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"Sofia" is the third episode of the Disney+ series Baymax!.


Middle-school student Sofia is excited about an upcoming talent show when she finds herself in the midst of a major life change: she gets her period for the first time. Fortunately, Baymax is on hand with unwavering support.


Baymax is in a health class at Shiro Yoshida Middle School, giving a presentation on how to apply various types of bandages. Within the class are two students named Sofia and Ali, who're excited for their school's talent show that's happening later that day. As Sofia goes to the bathroom to freshen up, she suddenly gets her first period. Baymax overhears her panicking and enters the bathroom to help her, though she's obviously really embarrassed to talk to him about it. Part of the reason for Sofia's panicking is because the dispenser containing all the period products (like pads and tampons) is completely empty and she doesn't have any on her person at the moment. This leads to Baymax going to the nearest store to get something for her, and while there, he asks a fellow customer for recommendations on what to get. This ultimately leads to a bunch of other people at the store giving Baymax advice on what to get, and when he arrives back at the school bathroom that Sofia's holed herself up in, he's gotten a wide variety of products for her to choose from.

When Sofia uses one of the products Baymax gotten for her, she's decided to live in the bathroom from now on. Ali soon arrives to inform her about the talent show and tries to comfort her about her first period, but to no avail. Sofia ultimately confesses to Baymax that she's worried about having to give up her childhood, especially after remembering when a cousin of hers had gotten their first period, their whole family treated it as a huge deal. Baymax assures her that while her body may change, that doesn't mean that she has too as well. Sofia finally joins Ali at the talent show with their yo-yo routine. They get injured with an over-the-top maneuver, but Baymax is able to help them (using some of his bandages from earlier).

In a post credits scene, Hiro's working on his computer and continues to hear Baymax play with a yo-yo, only for him to hide it when Hiro turns around. Hiro finally sees Baymax playing with it, via a reflection on his computer.


Additional voices[]

  • Alex Davis as Transmasculine tampon customer
  • Dichen Lachman as Middle School Teacher
  • Angel Parker as First time expert tampon customer
  • Sarah-Nicole Robles as First tampon customer and Environmentally friendly tampon customer
  • Brandon Scott as Tampon customer with daughter


  • Zeno Robinson appears as Ali, while Sarah-Nicole Robles is credited as an additional voice; the two previously worked together on Disney's The Owl House.
  • This episode deals with the concept of menstruation, which was also touched upon in the Pixar film Turning Red, the Sydney to the Max episode "Girlz II Women", and in the 1946 educational film The Story of Menstruation, as well as The Ghost and Molly McGee episode "A Period Piece".
    • However, this is the first time the word "period" is used to refer to a menstrual cycle in a Disney animated production, which is the reason for this episode's TV-PG rating.
  • One of the people whom Baymax gets advice on period products about is a trans man, as evidenced by his shirt bearing the trans flag colors.
  • The name of the school that Sofia and Ali is Shiro Yoshida Middle School. In the original comics, Shiro Yoshida is a superhero named Sunfire, who served as a member of Big Hero 6 as well as the X-Men.
  • At the end of class, a sticker of Stitch can be seen on the back of a student's chair.
  • When Sofia said "Oh, no!", she said "no" seven times (if one listens real closely) whereas Baymax only said it four times.
    • This could hint that 7 is the fourth prime number.
  • Sofia's implied to be Hispanic, because when telling Baymax about the time a cousin of hers had gotten their first period, she mentions how her cousin's mom (whom Sofia refers to as "Tía Mariana") started referring to her daughter (Sofia's cousin) as "mi mujercita" ("My little woman" in Spanish) after said cousin had gotten her first period.
    • "Tía" means "Aunt" in Spanish (and "Tío" is the Spanish word for "Uncle").
    • "Mariana" is a common name in Spanish-speaking countries/communities.


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