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Sparks are the main collectibles in the Disney Infinity series.



A Blue Spark Capsule

Sparks are usually found by opening capsules in the toybox and playsets, defeating enemies, and completing missions. Sparks often have many abilities such as acting as currency, healing, and experience for your character. Sparks automatically fly to the player when they get near them.

Types of Sparks[]

Blue Sparks[]

Blue sparks are the most common to obtain and act as currency to buy toys for your toyboxes. Blue sparks can also be used to buy interior items and farming expansions for the "Ploting for Plants" toybox. If the player gets defeated in a playset or in a world with a defeat manager, the player loses some blue sparks. These sparks cannot be placed in the toybox. This is the only color of sparks in the 1.0 edition.

Green Sparks[]

Green sparks act as healing items for the player. They can also be bought and placed in toyboxes. Once a player contacts one of the green sparks, a little bit of health gets restored. Green sparks have no use if a player's HP is full.


An Orange Spark Capsule

Orange Sparks[]

Orange sparks are used to add experience points to a player. If a player contacts an orange spark, a little bit of your experience meter, used to level up, increases. Orange sparks cannot be placed in the toybox. These sparks have no use if the character is at level 20.

Purple Sparks[]

Purple sparks are used to fill your characters special move meter. These sparks fill up your special move meter a little bit upon contact. This will not work if the character are using is from the 1.0 edition as special moves weren't introduced until the 2.0 edition. Purple sparks can be bought and paced in toyboxes.

Capsule Creator[]

InstantFun-Capsule Creator

The capsule creator is a purchasable item used to generate sparks in random spots of your toyboxes. All types of sparks can be gained by the capsule creator and is the only way to get blue and orange spark capsules in toyboxes. The item can be toggled on or off using the button on the creator. The capsule creator might turn on or off after time elapses.


  • There's a glitch where your blue sparks can become negative after buying farm plots. You cannot gain or lose sparks when your blue sparks become negative.
  • The only type of spark in the 1.0 edition are blue sparks.
  • There's a chance blue sparks can get obtained when finding a hidden gift.

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