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Spencer Walsh is a recurring character of the Disney Channel series, Good Luck Charlie. He is the high school crush and later boyfriend of Teddy Duncan. They dated throughout season one until they broke up when Teddy found out Spencer cheated on her. They become frenemies in season two until they eventually realize they still have feelings for each other and get back together. They resume their relationship until they break up again in the season three finale when Spencer attends a performing arts school in Boston. They remain friends in season four until they get back together for good in the series finale.


He tries to be that number one guy, the one that every girl wants. The things he uses for the techniques are:

  • His looks
  • His style
  • His riches
  • His music
  • His dancing

He uses them to get Teddy, Skyler, and Nicole.

Spencer can be very competitive ("Battle of the Bands") and sometimes makes bad decisions. He had cheated on Teddy previously, but she gave him another chance and they are currently dating again. He is sometimes a little conceited and thinks he's ahead of everyone else, but he never bullies anyone and is usually nice. He hardly ever notices when someone is using sarcasm.

Personal life

Spencer has a study date with Teddy. It was supposed to be in the library, but because of Charlie, they decided to have it in her house. He goes there for the first time. But because of the annoyance of her family, their study date is continually interrupted, which irritates her. Although he made many attempts to kiss her, it was always interrupted ("Study Date").

In a backwards dance at Teddy's school, she asks Spencer out for the big night and Ivy Wentz asks Emmett Heglin out. Teddy tries to get her first kiss from Spencer, but he's too busy hanging out with Emmett and doesn't pay attention to her. However, they kiss when they're sitting alone in the back of Emmett's grandfather's car ("Dance Off").

After this, Charlie bit Spencer. Ivy said it was a sign that something fishy is going on with him. Teddy finds out he has been cheating on her with a girl named Skyler. This causes Teddy to break up with him ("Girl Bites Dog").

In "Teddy's Broken Heart Band", Spencer tries to apologize only to be rejected. Later on, he gets a new girlfriend, Nicole, who makes Teddy jealous ("Teddy Rebounds"). However, he goes to the ski resort to apologize, but she rejects him again ("Snow Show, Part Two"). Later, she accepts his apology and they get back together ("Can You Keep a Secret?").

Spencer is sometimes seen working for different jobs. First he worked at a smoothie shop ("Girl Bites Dog"), and then he was seen working as a model at a beach shop ("PJ in the City"). Later, he works at Super Adventure Land ("Return to Super Adventure Land", "Can You Keep a Secret?") Later, however, he was fired ("Make Room for Baby").


His parents are Paul and Linda Walsh. They are shown to be prim and proper. He is an only child and prefers to be at Teddy's house because his house is too quiet. He is shown to be from a rich and classy family. They own a lodge, a cabin, and half of a mountain. They seem to think of Teddy's family to be a joke. Spencer likes her family more, and defends them while they are on TV. However, when they leave his house, Paul does a big fart, claiming that he wanted to see how the other half lives, and seems to like it. Although, Linda was just disgusted. His Aunt Betty was mentioned in the episode "Duncan's Got Talent".


Teddy Duncan

Teddy and Spencer met when she invited him over for their study date. Like her, he cared more about her than their work. He helped her get Charlie to nap. They almost kissed, but Gabe asks for food. ("Study Date").

Teddy asked Spencer out for the Girl's Choice School Dance. He danced with Emmett instead to show off his moves. He apologized for dancing with Emmett, and said that he liked it more before Emmett joined. When she talks about her worrying about how the dance would work, he kissed her ("Dance Off").

Once, Charlie bit Spencer when he came over. When Teddy went to him at his job, she noticed he had a hand over another girl (Skyler) and thinks that he is cheating on her, but he admits that she is his cousin. Later, when she goes to apologize to him, she met Skyler and had an awkward conversation. Skyler had said that he told her that she is Teddy's Spencer's cousin and that she is his girlfriend. He later comes and finds them. They both realized that he had been cheating on them and was later dumped by both of them ("Girl Bites Dog").

Later, Spencer followed Teddy to Mt. Bliss to the ski lifts. When they stopped, they kissed. He asked if she wants to be with him again, but she thinks that they should just be friends ("Snow Show, Part Two").

In "Can You Keep a Secret?", Spencer has a job playing the frog/prince in The Frog Prince at Super Adventure Land. Teddy has the same job playing the princess. On the first time they worked together, they kissed and she ran away suggesting that she has feelings for him again. When he came to her house to see if she's okay he once again apologizes to her about cheating on her and expressed that he still loves her by kissing her. After that, she gave him a second chance and they got back together.


Skyler was Spencer's girlfriend. Although she had never been seen in the part but she says that she saw him with Teddy and he lied to her saying that Teddy is his cousin. When she and Skyler met up and had an awkward conversation, they realized that he was cheating and was dumped by both of them ("Girl Bites Dog").


Nicole is Spencer's new girlfriend in "Teddy Rebounds." It is likely they broke up at some point before "Snow Show" because he wanted Teddy back.

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