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Sparky is a Skipper's Flight School employee, and Skipper Riley's assistant in Air Mater. He is a supportive character in the 2013 Disneytoon Studios animated feature film, Planes and its 2014 sequel.


Air Mater

When Mater asks Skipper to teach him how to fly and that the sign says that it is guaranteed that he can teach anyone, Skipper gets Sparky to suit Mater up. He does so, and while Skipper is teaching Mater about flight, he moves each page on a drawing stand to show the instructions of how to fly. After Mater was thought to have failed to fly, Skipper orders Sparky to change the sign, but later tells him to put it back after he notices that Mater has actually succeeded and that he really can teach anyone. By size and behavior, in human age, he is late 39 years (Planes) and he is 40 years (Planes: Fire & Rescue).

Sparky was one of the people in the crowd watching Mater with the Falcon Hawks at the air show after Black Hawk was hurt in the last practice. When Mia and Tia say that Mater is awesome, Sparky explains to them that Skipper had taught Mater everything he knows about flying.

After the short ends (Cars 2 DVD and Blu-ray only), Mater meets up with Sparky in front of Propwash Junction's sign and says that they should make a movie about planes. Sparky then says that's a good idea, and the two look at the audience in anticipation.


In Planes, it is revealed that Sparky was a Navy medic that served on the USS Flysenhower with Skipper. After Skipper's accident, he stayed with Skipper and still helps him in the present day.

Planes: Fire & Rescue

Sparky returns in Planes: Fire & Rescue. He reads an article to Mayday and Chug about Dusty Crophopper's participation at the Annual Corn Festival just as Dusty leaves Propwash Junction to participate in the event. He and Chug later arrive at Honkers talking to Dusty to which Leadbottom interrupts to which he and Chug talk about Dusty's possible return to racing only to find out that Dusty left. Sparky later notices the fire at the Fill n' Fly area due to Dusty having accidentally clipped the tower while testing his limits with his gearbox damaged, preparing to call Mayday to extinguish the fire to Dottie and Sparky plan on working together to extinguish the fire. However, due to it being unsuccessful, Sparky and Dottie later help Dusty and the crew pull the water tower to extinguish the fire. During a meeting, Dottie and Sparky explain to the crowd that a second firefighter should be hired at Propwash Junction, to which the grumbling crowd continues complaining about this new plan to know who will be an assistant firefighter to Mayday. Later, Skipper, Mayday, Chug, and Dottie later wish Dusty a good luck on his journey to the Piston Peak National Park to consult Blade Ranger to help reopen Propwash.

Later at Propwash, Sparky later talks with Dusty who is at Piston Peak via radio about Dusty's good news about a new gearbox while Mayday receives a new siren for himself. The next day, Sparky and the rest of the Propwash crew feel sad due to the wrong gearbox arriving at Propwash.

Finally, Sparky is present attending the recertification of Propwash after Dusty becomes certified for working in conjunction with the rescue team of Piston Peak just before the Corn Fest starts.


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