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Hello, Buzz. I am Sox, your personal companion robot.
―Sox introducing himself[src]

Sox is the tritagonist of the 2022 Disney/Pixar animated film Lightyear. He is a robotic cat and Buzz's personal companion.


Sox was a gift from Alisha when Buzz returned four years later during his first hyperspeed test flight. He is programmed to provide personal and emotional support for Buzz and is equipped with a number of accessories needed to assist him, such as tranquilizers, blowtorch, headlights, and the ability to override computer systems by plugging his tail into a computer socket (it is also used for his charging complement). Though he follows Star Command's orders, he remains loyal to Buzz when he finds out he is to be decommissioned.

Despite being an intelligent robot and able to talk, Sox still behaves like a real cat, rubbing against people's legs, purring when he gets affection, and getting distracted by laser points.

Physical appearance[]

Sox resembles a ginger and white robot cat with green eyes and wears a blue collar with his name engraved on a tag.

Role the film[]

As Buzz returns to his room after a conversation with Alisha Hawthorne, he receives a kit delivered by Alisha consisting of a toy mouse and a robotic cat who comes to life, telling him that he was issued by Star Command to ease his emotional transition after his time away. Sox then explains that according to his sensors, he missed four birthdays since his hyper speed assignment, offering him a frosted cake for him to celebrate his missed birthdays, which Buzz plans not to celebrate, stressing that his mission was unsuccessful just before Buzz plans to get some rest. Just as Buzz rests in his bed, Sox offers him to play sleep sounds just before Buzz gets ready for the next day. The next day after Buzz wakes up from a nightmare he had last night, Sox tells him that he is on a mission to help him without giving up on his mission. Buzz offers Sox to work on the Crystallic Fuel Matrix Calculator which Sox agrees, telling him when he should expect him back, to which Buzz replies to him about another four years.

After Commander Burnside succeeds Alisha, Buzz approaches Sox, who reports him the good news, telling him that the slightest variance of the fuel problem was the cause, which made all the difference for 62 years, 7 months, and 5 days, planning to look forward finding out on his next mission just before Buzz approaches two Star Command officers outside his room planning to decommission his cat assistant only for Buzz to escape from the officers while holding on Sox in order for him to return to space to complete his mission. Arriving at the fuel area, an officer prevents Buzz from entering only for Sox to fire a dart to paralyze her, just as Sox and Buzz plan to collect crystals to fuel the ship in a mixture of red, green, blue, and orange liquid, causing it to form into a crystal while avoiding the guards patrolling the fuel area. Just as Buzz loads the fuel onto the XL-15 and plans to launch into deep space, Sox later helps Buzz blast off into space to complete his hyper speed mission, albeit 22 years have passed.

Just as Buzz and Sox land on T'Kani Prime, Sox follows alongside Buzz, who encounters Izzy on the planet. During a conversation with her, Buzz introduces her to Sox, telling her that he obtained Sox as a gift from Izzy's grandmother just as Izzy takes Buzz and Sox to meet Izzy's team at a secret base. During a discussion with the team, Sox and Buzz watch Izzy's team devising a plan to defeat Zurg, protect T'Kani Prime and place the hyper-speed crystal into the Turnip in order to escape and finish the mission. As the team moves forward, Buzz is assaulted by a Zyclops and while Izzy is fighting it, Sox pounces onto the Zyclops, followed by Mo and Darby attempting to attack it just before Mo fires a harpoon onto the Zyclops, causing it to become deactivated.

Sox follows the Junior Patrol and Buzz to the area where DERIC is talking about the Resource Reconstituting Center just as Buzz takes him alongside his robotic cat. He later reports to Buzz that there are various life forms detected upon seeing a large batch of eggs containing large insectoid organisms which Sox thinks the arthropods are hibernating only for Buzz to stop into the area showcasing a hall of astronaut suits. However, just as Sox, Buzz and the Junior Patrol are attacked by insectoid organisms, Buzz tasks his allies to be in stealth mode to avoid getting detected by the organisms to which Buzz and Sox board the Armadillo to escape from the insectoids. However, after Zurg fired a shot at the Armadillo which causes the ship to land on a distant part of T'Kani Prime, Sox recaps to Buzz that the blast that Zurg fired onto the ship was absorbed by the heat shield, causing a minor electrical short, leading Buzz to find a material of specialized capacitance in order for it to operate properly. Seeing the mining facility from a distance, Sox, Buzz, and the Junior Patrol arrive at the area to find the resource for the Armadillo.

At the Terillium Mine, Sox, Buzz, and the rest of the Junior Patrol arrive at the facility and enter a facility within the mine. But as they enter, four AI devices activate and trap Sox and his allies in capture cones, leaving them unable to escape; after Darby and Izzy are caught in the cone where Mo was trapped, Sox ends up getting trapped as well. Buzz asks Sox if there is a possible way to disarm the traps, but Sox is unable to reach the controls that can help him deactivate the traps, leading the four to slam their cone into the control after Buzz keeps the door open, although they are unable to disarm the traps; Buzz and his allies (who are all in the same cone) managed to slam the control very hard while the door is still open, albeit pressure they put causes a part of the platform carrying part of the building to collapse. Just as the part of the building collapses, Buzz tosses Sox onto Izzy's hand to help protect him just as Buzz manages to retrieve the coil and escape the collapsing part of the building.

