"Space Chicken" is the first segment of the first episode of Big City Greens.


Cricket enlists the help of Tilly and Remy when he comes up with a plan to impress his new neighbors by launching a chicken into space.


Cricket and Tilly Green return to their new home after joyriding in the family tractor. Their father Bill frustratingly explains to the children that due to them being new to Big City, they need to make a good impression on their neighbors. Cricket resolves to launch a chicken into space as he thinks it will get people's attention. After failing with a see-saw system, Cricket and Tilly convince a local kid named Remy Remington to ditch his violin lessons in favor of helping them. Remy suggests using a slingshot system instead and the siblings reveal that they know where to look.

They sneak into Gramma Alice's room to retrieve her pantyhose to use in their slingshot, but end ups accidentally waking her. Alice threatens the children claiming that they have "two counts for trespassing" and thus, must pay the ultimate price: kisses on her cheek, which they reluctantly give her. Cricket uses the pantyhose to launch the chicken off the roof of the house, but the chicken ends up landing in Big Coffee where it causes a ruckus and destroys some of the dining area. The sole employee, Gloria, and the customers confront Bill with Cricket about his reckless behavior and warn him with letting Cricket venture over to the restaurant ever again.

Bill sends Cricket to his room, where he laments his failure. Remy however is convinced that Cricket can pull off the feat and the two of them plus Tilly sneak out with a firecracker to launch the chicken. Unfortunately, the firecracker turns out to be a dud and the crowd that Cricket gathered begins walking away. Desperate, the kids begin launching all of their chickens with Alice's pantyhose and end up making chaos in the street. The original chicken finally prepares itself and Cricket uses all of his energy to finally launch her into space. A man in the crashed car and two neighboring children see Cricket's success and compliment him. Bill and Alice arrive in time to see this and the Greens happily hug one another, with Remy joining in as well, while the chicken lands on the building adjacent to the Green's house.



  • This episode chronologically takes place after "Welcome Home" as Cricket mentions having just moved into the neighborhood to a jogger.
    • This creates somewhat of an awkward start. The reason for this is because this was developed as a pilot episode. As typical with pilot episodes, there is a lack of continuity with the actual show as it is meant to be presented as what a typical episode would be like.
  • Cricket admits that his room in the house is not perfect, as he can still hear the traffic outside, making it somewhat difficult for him to sleep at night and his secret exit behind the drawers makes the room cold at night.


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