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[[File:S1e12_The_Trickster_attacking_truck.png|thumb|262px]]The '''pick-up truck '''is the main vehicle driven by [[Soos]] in the Disney Channel series ''[[Gravity Falls]]''.
[[File:S1e12_The_Trickster_attacking_truck.png|thumb|262px]]The '''pick-up truck '''is the main vehicle driven by [[Soos]] in the [[Disney Channel]] series ''[[Gravity Falls]]''.

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S1e12 The Trickster attacking truck
The pick-up truck is the main vehicle driven by Soos in the Disney Channel series Gravity Falls.


It makes its premiere appearance in "Fight Fighters" when Soos pulls up to Dipper and asks if he needs a ride. The two then chase after Rumble McSkirmish as he pursues Robbie. Next, in "Summerween", Soos gets the truck to haul his, Dipper's, Mabel's, Candy Chiu's and Grenda's massive load of candy for the Summerween Trickster. After Dipper accidentally dumps the entire load into a stream, Soos hits the Trickster, and the group, thinking they are safe, sets off. However, the Trickster reassembles and chases them until the truck crashes into the Summerween Superstore.


It is a typical, worn-down pick-up truck, with a broken license plate, a rusty brown color and splashes of paint on the sides. On the interior, it has two leather bench seats that can fit up to six people altogether and gray walls and a gray ceiling.

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