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Spider-Man title card.

The following episodes of the animated series Spider-Man listed in the order they originally aired.

Series Overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
Shorts 6 July 3, 2017 July 8, 2017
1 25 August 17, 2017 February 18, 2018
2 26 June 18, 2018 December 1, 2019
3 6 April 19, 2020 October 25, 2020
Total Series premiere Series finale
1-3 57 August 17, 2017 October 25, 2020


Shorts (2017)

Title Original Airdate
"Origin 1: Introduction!" July 3, 2017
Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider while on a field trip to Oscorp, he uses the five steps of the scientific method to diagnose what's happened to him.
"Origin 2: Operation Observation" July 4, 2017
After suffering some side effects from his spider bite, Peter Parker decides to use the scientific method to figure out what is happening to him.
"Origin 3: Here Comes Hypothesis" July 5, 2017
Peter Parker hypothesizes that his body is developing super powers and begins testing them out.
"Origin 4: Prepare For Predictions" July 6, 2017
Peter Parker predicts that his new abilities could bring him fame and fortune and begins to seek out a way to make a name for himself.
"Origin 5: Experimentation Awaits!" July 7, 2017
The new and improved Peter Parker makes his official debut by entering a wrestling competition where he goes up against Bonesaw McGee.
"Origin 6: The Exciting Conclusion!" July 8, 2017
When his quest for fame results in personal tragedy where his Uncle Ben is killed by a burglar that he didn't want to stop, Peter Parker learns that with great power comes great responsibility.

Season 1 (2017-18)

No. in Series No. in Season Title Original Airdate Production
01-02 01-02 "Horizon High" August 19, 2017 101/102
Part 1: Peter is accepted into Horizon High: a school for geniuses where his best friend Harry Osborn was just suspended. Peter makes his debut as Spider-Man and must battle the Vulture.

Part 2: Spider-Man must work to stop the Scorpion from wreaking havoc at the museum.

03 03 "Osborn Academy" August 26, 2017 103
Norman Osborn creates the Osborn Academy for Geniuses as a way of saving his son Harry the embarrassment of being suspended from Horizon High. But when two genius kids Herman Schultz and his friend Clayton Cole get into a fight as Clash and the Shocker Spider-man must stop them before they wreck the city and keep them out of the Jackals Clutches.
04 04 "A Day In The Life" September 2, 2017 105
Spider-Man must stop Black Cat from committing a spree of thefts while still keeping his school obligations.
05 05 "Party Animals" September 2, 2017 106
Horizon High throws a dance in honor of Harry being exonerated, but Norman asks Harry to stay at the Oz Academy. But when Raymond Warren aka The Jackal turns highschool student Aleksei systevich into the supervillain known as the Rhino Spider-Man must race to find the cure before Aleksei destroys the high school.
06 06 "Sandman" September 16, 2017 107
Spider-Man meets the powerful, yet uncontrollable Sandman and helps him reunite with his estranged daughter with the help of the Venom symbiote.
07 07 "Stark Expo" September 16, 2017 109
After the terror of the symbiote, Spidey is off to the Stark Expo in his old costume. When Ghost hijacks the event, Spidey’s only chance to save lives is to unleash the symbiote.
08 08 "Symbiotic Relationship" September 16, 2017 108
When Spider-Man uses his new black costume, he discovers that there is great danger in his new power; and he must find a way to defeat a costume that wants to destroy him.
09 09 "Ultimate Spider-Man" September 23, 2017 111
When Miles Morales is bitten by an experimental spider and gains spider powers, Spider-Man must teach him the responsibilities of being a superhero.
10 10 "Kraven's Amazing Hunt" September 30, 2017 112
Kraven the Hunter does a live broadcast of his hunt for Spider-Man.
11 11 "Halloween Moon" October 7, 2017 114
when highschool student john Jameson experiments with the lunar crystal and turns himself into the werewolf super villain know as Man-Wolf Spider-Man Must team up with the Hulk to stop him before he turns all of Manhattan into a pack of werewolves.
12 12 "Spider-Man on Ice" October 14, 2017 114
During a heat wave, Peter unknowingly helps the police to catch Hammerhead's minion Randy Macklin. As Harry shows off his cryogenic gauntlet to Peter, Randy Macklin gives the police the scheme and returns to claim the diamond he placed in Peter's gauntlet and steals the cryogenic gauntlet. Upon becoming Blizzard, he turns against Hammerhead and starts his own crime spree. Though Spider-Man has to compete against Harry Osborn's thermal gauntlet when it comes to defeating Blizzard and reclaiming the cryogenic gauntlet.
13 13 "Venom" October 21, 2017 115
The V-252 has escaped from it's imprisonment at the Avengers Compound and has found a new host.
14 14 "Screwball Live" October 28, 2017 110
While battling Absorbing Man, Spider-Man finds an unlikely ally in a technology-dependent heroine, Screwball. Spider-Man then ends up having to defend Screwball when she is targeted by Absorbing Man and Hammerhead.
15 15 "The The Rise of Doc Ock: Part 1" January 21, 2018 116
When Otto Octavius is caught in an explosion that fuses his robot arms to his body, Spider-Man sees the opportunity to recruit “The Octopus” into becoming a hero.
16 16 "The The Rise of Doc Ock: Part 2" January 21, 2018 117
Spidey invites The Octopus to patrol the streets alongside Miles and himself until it becomes clear that Otto isn’t exactly a team player.
17 17 "The The Rise of Doc Ock: Part 3" January 28, 2018 118
Peter spends a day at Oz Academy in the hopes of finding a clue that will convince Harry that his Dad is out to destroy Spider-Man.
18 18 "The The Rise of Doc Ock: Part 4" January 28, 2018 119
Spider-Man must team up with Gwen Stacy and a reluctant Harry Osborn to investigate the truth behind the missing Raymond Warren aka the Jackal.
19 19 "Spider-Island: Part 1" February 4, 2018 120
20 20 "Spider-Island: Part 2" 121
Everyone in Manhattan is manifesting spider powers, Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen must help Black Widow track down Crossbones before he delivers the vibranium to Arnim Zola and Hydra.
21 21 "Spider-Island: Part 3" February 11, 2018 122
Peter must find a way to cure Gwen Stacy and Norman Osborn who have turned into Spider-Monsters. Things get harder when Kraven the Hunter turns New York into his hunting grounds.
22 22 "Spider-Island: Part 4" February 11, 2018 123
Peter and Harry must battle through an island of Spider-Monsters to get to Norman Osborn, who, appears to be controlling them all. The boys discover who the real mastermind is!
23 23 "Spider-Island: Part 5" February 11, 2018 124
In order to cure the Spider-Monster population of Manhattan, Spider-Man must lead Kid Arachnid, Anya, and Harry on a desperate last-ditch effort to stop the Jackal!
24 24 "The Hobgoblin: Part 1" February 18, 2018 125
Spider-Man takes on Doc Ock and his Sinister Five before they brainwash Spidey and destroy New York City.
25 25 "The Hobgoblin: Part 2" February 18, 2018 126
Spider-Man must find a way to stop Hobgoblin – who is completely bent on destroying Spider-Man, whatever it takes.

