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Soup's On is a 1948 Donald Duck cartoon.


As the cartoon begins, Donald prepares a turkey dinner, while his nephews play Apaches. Donald says “Come and get it!” and when he thinks his nephews didn't hear him, he repeats until they hurry to eat the turkey. But the nephews are covered in mud so Donald sends them to take a bath. They pretend they're bathing while Donald's proud of them. Unfortunately Louie still has his hands dirty, so Donald has discovered they pretended to bathe, instead of washing up. So he grounds them with no dinner and sends them to their room. That night the nephews pretend they're crying to convince Donald, so Donald feels sorry. So when they hear Donald's steps, they put stuff to simulate they're sleeping. When Donald enters the room, he touches a mouse trap thinking it's a beak.

The nephews grab the food and go, but in the entrance Donald says no with a train whistle sound. Donald starts to chase his nephews out of the house and all over the woods until he falls from a cliff, and a big rock falls on the right side of Donald while a pebble hits his head, knocking him unconscious. The nephews dress Donald as an angel and make a fake body of Donald in the rock and use a water gun to wake up him. Then he talks and says good-by. But, oh dear, he finds out it was a joke and storms home in a fit of rage. The nephews finish dinner when Donald storms back in, banging down the door. Dewey laughs, but Donald turns into a devil and chases the nephews out of the house and all over the woods.




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  • When Donald chases the nephews at the part where they run from Donald and run away from Devil Donald and when they run outside with Devil Donald chasing them, a train whistle is heard.
  • At the beginning of the short, Donald is singing "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah".


  • When Donald Duck plays the harp, he looks up into the sky, but doesn't notice the platform he is standing on is attached to a tree branch, meaning he should've found out about Huey, Dewey, and Louie's trick sooner.
  • When Huey, Dewey, and Louie run away from Devil Donald, the pitchfork that the latter picks up changes color (from brown to red) as soon as he picks it up.
  • When the boys are in the bathroom, they take off their Native American headdresses. However, when Donald chases them up to their room, they're suddenly wearing them again (and are suddenly dirty again) for two shots.

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