Some Ducks Have All the Luck is a 1987 Little Golden Book starring Donald Duck.


It's Daisy's birthday, and Donald wants to give her a better present than whatever Gladstone is giving her. He decides to follow Gladstone and find out what he's buying, unaware that Gladstone really only has one dollar to buy a present with. Unfortunately, Gladstone soon figures out that Donald is watching him and pretends that he is trying to decide between buying a diamond bracelet, a 100-Karat Chocolate Bonbon, or a bottle of Liquid Gold perfume. Upon hearing that, Donald goes back home, afraid he will not be able to top whatever gift Gladstone chooses.

When Gladstone returns home, he finds that he has won dinner for two at the grand opening of the new Chez Swann restaurant and decides to take Daisy there as his present for her. Meanwhile, Huey, Dewey, and Louie tell Donald that they've found out what Daisy really wants for her birthday and have already bought it for him to give her. When Gladstone arrives at Daisy's house to take her out to Chez Swann, Daisy tells him she can't go because Donald gave her a kitten and she can't leave it, so Gladstone ends up taking Donald out to dinner instead.

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