Sola is a major character from John Carter. Inheriting her caring and gentle traits from her father Tars Tarkas, Sola is an outcast in Thark society for her behavior. As a result, she has been punished many times over the years and has various scars on her back.

She was played by Samantha Morton.


Sola's kind and caring nature comes at the cost of constantly finding herself in trouble in her village, coming dangerously close to running out of room on her back for marks of punishment which could lead next to her execution. Her father Tars Tarkas has taken care in trying to protect her in the past, though she was never fully aware that he was indeed her father.

Sola is also very religious, knowing full well the consequences of entering the local temple and praying for forgiveness while John Carter and Dejah Thoris "desecrate" it while trying to find answers in the carvings.


John Carter

Sola first appears in the film in the village when John Carter and the various hatchlings arrive. She is denied a hatchling and ends up being put in charge of Carter mockingly by her peers. John first learns the language of Barsoom by listening to the "Voice of Barsoom" while in her care. But when Carter finds a way to escape with her calot Woola playfully following him along the way, she finds herself in trouble when Carter accidentally kills a Thark with his newly gained super strength. She also leads Carter and Deja Thoris to the local temple, which itself is forbidden. Knowing full well the consequences, Tars Tarkas allows John to leave with the medallion he found and take Sola with him so that she may redeem herself on a pilgrimage to the river Iss.



  • In the original novel Sola knew who her father was while he did not know she was his daughter. This was reversed in the film.
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