Sovereign Entertainment is a fictional television and film production studio where Bolt and Penny had their adventures and battles with Dr. Calico in the 2008 film, Bolt.


The studio became Bolt's home when he and Penny were cast into the Bolt TV show. The show's director believed that the show would appear real and more exiting for the audience if Bolt believes that Dr. Calico and his plans for the world and Penny are real. The crew and actors do their best to make sure that they don't have to reshoot, that Bolt thinks that he really has powers, keep the cameras hidden; make the sets look like real towns, cities, islands and even deserts; jump through one and two hoops, and keep boom mics out of the shots and Bolt's eyesight.

The two cats that play Calico's pets use the show and the director's ideas to make Bolt believe that the show is real to tease him by coming to the trailer and telling Bolt that their "master" will get his hands on the one he loves most.

It wasn't easy for Penny as her best friend lived a lie and believed that her life was in danger as bad people (that are really actors) are after her; especially after the cliff-hanger episode where she was kidnapped by Dr. Calico and wasn't allowed to tell Bolt that she was fine, safe, unharmed and not in any danger. Penny's Agent told her that Bolt will be fine once he saves her in the next episode, but Bolt ended up missing and got sent across the country when he got lost and tried to find and save her.

Bolt's absence delayed the production of the following episode as Penny and her mother tried to find him until the studio got a new dog to fill in and take Bolt's place. Penny wasn't happy with the idea, but Mindy Parker told her that people would lose their jobs if she doesn't do the episode and let Bolt go.

After Bolt returned to the studio from his long journey, he saw the world that created the world and life he had been living in for the first time.

Once the studio caught fire and Bolt saved Penny from real danger, the two (mainly Penny's Mom) quit show business and started to live a normal life. The studio got rebuilt/fixed and cast a new Penny and Bolt.


  • The adventures and missions in the video game are past episodes that both Penny and Bolt starred in at the studio.
  • Aside from filming the Bolt TV show, there is one scene where a studio truck is transporting a prop of a gorilla's hand, which heavily implies that the studio also makes a monster TV series that is somewhat similar to King Kong.
  • The studio lot is a recreation of the Riverside Dr entrance to the Disney Studio lot in Burbank, California.
  •  Despite the fact that the studio uses fake cities for filming, it is unknown how they filmed the chase sequence inside the studio (unless you count the camera angles and boom mics in the show). Since it was presented as reality to fool viewers, the studio may have used simulator techniques to make it look real. The reality in the series seems to be somewhat similar to The Truman Show, where the fictionalized city is inside a dome.
  • It is unknown how they finished filming the episode where Penny got captured inside Calico's lair, as the shooting was interrupted due to the fake Bolt knocking over torches and setting up a studio fire while trying to "stop" Calico's henchmen. Despite having a replacement actress, the studio may have reshoot the episode with the new "Penny" and concluded it with Penny having successfully "rescued" her father before the next episode that involved the new alien storyline and the new actress getting plastic surgery.


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