captain Mary Oceaneer. The society also had an apparent affiliation with a group of amoral colonial thieves known as, "The Pillagers Brigade" which included Harrison Hightower III, with Merriweather Adam Pleasure and Hightower's manservant Archibald Smelding having been other seemingly identified members. Another base for the society would be established on the rivers along the Enchanted Tiki Room in Polynesia which at some point, the society used to commemorate their adventures and likely gather.

In 1882, Lord Henry and Albert travelled to Morocco and took a liking to middle-eastern fashion. Lord Mystic decided to appropriate elements of this style for the society, resulting in the fez becoming a staple fashion-piece for members by the 20th century. In 1889, the pair colonized a jungle in Papua New Guinea into Lord Henry Mystic's personal colony, "Mystic Point" which became a new base for the society. This colony would hold Mystic Manor, the home and personal museum of Lord Henry Mystic which held over 7,000 artifacts which he had claimed from across the globe.

Around 1891, Dr. Albert Falls went on a 13-day expedition to chart the seemingly paranormal, "Jungle Rivers of Adventureland" also known as, "The Rivers of Adventure". This was a waterbody which connected rivers from across the world, such as the Irrawaddy river, Ganges river, Congo river, the Nile river, the Zambezi river, and the Amazon river. Falls and his fellow-adventurer/wife Victoria Marie Falls had a large mansion built in the, "Adventureland" near these rivers which held a secret meeting-place for the society; hidden behind their library and activated by pulling an edition of Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book (1894).

In 1899, Harrison Hightower III was on an expedition with the Pillagers Brigade when they stole from an Indigenous Africana tribe that caught them and chased them out. Hightower and Smelding were saved by the Mtundu tribe whom they robbed in the night, stealing the god idol Shiriki Utundu. When Hightower returned to New York City, he threw a New Year's Eve party in the Hotel Hightower with many members of the society in attendance to celebrate his robbery. That night, Hightower was killed by the provoked Shiriki Utundu though the society named the, "Hightower Spirit of Adventure" award after their fallen comrade. Hightower himself remained as a ghost within the hotel where he was tormented by the wrathful Shiriki Utundu meanwhile Smelding was institutionalized.

At some point in the early 20th century, Merriweather Adam Pleasure became disillusioned with the Society of Explorers and Adventurers and aimed to create his own group, "The Adventurers Club". This organization would be based out of Merriweather's home of Pleasure Island in Lake Buena Vista, Florida and had original membership from one Theodore Roosevelt. The Adventurers Club was less stuffy than the S.E.A and also worked to redeem themselves from their immoral predecessors such as Hightower and the Pillagers Brigade. Presidency of this organization would turn to an eccentric woman named Pamelia Perkins who arranged for the club to have parties, competitions, radio-broadcasts and open-houses.

On the April 8th of 1911, Dr. Albert Falls founded the Jungle Navigation Company to transport passengers, messages and cargo across the many rivers of adventure. This service was utilized by several members of the society. The Jungle Navigation Company would come to establish outposts and colonies throughout the world's jungles before Doctor Falls mysteriously disappeared in 1928, leaving his granddaughter Alberta Falls to run the company. While not a member of S.E.A., Alberta was aware of their existence and familiar enough with the Adventurers Club that she used their official greeting of, "Kungaloosh!".

In 1929, the evil S.E.A. member Professor Garrett Reed was publicized in the media for having grave-robbed the tombs of Ancient Egyptian mummies. Lord Henry Mystic had Reed stripped of his membership in the society (somewhat ironically given how Mystic himself also partook in grave-robbing mummies for Mystic Manor) and Reed was later branded a dangerous criminal. Reed was obsessed with immortality and pursued artifacts to grant him eternal life, stealing and selling artifacts on the black-market to fund this expedition. This made Professor Reed an enemy of adventurer archaeologist Indiana Jones who fought with the professor over a golden idol in Peru.

In 1931, Alberta Falls and the Jungle Navigation Company created the, "Jungle Cruise" tourism service to combat the Great Depression. In the November of 1932, Professor Reed made a camp in the jungles near a JNC base where he had located the lost Temple of Immortality which contained the enchanted Emerald Trinity that could grant him eternal life. Both Lord Henry Mystic and Indiana Jones were interviewed on the topic of Garrett Reed by the Daily Colonial Journal newspaper. The night of November 8, Reed's camp was encountered by a Jungle Navigation Company boat who witnessed him being violently killed by the jungle for attempting to steal the Emerald Trinity.

