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"Spaghetti Theory" is the second segment of the fifty-seventh episode of Big City Greens.


Tilly and Cricket debate whether the lives of people in Big City are intertwined, all affecting one another.


Bill prepares a wagon of vegetables for Cricket and Tilly to deliver while he stays at home and tries to fix the broken oven. As Cricket and Tilly prepare their deliveries, Tilly hypothesis that everyone in Big City is connected and "intertwined like a bowl of spaghetti". Cricket finds the explanation ludicrous and they get to their first delivery which is Brett. From here, the episode shifts to short individual stories. After a comment Cricket and Tilly made, Brett decides that he should clean his apartment. However, he keeps finding excuses to not clean such as hiding a stain on his table, not having the trash available for flies to eat and not wanting to disturb the fungus growing on his dishes. As he congratulates himself, the fungus comes alive and attacks him as he begins to stomp wildly.

On the floor below Brett, Mr. Grigorian is annoyed at the noise and uses his broom to bang the ceiling, only to cause a photo to crush his foot, he gets caught in his lazy boy and begs his cat Anoush to release him, resulting in him getting tossed about. After finally getting released, Anoush pulls the lever on his lazy boy again and his jar of peanut butter gets flung out the window and lands on top of a squirrel. The squirrel's predicament becomes headline news with Maria Media reporting on the dangers of jars and declares that "they will be coming after your children". Her assistants wonder if her news reporting might frighten her viewers, but she brushes it off saying "only a dumb dumb would actually be worried about something like this."

Maria's news report is seen by Mayor Hansock who immediately becomes frightened and calls in his SWAT team, though he admits that he does not remember what it was he was frightened about, and he is driven away to safety by his team. His limo passes by Remington Manor. Vasquez has put Remy to sleep for his midday nap, but Vasquez is confronted by Viper Fang, a former co-member of the Order of the Fang. He tells Vasquez, formally Tiger Fang, that ever since he left the Order, they have been in shambles. The two of them fight while Remy continues to sleep. Eventually, Vasquez tosses Viper Fang out the window and he escapes in a hot air balloon, vowing revenge. Remy awakens completely oblivious to what had just transpired.

Cricket and Tilly still argue about the Spaghetti Theory as they make their next stop at Alexander and Terry's place and drop off the vegetables. Alexander proceeds to go into a cooking show fantasy where he tries to cook a delicious meal for the "judge", Terry. Despite his efforts, the food is terrible looking, which actually relieves him enough to simply order out. Gloria receives a phone call from Alexander, having become a food delivery person, and heads to 'Don't Mind If I Fondue' to get a bowl of cheese fondue for them. She is informed that she must get it to them on time or else the liquid cheese will harden. Running short on time, she hops on top of Kiki, like a video game, and takes a shortcut where she must dodge obstacles and falling barrels and slides through some jogging elders. She finally reaches the address, only to realize that it is the wrong one when Gregly angrily answers and explains it to her. The cheese hardens and she kicks it down the street, declaring that she quits.

The cheese rolls down and hits a hot dog stand, sending it down the street as well. Cricket and Tilly are revealed to be in its path and escape onto their wagon before they start going down the hill. Don and Dawn argue over the placement of their names as Cricket and Tilly nearly hit them, causing them to make up. Bella and Bash rob a jewelry store and have Officer Keys tied up when Cricket and Tilly knock the two of them out. Community Sue tries to figure out how Benny got into a basketball hoop, as Cricket and Tilly crash into them and send Sue into the hoop, freeing Benny. Cricket and Tilly nearly hit Gabriella, but move out of the way and hit a fire hydrant and fly right into a haystack back at home. Cricket still disbelieves Tilly's Spaghetti Theory as Bill tells them that the oven is still not fixed. As they wonder what to eat, it begins to rain hot dogs from the hot dog stand earlier. Cricket finally grasps Tilly's theory, but claims it as his own using the hot dogs as a metaphor, much to her annoyance. As Cricket and Tilly celebrate, the hot dog vendor arrives, asking who is going to pay for everything.



  • The plot of this episode sounds similar to The Simpsons episode "22 Short Films About Springfield".
  • Gabriella Espinosa makes a silent cameo.
  • Once again, Don and Dawn are uncredited despite having a role.
  • According to Tilly, there are 3,205,416 people in Big City. If Big City were placed on a list with real U.S. cities, it would actually be the third biggest city, just between Chicago (pop. 2,679,044) and Los Angeles (pop. 4,057,841). The city that holds the biggest population in the U.S. is New York City which has 8,601,186 people in it.
  • Vasquez is revealed to be a former member of a group called the Order of the Fang. Its purpose has not been revealed.
  • One of the buildings is called Exterior Shot Condominiums, which is obviously a joke at the fact that it is, indeed, an exterior shot.
  • Gloria is seen reading The Big Citier, a play on The New Yorker. Additionally, the back of the magazine has an advertisement for the skull slimmer seen in "Flimflammed".
  • Gloria gets another job as a delivery person for 'Me Hungry!', only to quit once again.
  • Gloria hops on Kiki in a similar fashion to Super Mario Bros.
    • Also the man dropping some barrels is similar to the game Donkey Kong.
  • Big City apparently has an "Obstacle District" that is nothing, but obstructing obstacles.
  • Alexander and Terry live on 421 Grand Avenue while Gregly lives on 421 Grande Aavenue (pronounced Ay-venue).
    • However, Alexander and Terry lived in a smaller apartment in "Uncaged".
  • Bash and Bella get engaged in this episode, however it is unknown if it went any further as they are immediately arrested afterwards.
  • This episode so far features the largest voice cast in the series.
  • Moral: People's lives can twist and connect one way or another.

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