A list of episodes from the Disney Junior series Special Agent Oso. Each episode includes Paw Pilot Codename Backdrops, which mean she tells Oso to help kids anywhere in need.

Season 1 (2009-2010)

Episode number Title Codename Backdrops Production code
1a "To Grandma with Love" Tune 1 101a
1b "Gold Flower" Tune 2 101b
2a "License to Clean" Tune 1 102a
2b "On Her Cousin's Special Salad" Tune 5 102b
3a "A View to a Book" Tune 6 103a
3b "Diamonds Are for Kites" Tune 7 103b
4a "The Living Flashlight" Tune 14 104a
4b "Sandcastle Royale" Tune 3 104b
5a "Goldfeather" Tune 9 105a
5b "Live and Let Ride" Tune 11 105b
6a "Three Wheels Are Not Enough" Tune 13 106a
6b "A Zoo to a Thrill" Tune 6 106b
7a "The Boy with the Golden Gift" Tune 1 107a
7b "Birthdays Are Forever" Tune 8 107b
8a "Carousel Royale" Tune 3 108a
8b "Leaf Raker" Tune 9 108b
9a "Octo-Puzzle" Tune 1 109a
9b "One Suitcase is Now Enough" Tune 13 109b
10a "Live and Jump Rope" Tune 4 110a
10b "A View to a Kitten" Tune 5 110b
11a "Nobody Draws it Better" Tune 8 111a
11b "Thunderbubble" Tune 2 111b
12a "For Your Ice Only" Tune 5 112a
12b "Coldfingers" Tune 2 112b
13a "Tie Another Day" Tune 4 113a
13b "You Only Start Preschool Once" Tune 13 113b
14a "For Your Pies Only" Tune 8 114a
14b "The Plates Are Not Enough" Tune 5 114b
15a "Recycling is Forever" Tune 10 115a
15b "Goldswinger" Tune 9 115b
16a "Thunder Berries" Tune 8 116a
16b "Flowers Are Forever" Tune 10 116b
17a "License to Chill" Tune 11 117a
17b "GoldenFly" Tune 10 117b
18a "For Your Nice Bunny" Tune 5 118a
18b "For Pancakes with Love" Tune 1 118b
19a "Never Say No Brushing Again" Tune 3 119a
19b "The Girl with the Golden Book" Tune 2 119b
20a "Hopscotch Royale" Tune 11 120a
20b "Goldringer" Tune 9 120b
21a "Hide Another Day" Tune 4 121a
21b "Live and Let Dry" Tune 11 121b
22a "The Girl Who Cheered Me" Tune 7 122a
22b "License to Twirl" Tune 9 122b
23a "For Show and Tell Only" Tune 10 123a
23b "Piggy Bank Royale" Tune 7 123b
24a "Dr. Off" Tune 12 124a
24b "License to Dress" Tune 4 124b

Season 2 (2010-2012)

Episode number Title Codename Backdrops Production code
25a "Quantum of Sandwich" Tune 9 201a
25b "Thunder Muffin" Tune 10 201b
26a "Dr. Go" Tune 12 202a
26b "For Your Bed Only" Tune 8 202b
27a "Another Way to Fly" Tune 15 203a
27b "A View to a Ball" Tune 8 203b
28a "From China with Love" Tune 16 204a
28b "Thunderbasket" Tune 17 204b
29a "Goldscooter" Tune 18 205a
29b "The Boy with the Coloring Crayons" Tune 19 205b
30a "Goldputter" Tune 18 206a
30b "Live and Leaf Rub" Tune 20 206b
31a "Dr. Juice" Tune 12 207a
31b "For Your Nose Only" Tune 21 207b
32a "The Man with the Golden Retriever" Tune 22 208a
32b "The Chairs Are Not Enough" Tune 23 208b
33a "Colors Royale" Tune 1 209a
33b "Cleanfingers" Tune 17 209b
34a "A View to a Mask" Tune 24 210a
34b "Pumpkin Eyes" Tune 25 210b
35 "The Living Holiday Lights" Tune 26 211
36a "For Angels with Snow" Tune 1 212a
36b "Dr. Snow" Tune 12 212b
37a "License to Sled" Tune 16 213a
37b "Snowflakes Are Forever" Tune 10 213b
38a "Dr. Throw" Tune 12 214a
38b "Nobody Plays "it" Better" Tune 19 214b
39a "On Old MacDonald's Special Song" Tune 5 215a
39b "Snapfingers" Tune 17 215b
40a "Quantum of Sauce" Tune 9 216a
40b "The Girl with the Folded Clothes" Tune 19 216b
41a "Greenfinger" Tune 18 217a
41b "For Sleepy Eyes Only" Tune 2 217b
42a "Live and Let Heal" Tune 16 218a
42b "GoldenFish" Tune 25 218b
43a "For Tamales with Love" Tune 30 219a
43b "Piñata Royale" Tune 31 219b
44a "Lost and Get Found" Tune 27 220a
44b "A View to the Truth" Tune 17 220b
45a "License to Order" Tune 22 221a
45b "Table Manners Are Forever" Tune 10 221b
46a "A View to a Fire Drill" Tune 19 222a
46b "Thunderbelt" Tune 21 222b
47a "License to Cheer Up" Tune 29 223a
47b "You Only Vote Once" Tune 20 223b
48a "Quantum of Celery" Tune 9 224a
48b "Drink Another Day" Tune 28 224b
49a "Dye Another Egg" Tune 20 225a
49b "Dr. Skip" Tune 12 225b
50a "For Your Hands Only" Tune 19 226a
50b "Thunderbeam" Tune 17 226b
51a "Best Friends Are Forever" Tune 29 227a
51b "For School Days Only" Tune 22 227b
52a "A View to a Goal" Tune 17 228a
52b "Sweep Another Day" Tune 15 228b
53a "Freeze Dance Royale" Tune 28 229a
53b "The Boy with the Cardboard Fort" Tune 12 229b
54a "Goldfanner" Tune 18 230a
54b "Connect Another Dot" Tune 20 230b
55a "License to Share" Tune 16 231a
55b "Live and Be Polite" Tune 20 231b
56 "The Manny with the Golden Bear" No Tune 232
57a "Sock Puppet Royale" Tune 20 233a
57b "Costume of Solace" Tune 18 233b
58a "Diamonds Are for Baseball" Tune 33 234a
58b "Tomorrow Never Ducks" Tune 23 234b
59a "The Sitter Who Watched Me" Tune 18 235a
59b "Potty Royale" Tune 11 235b
60 "Thundersmall" No Tune 236


  • All of the episode titles reference the titles of James Bond films.

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