The society's existence became much more publicized throughout the 1930s with Alberta having even turned the Falls estate's S.E.A. meeting-hall into a dining-area in her restaurant The Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen in 1938. Also in 1938, Alberta had a chance meeting with S.E.A. member Dr. Kon Chunosuke, a world-renowned Japanese entomologist who had come to the jungle to study rare Ant-Lions. Alberta invited Dr. Chunosuke aboard a V.I.P. Jungle Cruise tour along the Rivers of Adventure aboard a boat called The Kwango Kate under, "New-guy" JNC skipper, Felix Pechman XIII. Pechman wrecked the boat in the Hippo pool of the African veldt causing Chunosuke to be marooned and chased up a tree by an angered rhinoceros.

Around the 1940s, a new member of the society came in the form of Jock Lindsey, the aviator to Indiana Jones. In 1948, Jock constructed an airplane hangar at 1138 Seaten Avenue in the sleepy town of Disney Springs, Florida where he hosted members of the society and the Adventurers Club. Jock also ran the business "Jock Lindsey's "Air Tours"" from this location and used the building to store rare artifacts for his affiliates. In 1951, the Adventurers Club assisted Jock in transforming the hangar into the drinking-establishment, "Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar" which had attendance from Adventurers Club members, S.E.A. members, and other figures, such as Marion Ravenwood, Howard Stark, and Pancho Barnes.

In the 1950s, the still-active Captain Mary Oceaneer was searching for treasure in the tropical Blustery Bay aboard her vessel the M.S. Salty IV. This vessel got caught in a hurricane which wrecked their ship in the port of Placid Palms and scattered her treasure throughout the region. Placid Palms or "Typhoon Lagoon" as it was later named became the temporary base for Mary's chapter of S.E.A. as she recovered her lost booty.

Development history[]

Created for Tokyo DisneySea and first being named in the Fortress Explorations walkthrough attraction, S.E.A. was inspired by Pleasure Island's Adventurers Club at Walt Disney World. When the club closed with the rest of Pleasure Island, props from the club were spread around the various parks and resorts, and some of these props' new homes resulted in the Adventurers Club being retconned as Merriweather Adam Pleasure's chapter of S.E.A.

A more aggressive effort to expand S.E.A. on an international scale began with the opening of Mystic Manor for Hong Kong Disneyland in 2013. A portrait featuring Lord Henry Mystic and Harrison Hightower with other members of the Society (many of which were caricatures of Imagineers who worked on the project) was created as a springboard for potential expansion down the line, with Mary Oceaneer arriving on the Disney Cruise Line's Disney Magic the following year in 2014. References to S.E.A. would emerge in the Magic Kingdom in 2013 with Barnabas T. Bullion's addition to Big Thunder Mountain's queue and the Skipper Canteen in 2016. At the D23 Destination D 2016: Amazing Adventures event, Imagineers and Disney Parks and Resorts president Bob Chapek remarked that S.E.A.'s emergence in parks around the globe would continue in the years ahead.

Other plans for S.E.A. would affect works, like the Tales from Adventureland, which initially intended to use S.E.A. before the author was instructed to not use it, resulting in the book series's "Jungle Explorers Society". Similarly, in an interview with imagineer Andrew Sinclair-Harris of Jungle River Cruise: Curse of the Emerald Trinity, he spoke of several imagineers in California acting as, "Gate-keepers" for the society's usage. Incidentally, American imagineer Kevin Lively had declared Sinclair-Harris' work on S.E.A. and Jungle River Cruise overall to be non-canonical despite its explicit inclusion and lack of contradictory elements.


Official members[]

Currently unpictured members alluded to in Skipper Canteen and the Tropical Hideaway include Chef Tandaji, and Sango Sio.

Honorary Members[]

An Explorers Hall of Fame at Fortress Explorations features many historical figures, though only one, Sir Francis Drake, would fit a chronological criteria for actual membership. This was later explained as being a hall of "Honorary Members" in supplementary material for Soaring: Fantastic Flight. The fortress itself is also haunted by the ghost of Leonardo da Vinci.

Unconfirmed members[]

Certain characters have been referenced as being affiliated with the society but not confirmed or disproven to be amongst their ranks. This includes:

Disney Parks[]

Disney Cruise Line[]

Main article: Disney Cruise Line

Oceaneer Club Library[]

This area is themed to the personal library of Captain Mary Oceaneer. It contains a variety of books written by and about Disney characters in addition to some magical characters hanging around it such as the Snowgies. Notable books here include an academic book from the Avengers' Super Hero Academy, a cooking book from Princess Tiana's restaurant, and a Toy Story book titled "Andy's Room". Some of these books function as portals to their respective worlds including Pixie Hollow, Andy's room, and Arendelle.

