"Song of Mor'du" is a villain song about Mor'du sung by King Fergus and chorus in 2012 film Brave.


I've hunted for him high 'n' low
I've looked him in the eye
I dream about the perfect way
Tae make this devil die
Come taste ma blade ya manky bear
For gobblin' up ma leg
I'll hunt ye then I'll skin ye
Hang your noggin on a peg

Mor'du, Mor'du
Mor'du, Mor'du!
You're ancient as the highlands
And as unforgivin' too
Mor'du, Mor'du
Mor'du, Mor'du!
Now the time has come for
All of us tae slaughter you!

He's bigger than a Cuillin
Killin' armies with his paws
Mor'du is never happy till
The blood runs from his jaws
He murders in the mountains
And he fights with ev'ry clan
His teeth and jowls have ripped the hearts
Fae many a highland man

Mor'du, Mor'du
Mor'du, Mor'du!
He's stolen lads and lassies
And wee 'bonnie babies too'!
Mor'du, Mor'du!
Now the time has come for
All of us tae slaughter you!

Through glen and bog and peat and fog
We'll find your furry lair
And then we'll lance you, make you dance
You bear that are nae mair
We'll roast your rump, add haggis and neeps
And fry your blue blood black
We'll mix a slice of thigh with spice
And grill you on the rack.

Mor'du, Mor'du
Mor'du, Mor'du!
We'll bile yur heed wae dumplin' breed
Tae make an ursine stew
Mor'du, Mor'du!
Now the time has come for
All the clans tae slaughter you!

We'll make his hide 'a cozy chair'
His head upon the wall
We'll splash a dram of whiskey
On his snout at every ball
Tales will tell from glen to glen
Of how we slayed the beast
And all will toast brave highland men
At every royal feast

Mor'du, Mor'du
Mor'du, Mor'du!
The legend spreads from fire tae fire, of
The devil that we slew
Mor'du, Mor'du!
Now the time has come for
All the clans tae slaughter you!

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