Sopespian was a Telmarine lord in the service of King Miraz.

During the Narnian Revolution Sopespian had plotted with fellow lord Glozelle and Gergiore overthrow king Miraz and take over the kingdom themselves. Their plan worked as they talked Miraz into accepting the challenge to a duel with Peter Pevensie. He was a Marshal of the Lists for Miraz along with Glozelle, and during the duel, Sopespian subtly killed Miraz (in the book, Glozelle killed Miraz), blaming it on Peter and convincing the Telmarines to charge the Narnians. The Telmarine Army, led by Sopespian, seemed to have the upper hand on the Narnians, but then the tide of the battle began to change when the Trees were awoken by Aslan and began to attack the Telmarines. During the course of the battle that Sopespian instigated, Glozelle was knocked out after hesitating when he had the chance to kill Caspian. Sopespian decided to retreat to the river, where he figured the Telmarine Army would have a decisive advantage over the Narnians, but when they got there, they found Lucy and Aslan waiting for them. Aslan roared and awoke the spirit of the river, who destroyed the main bridge, slaying a good number of Telmarines, and then seemingly consumed Sopespian individually.

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