Oceaneer Lab[]

In the Oceaneer's Lab on the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder, numerous portraits of Mary Oceaneer and her parrot, Salty, can be found. These portraits show Mary to be a treasure hunter and a diver, with her diving suit on display in the Oceaneer Lab, as well as treasure found on an expedition to Castaway Cay. There are also various crates in Mary's connection containing artifacts excavated from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise including the Aztec gold and Dead Man's Chest. The Lab also features connections to other S.E.A. members: a portrait of Lord Henry Mystic, a newspaper article detailing the disappearance of Harrison Hightower III, and a captain's hat, said to be a gift from Dr. J. L. Baterista.


Adventureland Treehouse[]

A SEA flag hangs from the daughter's room. A budding astronomer, the daughter has been in contact with the Society and hopes to join them when she's old enough. Books related to the Society can be found within her study.

Adventure Trading Company[]

Lord Henry Mystic and Dr. Albert Falls were both mentioned in the Daily Gnus newspaper as past recipient of the Elephant Juju. Lord Mystic was referenced again as a member of the titular Adventure Trading Company and as having hosted them in Mystic Point. In the Daily Gnus is a community posting from one, "Jacque" trying to find baby snakes a new home, a reference which some have interpreted as a misprint of, "Jock" AKA S.E.A. member Jock Lindsey.

Bengal Barbecue[]

The Bengal Barbecue also appears to have been used as an outpost for S.E.A, with the 1899 club portrait hanging on the wall. Also displayed is a photograph of Professor R. Blauerhimmel in the cockpit of a biplane, accompanied by postcards to persons known as Elizabeth Doer and Bessie Steele. Most interestingly there hangs a photograph of Charlie Allnut and Rose Sayer, aboard the Jungle Cruise vessel the "Zambezi Miss". On board with them is Albert the Monkey, faithful companion of Lord Henry Mystic, and a photograph of S.E.A Member and proprietor of the Jungle Navigation Company, Dr Albert Falls.

Allnut and Sayer are characters featured in the 1951 film The African Queen, played by Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn, the movie acting as one of the major inspirations for the Jungle Cruise attraction itself.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad[]

Main article: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

A portrait of Big Thunder Mining Company owner Barnabas T. Bullion can be seen through the windows of the Panhandle Hotel in the town of Rainbow Ridge, hanging on a wall in the building's lobby. There is also a sign pointing to the many towns of the Big Thunder region, including Tumbleweed where Barnabas made his headquarters.

Big Thunder Trail[]

On Big Thunder Trail near Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, cargo being sent to Jason Chandler is seen loaded on a stagecoach for the Western Expeditions and Delivery Service. This references how Discovery Bay was to be built in the space occupied by Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. During construction of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, there were also parcels for Barnabas T. Bullion.

Club 33[]

Main article: Club 33

The Tiki Takeover Event had a crate outside of Club 33 with the S.E.A. logo adorned on it. The menus also made reference to Dr. Albert Falls and Dr. Kon Chunosuke in addition to the, "S.E.A. Global Charters" air service.

Discovery Bay[]

Main article: Discovery Bay

Discovery Bay is an unbuilt expansion of Disneyland which was conceived of by Tony Baxter. The original backstory had the land created by former Big Thunder Mining Company inventor Jason Chandler using gold from Big Thunder Mountain. The expansion would have featured early incarnations of the Dreamfinder (as, "Professor Marvel) and Figment, the Nautilus as salvaged by Chandler and Ned Land, a river ride featuring dinosaurs from Primeval World, a base for Captain Brieux and the Hyperion airship, and connections to Dumbo's circus. Chandler was eventually made into a prominent member of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers.

Jungle Cruise[]

Main article: Jungle Cruise

Dr. Kon Chunosuke appears in this attraction with S.E.A. paraphernalia. There are also crates from S.E.A. in the queue with references to Lord Henry Mystic and Harrison Hightower III (though all but Hightower's were removed from the Magic Kingdom's Jungle Cruise). In the Magic Kingdom's Jungle Cruise, the S.E.A. crest appears on the compass for a map given to Dr. Albert Falls by Frank Wolff from the Jungle Cruise film and augmented by the Falls family.

Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar[]

Main article: Trader Sam's

There are references to S.E.A. members such as Harrison Hightower III, Dr. Albert Falls and Merriweather Adam Pleasure. The bar's counterpart at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort does not contain direct S.E.A. references though it does have references to the Adventurers Club, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and the Adventure Trading Company.

The Tropical Hideaway[]

Main article: The Tropical Hideaway

Opened in December 2018 as an extension of Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room, The Tropical Hideaway restaurant features a display of canoe paddles marked with names and expeditions of different S.E.A. members, notably marking the first mention of Camellia Falco, ahead of her upcoming appearance in Tokyo DisneySea's Soaring: Fantastic Flight.

