Specter is a character in the 2020 Disney/Pixar animated feature film, Onward who serves as a cyclops cop for the city of New Mushroomton.



Specter tries to be intimidating to get answers out of Bronco (who was actually a magical disguise concealing Ian and Barley) but after realizing that he was stressed out, she tried to help him by sympathizing how it's not easy becoming a step-parent by saying her girlfriend's daughter has her pulling her hair out in frustration.

She's observant after seeing "Colt's" hoofprints in the dirt become shoeprints and contacted her police station to confirm Colt's whereabouts.

Physical Appearance

Specter is the tallest out of all the three cops, she's purple-colored and has a large nose, an eye and a horn. She is 7 feet tall and a long jaw and there’s no escaping the long jaw of the law

Role in the film

Specter and Gore are first seen where they catch Ian and Barley for speeding while on their way to get to Raven's Point to find the Phoenix Gem. In order to avoid getting caught, Ian and Barley disguise themselves as Colt Bronco using a Disguise Spell in order to avoid getting arrested to which they successfully evade them when Ian starts freaking out and getting nervous she lets them go and turns left then right for some weird reason. She, Gore, and Colt are later seen during the climax of the film where they chase Ian and Barley again while Barley sacrifices his van Guinevere in order to avoid getting caught.

Specter's further fate is unknown after magic is brought back to New Mushroomton once again after Ian finishes restoring the full body of his late father before he fades away.


  • Because of her homosexuality, the movie was banned in several Islamic countries (Islam forbids homosexuality) and was censored in Russia, Nauru and Poland.
    • She is Pixar's first openly lesbian character and Disney's 7th first openly LGBT character.
  • Her name is an English synonym for ghosts.
  • Lena Waithe improvised Specter's mentioning of her girlfriend.

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