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The Sockeye Salmon are minor characters that appear in Brother Bear and its sequel. They are a group of Alaskan fish that live in the salmon run area, where bears like to eat them.


Brother Bear

A group of salmon are seen swimming and jumping along the salmon run area, where many bears catch some to eat. When Kenai (having been transformed into a bear) gets startled by the other bears towering over him with a salmon in each of their mouths, he screams very loud, causing the other bears to look up and stare at him suspiciously. One bear named Tug then tells Kenai to stop scaring the fish.

During the post-credits, when Koda tells the viewers that "no fish were harmed during the making of this film," one of the salmon is seen being chased by an adult bear, and as the fish is screaming for help, Koda covers the camera with his paws so the audience couldn't see the bear eat the salmon, but the fish can still be heard getting eaten.

Brother Bear 2

When Nita, Kenai, and Koda are at a lake, salmon jump out of the water, causing Nita to become frightened. Koda and Kenai initially laugh, but when Koda keeps teasing poor Nita about the fish being so scary, Kenai angrily tells him to stop. Koda stops teasing Nita, looks at the salmon and says, "What are you looking at?" before knocking the fish into the water. As for Kenai, he tells Nita that he and Koda were only kidding about the salmon, but Nita tells Kenai that it's not what scared her. She was actually afraid of the water.


  • They were based on real-life sockeye salmon.
  • During the post-credits, one of the salmon can be heard talking as he was being chased by a hungry bear. It is unknown which actor voiced this salmon.

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