Disneyland Paris[]


Main article: Discoveryland

This reimagining of Tomorrowland is inspired by Discovery Bay, the unbuilt theme-park from which S.E.A. president Jason Chandler originates.

Cafe Hyperion[]
Main article: Cafe Hyperion

The Discoveryland restaurant takes the form of large hanger in which S.E.A affiliate Captain Brieux has docked his airship, The Hyperion. Guests are invited to dine beneath the famous airship, surrounded by displays showing the various locations to which the Captain has travelled. In the backstory for the restaurant, Captain Brieux ran an aerial transportation service in Discoveryland before mysteriously disappearing. The captain has been retconned by the Skipper Canteen into being either a member or affiliate of the society as he used the Hyperion to create a map of the Mekong river with Jason chandler for S.E.A.

Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost[]

Main article: Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost

Luggage near the entry signage for the former "Explorers Club Restaurant" features a S.E.A. patch amongst the travel stickers stuck onto them. The Explorers Club acted much like the Adventurers Club of Florida, giving diners the opportunity to dine with famous explorers such as David Livingstone and Ernest Hemingway. Even though the Explorers Club has now closed, it's logo can still be found within the current restaurant, as well as scattered throughout the queue of the nearby Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril. The S.E.A. logo was later removed from this restaurant.

Phantom Manor[]

Main article: Phantom Manor

The Thunder Mesa Daily Messenger was an in-universe newspaper for the town of Thunder Mesa. The newspaper mentioned a group of, "Intrepid explorers and adventurers" being sent into Ravenswood Manor in 1884 to investigate a series of missing persons cases. These explorers were never heard from again, implying that they were killed by the Phantom. The Phantom himself AKA Henry Ravenswood is a past owner and founder of the Big Thunder Mining Company.

Phantom Manor's setting of Thunder Mesa is frequently referenced as being in the same region as Tumbleweed and Rainbow Ridge; namely by the Thunder Mesa Daily Messenger newspaper, a sign outside of Disneyland's Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and posters for the Butterfly Stage Line connecting the towns in the Magic Kingdom. Additionally, one of Mélanie Ravenswood's late suitors was Captain Rowan D. Falls, the captain of the Mark Twain Riverboat who shares his surname (and family occupation) with Dr. Albert Falls of S.E.A.

Tokyo DisneySea[]

Lost River Delta[]

Main article: Lost River Delta

A seaplane along the river owned by Piranha Aviation with the ID C-3PO is located along the river and identified as having been Jones' source of transport to the Delta in 1932. This plane is modelled after Jock Lindsey's seaplane from Raiders of the Lost Ark, potentially implying that Jock was present during Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull. Outside of Raging Spirits are pre-S.E.A. retcon crates from the Hightower Trust, referencing how Harrison Hightower III desecrated the temple. This references how in Tower of Terror is a photo of Harrison Hightower III outside the Temple of the Crystal Skull and a mural of him and Smelding stealing an idol from the Raging Spirits temple.

In the Skipper Canteen there is a letter sent from the Lost River Delta to Rosita in the Enchanted Tiki Room and several books on the Temple of the Crystal Skull written by Paco. The Daily Colonial Journal of Jungle River Cruise: Curse of the Emerald Trinity mentioned the JNC covering up the Ganges Gal disappearing in the Lost River Delta and the Daily Gnus of the Adventure Trading Company mentioned the Adventure Trading Company having stopped in the Lost River Delta along with Harambe and Mystic Point.

Mediterranean Harbor[]

Main article: Mediterranean Harbor

The original headquarters of the Society is located at theFortress Explorations attraction, which still serves as a place for inducting new members. Another S.E.A. facility at the harbor is the Magellan's restaurant.

Soaring: Fantastic Flight[]
Main article: Soarin'

This attraction is themed to the Museum of Fantastic Flight, the abode of late- EA member Camellia Falco whose ghost still haunts it. In the queue, portraits showing Camellia as a S.E.A. member including her initiation with Lord Henry Mystic being seen in the crowd and then club-secretary Jason Chandler having witnessed her initiation.

Tower of Terror[]

Main article: Tower of Terror (attraction)

Harrison Hightower III was retconned into being a member of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers that often operated in corrupt and illegal methods in collecting artifacts. This would become his downfall when in 1899, his discovery of Shiriki Utundu in a remote African village, would lead to his demise and the closure of his home at Hotel Hightower. By openly disbelieving and scoffing at any notion of the idol's power, he angered the trickster god and disappeared on New Year's Eve that year. The hotel was re-opened to tours in 1912 by the New York Preservation Society, though Hightower's restless spirit still remains in the hotel, tormented by Shiriki Utundu. Part of this retcon might include a floor labelled as a meeting place for the, "Explorers Club" being intended to represent the S.E.A..

