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"Sphere and Loathing in Outer Space" is the forty-first episode of Milo Murphy's Law. It premiered on May 18, 2019, and is the final episode in the second season. It is also the final episode of the series.


Milo faces down a cosmic storm made of negative probability ions, while Melissa, Zack, Cavendish, Dakota, Perry, and Doof work their way through the alien populace to save their friend.


Milo's friends manage to retrieve him from space, only to realize it was the Octalian named Loab holding his breath in order to both get saved by Milo's friends and not explode. When his cover is blown, the people are shaken by the stranger. Loab then explains why he kidnapped Milo.

Finally on the new planet, the Octalian Commander finally explains to Milo why they abducted him.

Doof then crash lands the other ship on Octailia and the Earthlings (excluding Cavenpuss) head into the strange city to continue their search for Milo.

Milo then, nervously and slowly, approaches the Sphere of Calamity. When he enters it (anchoring himself via rolling pin from his backpack) he notices a girl before he's blown out.

His friends spot him on the ground and retrieve him under rubble. After he explains what just happened, the commander gasps, and states the girl in the sphere is her daughter, Orgaluth.

With Milo now being treated, he asks the woman why her daughter is in the Sphere of Calamity. She states that since Orgaluth was little, strange incidents kept happening around her, and as she grew, the incidents got more severe. After some tests, it was revealed that Orgaluth is surrounded by negative probability ions (just like Milo).

Milo then - how healed - explains that all Earthlings have at least some negative probability ions, making then all susceptible to Murphy's Law. Some (including him) have more than others. While, on Octailia, the ions (Orgalith's Law) is concentrated solely on Orgaluth. Zack then suggests using Doof's reduce-inator on the sphere to shrink the ions.

Perry, Doof, Cavendish and Dakota, Zack and Melissa try to help Milo get back close enough to the sphere with the reduce-inator. Milo drops it when rubble falls, but the other Octalians rush to help him morphed as Milo, having found their courage by seeing him in action. Despite this, the reducinator again is forced out of his hand just as he's about to fire. So they need to fall back to create a another plan. Then Doof then recalls when Loab told him that Octailians can absorb others' molecular structure. It gives Milo the idea that the locals use that ability on Orgaluth as a way to remove some of her negative probability ions. Diogee then finds the inator and grows. (It was set on reverse.) The huge Diogee helps them reach her sphere faster. Milo rides in first on still huge Diogee with Orgaluth's mom. They huge, and she takes on the girl's form. One by one, all of the locals become Orgaluth look-alikes, making the sphere disappear.

The reporter, Zorb Zerbavoir, decides to interview now less hazardous Orgaluth. She responds stating that she does not want her friends from school see the scene. When her mother states that she destroyed the school, Orgaluth responds: "That's a relief." After a sign falls on the commander's head, Doof theorizes that it is because she has just absorbed some of Orgaluth's energy - from now on, like on Earth, every Octalian will experience Orgaluth's law every so often.



  • The episode's title is a reference to the film Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
  • Dan Povenmire on Twitter stated that the episode's original ending would've included a cameo of Baby Cavenpuss that hatched out of its egg it laid in "Escape". It was eventually cut out from this episode entirely as of December 7, 2018 when it was still currently in production according to the unused storyboards.[1]
    • Ashley Michelle Simpson on Twitter also stated that the Giant Alien from "Cavendish Unleashed" was supposed to return and would've included a full scene of Perry the Platypus battling against him.[2]
  • This series finale beat the Star vs. the Forces of Evil series finale "Cleaved" in number of views according to Disney TV Animation News on Twitter.[3]
  • This is currently the first and only episode that doesn't feature the show's theme song. However, a reference to it is made during the episode.


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