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Wise Fly.
―Jake after being beaten at checkers

Sparky is a minor character from The Rescuers Down Under. He is a fly who works with Jake at the Australia Airport. He is vocal effects by Frank Welker.

Role in the film[]

In the movie, Sparky is a fly who works with Jake the kangaroo mouse at the airport in Mugwomp Flats. He is first seen playing checkers with Jake and winning, making a disappointed Jake call him a "wise fly." They then get a call over the radio from Wilbur the albatross asking for permission to land. Jake goes through a size chart of different birds and finds the albatross to be a "jumbo" bird. Nervous and acting in pragmatism, Jake turns Wilbur away, since the runway is too small for a large bird like him. Wilbur refuses to listen and decides to land, prompting Jake to tell Sparky they have to somehow lengthen the runway, then make a dragline. After Wilbur lands, Jake gets a ramp for Bernard and Bianca to get off Wilbur and when he sees Miss Bianca he becomes smitten by her to which Sparky lets out a buzz of dismay, knowing what's just happened to Jake. Then a hurt Wilbur realizes that he has back pain from landing and Jake orders Sparky to watch the tower while he, Bianca, and Bernard rush Wilbur to the hospital. Sparky salutes Jake in acceptance of the latter's orders, only to be swatted to one side accidentally by Wilbur as he is flailing the suitcases around in his pain. He lives through this and fulfills Jake's orders to him.

Sparky isn't seen or mentioned again for the rest of the film, so it is assumed that he is still watching the tower and waiting for Jake to return from helping Bernard and Bianca.

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