Hong Kong Disneyland[]

Mystic Manor[]

Main article: Mystic Manor

Set at Henry Mystic's outpost in Mystic Point in 1909, Lord Henry Mystic established a home and meeting place for the Society in a remote rainforest in 1880 and opened parts of his home to the public as an art museum in 1896. Henry Mystic's pet monkey Albert ends up getting into trouble when he opens a recently acquired Balinese Music Box with the magical ability to bring inanimate objects to life.

Jungle River Cruise[]

In 2024, Hong Kong's version of the Trapped Safari was retooled with an expedition of S.E.A. scientists lead by mineralogist Dr. Lui-shek Shek and ornithologist Dr. Ajay Beta.

Haunted Halloween[]

Since S.E.A. became a part of the park with Mystic Point, some of the Adventureland offerings during the park's Halloween events have incorporated the organization into their stories.

Horrors of the Amazon[]
Main article: Horrors of the Amazon

In 2014, Horrors of the Amazon focused around a villainous skipper named Jonas Brisbane who hoped to join their ranks. Jonas was a skipper for the Jungle Navigation Company who travelled to the Amazon where he captured several rare creatures to put on display in a personal show and ransacked the tomb of a witch-doctor to show off the corpse as an attraction. The witch-doctor returned to life in order to punish Jonas, followed by Jonas attempting to cannibalize the witch-doctor's blood in a futile attempt to protect himself. The show ended with Jonas and the witch-doctor disappearing, implying that Jonas was killed for his crimes.

Jungle River Cruise: Curse of he Emerald Trinity[]
Main article: Jungle River Cruise: Curse of the Emerald Trinity

In 2015, the story of the Jungle Cruise overlay Curse of the Emerald Trinity was instigated by Professor Reed, a man who was kicked out of S.E.A. following a large scandal regarding him grave-robbing Egyptian tombs. He attempted to find immortality by stealing the Emerald Trinity, only to be killed by the emerald's curse.

Walt Disney World[]


Located at Disney's BoardWalk Inn, this bar once acted as a lounge for some of the worlds most famous magicians and illusionists. However, this all changed on Friday 13th September 1940, when every magician inside disappeared without a trace and have never been seen again. Among the magicians props around the lounge is a S.E.A Fez, indicating that once of the magicians might have been a member of the society.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad[]

Main article: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Big Thunder Mining Company owner, Barnabas T. Bullion, is identified as a member of the Society in letters in the queue corresponding with Jason Chandler. Both he and a colleague at the Museum of the Weird, known as Madame Zarkov (a future member of the Adventurers Club), advise against further mining activity at the mountain in light of the various supernatural happenings plaguing the site.

Disney's Typhoon Lagoon[]

Main article: Disney's Typhoon Lagoon

A 2017 addition to Typhoon Lagoon, Miss Adventure Falls is a family-style raft attraction that takes guests on a splashing journey through the fabled Captain Mary Oceaneer’s past. Legend has it that Captain Oceaneer, a treasure-hunting heroine, and along with her other pet parrot Duncan have traveled across the sea collecting unique artifacts before she became stranded at Typhoon Lagoon many years ago by a rogue storm. Amongst her possessions are a diving-bell with the Atlantean language on it, and artifacts from Ariel's collection such as a snarfblatt and magical contract made with Ursula.

Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar[]

Main article: Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar

This bar is run by S.E.A. member Jock Lindsey in the town of Disney Springs, Florida. There are multiple photographs of and mementos from members of the Adventurers Club throughout the bar.

Jungle Cruise[]

Main article: Jungle Cruise

The S.E.A. member Dr. Kon Chunosuke appears in the African veldt with S.E.A. paraphernalia on his person. Crates from S.E.A. are located within the queue.

Skipper Canteen[]

Main article: Skipper Canteen

At this Magic Kingdom restaurant, Doctor Albert Falls had a special S.E.A. meeting room in a hidden room behind his library. Club fezzes belonging to Falls, Henry Mystic, Albert, Mary Oceaneer, Merriweather Adam Pleasure can be found in a display case and maps featuring legendary creatures drawn by Oceaneer, Captain Brieux and Chandler can be seen hanging on the walls. Illustrations on these maps include the Nautilus submarine, Giant Squid, Hyperion airship, Maleficent's dragon form, sea serpent from World of Motion, and creatures resembling Monstro and the Leviathan. The Canteen also features an expansive library, with books written by many of S.E.A's prominent members, and various assorted Disney characters such as Indiana Jones, Mike Fink, Mr. Toad, Master Gracey, Star-Lord, Tom Morrow, Cinderella (referred to as "Cindy Ella"), the Timekeeper (referred to as, "Williams"), Captain Nemo and L.C. Clench. In the Mess Hall, Jock Lindsey's toolbox is in the lost and found.

