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Spell Circle is a magic glowing circle that is practiced by witches in the Disney Channel animated series The Owl House.


Spell circles are how witches on The Boiling Isles cast spells, which is drawing a circle in the air using either their fingers or a staff. The intensity of the spell depends on the size of the circle. The bigger it is the more powerful the spell.

The circle can be drawn with a fingertip, a sweeping gesture of the hands, a tracing motion with the feet, a training wand, or the end of a witch's staff. Two, and possibly more, witches can cooperatively draw a single spell circle. Witches can cast multiple iterations of a spell by creating a single spell circle then slapping it with the palm of the hand. The witch then sweeps their hand which creates multiple identical spell circles. A witch can even cast two spell circles with each hand.

A spell circle requires magical energy in order to function. This means the caster must either have their own supply of magical energy, such as a magic bile sac attached to a witch's heart, or the caster must be on the Boiling Isles or another magical place to directly access the fallen titan's power in the air.


Drawing the Spell Circle can also be done using a pen or pencil as long as a glyph is included. It is revealed in "The Intruder" that in order to cast a specific spell, a specific glyph within the circle must be included, which can be seen for a brief moment. It is reasonable to assume that drawing the glyph within the circle was how witches used to do magic until these practices were forgotten when they started mastering more efficient methods (ex. drawing power from magic bile sac, special organs exclusive to witches on the Boiling Isles).

According to "Adventures in the Elements" the Boiling Isles is full of magic glyphs hidden within nature. The light glyph can be found in the stars; the ice glyph within snowflakes; the plant glyph on the stigma of a flower; and the fire glyph is a mark left by a burn.

Since glyphs draw magic from the environment, they are ineffective in the Human Realm since there is no magic around to harness.

The light glyph is drawn with a large triangle in the circle with a smaller triangle and circle on top. Down the middle a long line with two smaller lines across, side by side within the large triangle.

When cast it generates a floating sphere of light. The intensity of the spell can be changed depending on the size of the glyph/spell circle. The light spell is considered a basic spell that can be cast at a very young age.

The ice glyph is drawn with a kite shape with a line down its center, sat on a horizontal line across the lower third of the circle. A curved line from the two center points on either side of the kite curves through it in a bow shape. Sometimes a small diamond is included at the bottom or an upside down triangle.

When cast it causes a pillar of ice to form. The diameter, height, and speed of growth of the pillar is dependent upon the size of the glyph.

The plant glyph resembles a flower. Drawn with an upside down triangle with a line across the bottom, resembling a flowerhead, connected to a line heading down to a circle at the bottom with a dot in the center. Two other lines stick out at the top of the circle, resembling leaves.

When cast, flowers, and other types of plants or trees, sprout from the glyph. The plants can be any size, even towering over people.

The fire glyph is drawn with a larger circle at the bottom of the spell circle with a dot in the center. On top is a smaller circle with a curved triangle on top. Another curved triangle is also included on top of the bigger circle which goes over the smaller circle.

When cast it conjures a ball of fire. If cast on the surface of an object, it will set that object on fire.


Light Ice Plant Fire
"Adventures in the Elements"
"Enchanting Grom Fright"
"Wing It Like Witches"
"Once Upon a Swap"
"Adventures in the Elements"
"Escaping Expulsion"
"Understanding Willow"
"Wing It Like Witches"


In "Escaping Expulsion", Lilith discovers the glyphs are like words that command the magic around them instead of containing it like witches do. That by drawing a "glyph combo" by chaining glyphs in a certain order, it is possible to organize the commands over magic and thus achieve different specific effects. This runs counter to the incorrect method used by Eda of overlapping glyphs on each other, as this causes the magic to be confused and the spell to go wrong.

Combo Layout Glyphs
Combining the light and fire with two ice glyphs casts snow. First used by Lilith in "Escaping Expulsion" when Eda tried overlapping the glyphs resulting in an out of control spell of growing ice spikes.
The glyph combo for invisibility is unknown, but when cast, it can turn anyone or anything invisible. However, when used on a person, the invisibility spell only lasts for as the caster holds their breath.
Mist/Sleep Smoke
Combining the fire and ice glyphs allows the caster to conjure up a thick mist. Also, by including pollen from sleeping nettle flowers within, the combination will create a sleep-induced smoke.


  • The Spell Circle is similar to a Magic circle, which is a circle of space marked out by practitioners of many branches of ritual magic.
  • The Spell Circle patterns are similar to glyphs, which are elemental symbols within an agreed set of symbols, intended to represent a readable character for the purposes of writing.
  • It also bears the common to the Sling Rings and the Tao Mandalas from Doctor Strange due to:
    • Uses and gained by magic.
    • Forms a circle and emits light.
    • Eda has the same color references the common colors on the Master of the Mystic Arts.
  • Coincidentally, the method witches of Boiling Isles conjuring the Spell Circle (drawing a glowing circle in the air) is pretty much similar to how Makai Knights summon their armor in Japanese adult dark fantasy tokusatsu series GARO.


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