During snack time, Sox recharges himself while Mo hands his fellow allies boxes of sandwiches from the vending machine for them to enjoy. Mo accidentally knocks Sox out of his charging station to which it is known that Sox requires a reboot and just as Mo places him on an outlet, Sox begins to recharge. As Sox recalibrates, he tells his allies that he restored one corrupted file, which shows a hologram of Izzy's late grandmother Alisha talking to Sox to look after her best friend Buzz hoping for him to bring her home just before the hologram disappears, followed by Buzz having a discussion with Izzy about her life with her family before her grandmother died.

Upon exiting the facility in the mines, Sox leads Buzz and the rest of the Junior Patrol on their way board the Armadillo without causing any more trouble only to be ambushed by Zurg who attacks them during an ambush. After escaping from Zurg thanks to the Junior Patrol who defended Buzz from him, Sox, Buzz, and the rest of the Junior Patrol are ambushed by a group of Zyclops during a chase while Sox reports the progress of the ship going to hyper speed in order to reach Zurg's ship. After Buzz tells Sox and the Junior Patrol that he failed, he plans to face Zurg himself, only for Buzz to be captured by Zurg, with Sox, Izzy, Mo, and Darby noticing the ambush. After Zurg captures Buzz and reveals to the young Buzz that he is an older version of himself, Buzz encounters Zurg's own Sox, an older version of Sox. Old Sox then appears and approaches Zurg, telling him to explain it all to him. Zurg explains that he reached hyper speed like what Buzz did in the past.

With Buzz captured, Darby asks Sox to know if he could help fly the Armadillo, which Sox tells her that there is no fuel inside just before she gets into an argument with Mo, blaming each other for getting into this situation. However, when Izzy notices the door open inside Zurg's ship, Izzy tells Darby, Mo, and Sox to enter inside the ship to go into space and help rescue Buzz just as Sox follows alongside the Junior Patrol.

Furthermore, Sox follows alongside Mo, Izzy, and Darby in a plan to rescue Buzz who is captured by Zurg. Just as they enter, Sox detects two Buzz signals (consisting of Buzz and Zurg - the latter who is revealed to be an older version of Buzz), planning to triangulate in a plan to help the Junior Patrol find Buzz and rescue him from Zurg. Later, Zurg crushes his own Sox who attempts to escape with Buzz, confronting him while competing in a plan for Buzz to obtain the crystal for the Armadillo's fuel.

Meanwhile, Buzz's Sox follows alongside Izzy into a chamber where Buzz would be, just as he and Izzy notice Buzz confronting Zurg in the chamber. Using an airlock to get inside, Izzy and Sox manage to reach the airlock and as they enter, they encounter a locked door where they are unable to get in, so Izzy uses Sox by turning on his blowtorch gadget to break through the wall in order for to her to rescue Buzz. As Buzz begins to blow up Zurg's ship, Izzy manages to escape with Sox into the Armadillo, followed by Mo and Darby following along. Later, Buzz sees the Armadillo (containing Sox and the Junior Patrol) inside about to land onto T'Kani Prime, leading Buzz to hold onto the ship in order for it to land safely while Darby pulls the air brake on the ship.

Upon landing back onto T'Kani Prime, Commander Burnside and the rest of the ZAP Patrol approach Buzz, Sox, and the Junior Patrol, where Burnside plans to hire Buzz to start his new version of Star Command, only for Buzz to tell him that he has his own team. Sox wears a Space Ranger outfit on his body with Buzz and his allies becoming Space Rangers. Later, Sox, Buzz, and the rest of the Space Rangers board onto the SR-01, embarking on a new adventure.


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  • Sox's name is a play on the word "socks", which is a human everyday object, most likely to him after a name for socks the cat, as it is a popular domestic cat name among cat owners. However, in Australian origin, the name Sox means "Savior".
  • When Sox greets Buzz, he says his lines that are similar to Baymax from Big Hero 6 which are, "Hello, I am Baymax. Your personal healthcare companion".
  • A sticker of Sox was seen on Miriam Mendelsohn's skateboard in Turning Red.
  • In an early version of Lightyear, Sox was originally going to look and act way more cat-like (according to concept art) in which he would look more true-to-the-word to real life ginger cats; in addition, he also had no collar, had yellow eyes, and his body and tail had stripes. According to storyboard artist Dean Heezen, some additional cat-like things Sox could've done were stretch, stand on hind legs, ambush, and itch. He would’ve also coughed up hairballs, and he also would’ve had retractable claws and actual fangs. He even had tapidum lucidum, aka Night Vision (an animal's way of seeing in the dark) whenever Buzz or if any of the Junior Zap Patrol shone a bright light on him.[1]
  • In a deleted scene, after Lightyear and the Junior Patrol were locked up, Sox was taken by the Space Rangers and had his memory wiped.


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