United Kingdom Pavilion[]

Main article: United Kingdom Pavilion

The Pavilion's Kidcot station, themed as the library of the Royal Adventurers's Society, features a "Society of Explorers and Adventurers Handbook" amongst its titles, alongside production artwork from Atlantis: The Lost Empire and books also found at Skipper Canteen.

In other media[]

Printed materials[]

Shinji Takahashi and the Mark of the Coatl[]

Main article: Shinji Takahashi and the Mark of the Coatl

This is the first book in what is planned to be a series of S.E.A. books set in the 21st century. The modern Society, coming to terms with the darker parts of their past, has begun efforts to repatriate stolen artifacts and prevent supernatural objects from falling into the wrong hands. This has put them at odds with the Hightower Corporation, which continues to follow in Harrison Hightower III's colonialist robber baron footsteps.

Tales from Adventureland[]

Main article: Tales from Adventureland

The Society was intended to appear in these books but the author was blocked from being allowed to use them. As a result, the books instead feature the Jungle Explorers Society which includes theme-park character members such as Shrunken Ned and Albert Awol.


  • While more contemporary depictions of the society portray it as heroic, the majority of members have more morally dubious characterizations. The members Barnabas T. Bullion, Harrison Hightower III, and Professor Garrett Reed have all been expressly used as antagonists and villains, sometimes emblematic of real-world injustices such as colonialism, land theft and colonial pillaging. Jason Chandler assisted Bullion in his operations in Big Thunder Mountain, Merriweather Adam Pleasure is implied to have been a member of Hightower's villainous group, "The Pillagers Brigade", and Lord Henry Mystic has been shown to commit the same acts of grave-robbing, desecration of a corpse, colonization and theft for personal collection as the society's villainous members albeit for a more, "Cute" and comedic tone. Similar actions have been shown in the histories of Dr. Albert Falls and Jock Lindsey.
    • This more historically accurate and vilified depiction is seemingly alluded to in the book Tales from the Haunted Mansion Volume III: Grim Grinning Ghosts which includes a reference to Lord Henry Mystic. In this book, Colonel Bartholomew Tusk justifies exploiting the tomb of Prince Amenmose for his tea company by saying that if he didn't, someone like Lord Henry Mystic would. This not only referencing how Lord Henry Mystic is shown in Mystic Manor to have grave robbed the tombs of Egyptian mummies, damaged them for fun and stolen their corpses for his private-collection but also the historic practice of English explorers and aristocrats who inspired Lord Henry Mystic having used pieces of mummy corpse for cannibalistic tea.
  • The Jungle Cruise film parallels the society with the Royal Anthropological and Diverse Adventures Society of which Dr. Albert Falls is a member and which is also a parody of London's Royal Society. MacGregor and Lily Houghton refuse membership in the group due to criticizing its chauvinism, acts of colonialism, and prejudice.
  • Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar used to erroneously refer to the group as the Society for Explorers and Adventurers in the menus.
  • In 2021, several crates alluding to the Society of Explorers and Adventurers were added into the queue for the Magic Kingdom's Jungle Cruise. All of these crates but those referring to Hightower Industries were removed temporarily, but returned shortly after with minor alterations.
  • Dr. Albert Falls, Harrison Hightower III, and Luana Teixeira are all shown wearing pith helmets, items which are pseudonymous with real-world European colonialism.


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Alberta FallsAlbertArchibald SmeldingArielBeatrice Rose EndicottCaptain BrieuxCaptain Nemo • Charlie Allnut • Colonel Critchlow SunchbenchConstance HatchawayCornelius Endicott IIDuncan the ParrotEmil Bleehall, Jr.Felix Pechman XIIIFletcher HodgesGeorge HightowerGiant SquidHathaway BrowneHoward StarkCliff SecordFrank WolffIndiana Jones • Hammerhead Fred • Kimballum HorriblusMadame ZarkovManfred StrangMaraMarion RavenwoodMickey MouseMinnie MouseOtis T. WrenPacoOtis BigelowPamelia Perkins • Rose Sayer • RositaSallah Mohammed Faisel el-KahirSalty the ParrotSamantha SterlingTheodore RooseveltTrader SamUrsula • Victoria Marie Falls • Yeti
Backside of WaterBalinese Music BoxDead Man's ChestFountain of YouthHyperion AirshipMedieval Crossbow • Jujus • Monkey King StatueShiriki UtunduTreasure of CortésSnarfblatt • Ursula's contract
Other Associated Attractions
Raging SpiritsAdventurers ClubWalt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room
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Disney KingdomsShinji Takahashi and the Mark of the CoatlLeague of AdventurersAdventure Isle Discovery BayDisney Springs

