Soul is the soundtrack album for Disney/Pixar's 2020 animated feature film of the same name released through Walt Disney Records on December 18, 2020 which was composed and conducted by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross with jazz compositions by Jon Batiste.

Track listing

  1. Born to Play (Jon Batiste)
  2. Born to Play Reprise (Batiste)
  3. Bigger Than Us (Batiste)
  4. Collared Greens and Cornbread Strut (Batiste)
  5. The Great Beyond (Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross)
  6. Falling (Reznor and Ross)
  7. The Great Before / U Seminar (Reznor and Ross)
  8. Jump to Earth (Reznor and Ross)
  9. Rappin Ced (Daveed Diggs)
  10. Joe's Lowdown Blues (Batiste)
  11. Terry Time (Reznor and Ross)
  12. Joe’s Life (Reznor and Ross)
  13. Portal / The Hall of Everything (Reznor and Ross)
  14. Run / Astral Plane (Reznor and Ross)
  15. Lost Soul (Reznor and Ross)
  16. Meditation / Return to Earth (Reznor and Ross)
  17. 22's Getaway (Batiste)
  18. Apex Wedge (Batiste)
  19. Let Your Soul Glow (Batiste)
  20. Terry Time Too (Reznor and Ross)
  21. Feel Soul Good (Batiste)
  22. Parting Ways (Cody Chesnutt)
  23. Looking at Life (Batiste)
  24. Fruit of the Vine (Batiste)
  25. 22 Is Ready (Reznor and Ross)
  26. Pursuit / Terry’s World (Reznor and Ross)
  27. Betrayal (Reznor and Ross)
  28. Space Maker (Batiste)
  29. Cristo Redentor (Batiste)
  30. The Epic Conversationalist / Born to Play (Batiste)
  31. Celestial Spaces in Blue (Batiste)
  32. Spiritual Connection (Batiste)
  33. Lost (Reznor and Ross)
  34. Epiphany (Reznor and Ross)
  35. Ship Chase (Reznor and Ross)
  36. Escape / Inside 22 (Reznor and Ross)
  37. Flashback (Reznor and Ross)
  38. Earthbound (Reznor and Ross)
  39. Thank You (Reznor and Ross)
  40. Enjoy Every Minute (Reznor and Ross)
  41. It's All Right (Batiste and Zack Pitt-Smith, originally written by Curtis Mayfield)
  42. Just Us (Reznor and Ross)

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