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Jungle CruiseJingle CruiseJungle River Cruise: Curse of the Emerald TrinityShrunken Ned's Junior Jungle BoatsTrader Sam'sThe Tropical HideawaySkipper Canteen
Films: Jungle Cruise (soundtrack/video) • Jungle Cruise 2

Books: Tales from Adventureland: The Keymaster's QuestTales from Adventureland: The Golden PawThe Making of Disney's Jungle Cruise
Video games: Walt Disney World ExplorerKinect: Disneyland Adventures

Albert AwolAlbert FallsAlberta FallsTrader SamShrunken NedChief Nah-MeeGarrett ReedNigel GreenwaterKon ChunosukeFelix Pechman XIIISkip DockmonkeyEllie the ElephantTropical ToucansButterfliesHornbillTigerKing CobrasCrocodilesIndian ElephantsBig BerthaBaboonsGorilla RaidersKejo the SilverbackAnimals of the African VeldtHipposChimpanzee TroopMan-Eating PiranhasWater BuffalosPythonGiant FrogsMacaquesJungle Cruise SkippersVictoria Marie FallsAlbert Falls, Jr.

Film Characters: Frank WolffLily HoughtonMcGregor HoughtonProximaPrince JoachimLope de AguirreNilo NemolatoRositaSanchoMelchorGonzalo
Crossover Characters: Indiana JonesCaptain Mary OceaneerLord Henry MysticRositaPamelia PerkinsEmil BleehallTarzanMerlin JonesDoctor Terminus

Run Through the JungleTrashin' the CampCircle of Life
See Also
Jungle Navigation CompanySociety of Explorers and AdventurersHeadhunter TribeLost SafariJeepers CreepersThe Adventurers ClubEurydelmaCanyon GodsShellyPorto VelhoRiver DolphinsTears of the MoonLa QuilaJoachim's U-boatNilo's River AdventureJungle Expedition Skipper Training School

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Big Thunder Mountain RailroadPhantom ManorMine Train Through Nature's WonderlandBig Thunder RanchLegends of Frontierland: Gold Rush!Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine CarsPecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & CafeThe Western River ExpeditionGolden Horseshoe Saloon
Big Thunder Mountain • Ravenswood Manor • Rainbow RidgeTumbleweedThunder MesaGrizzly Gulch • Big Grizzly Mountain • Stillwater Junction • ArizonaCalifornia
Barnabas T. BullionJason ChandlerHenry RavenswoodSpirit of Big ThunderBilly the Disney GoatGeorge WillikersCumulus IsobarTyrannosaurus rexMadame Zarkov • T.W. Bullion • The Halve Knives GangPecos BillBeacon Joe • Cousin Elrond • Rosita • Old Prospector • Liddy Stockley • Colonel T.R. ClydesdaleSlue-Foot SueVultures

Characters from Spinoffs: Abigail Bullion • Onawa • Dolfo • Marybeth Bullion

Big Thunder Mining CompanyThe Ballad of Big Thunder MountainSociety of Explorers and Adventurers • Shoshone Tribe • Bandito Gang

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Tower of TerrorBook"Lost Episode"Tower of Terror
Disney Parks
The Twilight Zone Tower of TerrorTower of Terror Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Cafe
The Hollywood Tower HotelThe Tip Top ClubThe 5th DimensionThe Manhattan Tower HotelHotel HightowerSunset BoulevardHollywood
Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror: The BellhopsThe NarratorSally Shine Carolyn CrossonEmeline PartridgeDewey ToddGilbert LondonThe Silver Lake Sisters (Ethel Bounds, Dolly Bounds and Dottie Bounds)

Tower of Terror (Tokyo DisneySea): Harrison Hightower IIIShiriki UtunduArchibald SmeldingBeatrice Rose EndicottManfred Strang • Kibwana • Kijanji • Kijanji's grandfather (Kibwana's great-grandfather)
Characters from Spinoffs: Great Grand DudeAbigail GregoryChris ToddBuzzy CrockerAnna PettersonPatricia PettersonJosh WinslowJill Perry

We'll Meet Again • Kokoko tribe • Mtundu tribe

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Films: The Haunted Mansion (video/soundtrack) • Haunted Mansion (video/soundtrack)

Television specials: Muppets Haunted Mansion
Shows: Chibi Tiny TalesRandom Rings
Books: Tales from the Haunted MansionThe Haunted MansionDisney Kingdoms: The Haunted MansionKingdom KeepersThe Haunted Mansion: Imagineering a Disney ClassicThe Haunted Mansion: From the Magic Kingdom to the Movies
Video Games: Adventures in the Magic KingdomThe Haunted MansionWalt Disney World ExplorerKinect: Disneyland AdventuresDisney Infinity: 2.0 EditionDisney Crossy RoadDisney Emoji BlitzThe Haunted Mansion: The Black Widow Bride

Disney Parks
The Haunted MansionPhantom ManorMystic ManorHaunted Mansion HolidayMemento MoriMuseum of the Weird
Ghost HostMadame LeotaCaretakerMaster GraceyHatbox GhostHitchhiking GhostsThe Singing BustsGeorge HightowerConstance HatchawayRavenCaptain GoreLittle LeotaOrganistThe Coffin OccupantSally SlaterThe BridePickwickThe MarinerPrudence PockBluebeardDeathThe ExecutionerThe Beheaded KnightDuelistsGramsAlexander NitrokoffQuicksand MenWerecat LadyBlack PrinceMedusaThe Watchful BustsMiss April DecemberDraculaSpidersOne-Eyed Black CatShadow PianistThe HellhoundHaunted ArmorThe MummyGargoylesThe AlligatorBatsThe Purple ShroudOrgan BansheesWraithsHaunted TreesCaretaker's DogPhantom FiveGraveyard OwlsGraveyard CatsPop-Up GhostsThe King, the Queen, and the DuchessBicycle GhostsGraveyard SpectersDread FamilyPlaque Devil

Phantom Manor: Melanie RavenswoodHenry RavenswoodMartha RavenswoodGoliathThe GardenerThe River CreatureJake the ForemanThe Ticket SellerThe ApothecaryMayor of Phantom Canyon
Mystic Manor: Henry MysticAlbertCaptain Mary OceaneerMaestro D'ElfmanChinese Dragon StatueChinese ArmorCarnivorous PlantSamurai ArmorLava IdolTribal Totem PolesDrummer IdolWarrior IdolsThe Monkey King Statue
Haunted Mansion Holiday: Jack SkellingtonOogie BoogieLock, Shock and BarrelSallyZeroThe Vampire Teddy-BearZeroThe Giant SnakeThe Man-Eating WreathThe One Hiding Under Your BedSkeleton Reindeer
The Museum of the the Weird: The Mistress of EvilThe CandlemanMadame ZarkovThe Grandfather Coffin ClockThe Ghost FishThe Beast Man
Characters from Spinoffs: Elizabeth HenshawRamsleyEmmaEzraJim EversSara EversMegan EversMichael EversZombiesZeke HollowayAtticus ThornAmicus ArcaneDanny CroweMaxwell KeepMelody KeepRoland KeepThe Fiery DragonBen MatthiasFather KentGabbieHarrietBruce DavisTravisPatVic

Grim Grinning Ghosts

Haunted Mansion Holiday: Kidnap the Sandy ClawsMaking Christmas
Mystic Manor: Mystic Manor Theme Song
Muppets Haunted Mansion: Rest in PeaceLife HereafterTie the Knot TangoDancing in the Moonlight
Spinoffs: Down by the Old Mill StreamShe'll Be Coming 'Round the MountainBy the Beautiful SeaWhen the Saints Go Marching InSuperstitionBridal ChorusHis Soul Left Gloss on the Rose

See also
Gracey ManorThe Flying DutchmanThe Ghost Relations DepartmentBat StanchionsGriffin StatuesFloating CandelabraFace ArmchairGrandfather ClockLeota's SpellbookPipe OrganTarot CardsMystic ManorRavenswood ManorBig Thunder MountainThunder MesaBig Thunder Mining CompanyIocane PowderBeacon of SoulsSoul GemsSeaman's RingCrump ManorEvers and Evers Real Estate

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Films: Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (soundtrack/video)

Video games: Disney Emoji BlitzIndiana Jones and the Great Circle

Disney Parks
The Great Movie RideIndiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal SkullIndiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden EyeIndiana Jones et le Temple de PérilThe Tropical Americas

Entertainment: Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular!
Restaurants: Indiana Jones Adventure OutpostJock Lindsey's Hangar Bar
Fireworks: Disney Movie MagicRemember... Dreams Come True
Summer: Indiana Jones Summer of Hidden Mysteries

Indiana JonesMarion RavenwoodSallahMarcus BrodyRené BelloqNazisJock LindseyShort RoundMola RamMaraPacoCrystal SkullQuetzalcoatlJürgen VollerHelena ShawTeddy KumarColonel Weber
IndiaChinaSouth AmericaItalyGermanyGreeceVeniceAfricaConnecticutHimalayas
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The Raiders MarchArk of the CovenantLEGO Indiana JonesDial of DestinyHelena's Theme

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