Season 2 (2018-19)

No. in Series No. in Season Title Directed by Written by Original Airdate Production Code
26 1 "How I Thwipped My Summer Vacation" Dan Duncan Kevin Burke & Chris "Doc" Wyatt June 18, 2018 201
Peter Parker struggles to balance the best summer vacation ever and his responsibilities as Spider-Man.
27 2 "Take Two" Sol Choi Kevin Burke & Chris "Doc" Wyatt June 18, 2018 202
Spider-Man is excited to start his second year as a superhero and as a student at Horizon High but discovers that Doc Ock also claims to want a second chance. Can Otto be trusted?
28 3

"Between an Ock and a Hard Place"

Dan Duncan Kevin Burke & Chris "Doc" Wyatt June 25, 2018 203
When Spider-Man discovers there is a new Doctor Octopus taking up the mantle from Otto Octavius, Spider-Man finds himself drawn into this new mystery.
29 4 "Rise Above It All" Sol Choi Mark Hoffmeier July 2, 2018 204
30 5 "School of Hard Knocks" Dan Duncan Josh Haber July 9, 2018 205
31 6 "Dead Man's Party" Sol Choi Jacob Semahn July 16, 2018 206
32 7 "Venom Returns" Dan Duncan Kevin Burke & Chris "Doc" Wyatt July 23, 2018 207
33 8 "Bring on the Bad Guys: Part 1" Sol Choi J.M. DeMatteis July 30, 2018 208
A mystery villain puts a bounty out on Spider-Man’s head, bringing on attacks from Panda-Mania, Hippo and Overdrive.
34 9 "Bring on the Bad Guys: Part 2" Dan Duncan Jacob Semahn July 30, 2018 209
Anya must step up and embrace being the Spider-Girl. Spider-Man is lured into Mysterio’s funhouse and learns that there is a bounty on his head.
35 10 "Bring on the Bad Guys: Part 3" Sol Choi Gavin Hignight August 6, 2018 210
36 11 "Bring on the Bad Guys: Part 4" Dan Duncan Jennifer Muro August 6, 2018 211
37 12 "Brain Drain" Sol Choi Jacob Semahn August 13, 2018 212
38 13 "The Living Brain" Dan Duncan Kevin Burke & Chris "Doc" Wyatt August 13, 2018 213
39 14 "The Day Without Spider-Man" Sol Choi Danielle Wolff September 8, 2019 214
The Blood Gem accidentally reawakens Gwen Stacy’s dormant spider-powers, turning her into Ghost-Spider.
40 15 "My Own Worst Enemy" Dan Duncan Kevin Burke & Chris "Doc" Wyatt September 15, 2019 215
Doc Ock, now in Spider-Man’s body, intends to bring New York City to its knees, but instead finds his newly acquired brain still contains some of Peter Parker’s memories.
  • Patton Oswalt (“A.P. Bio”) returns as Uncle Ben.
41 16 "Critical Update" Sol Choi Grant Moran September 22, 2019 216
Doc Ock must adjust to his new life as a hero and is tested by rising crime boss Sand Girl.
  • Sofia Carson (“Descendants” franchise) returns as Keemia/Sand Girl.
42 17 "A Troubled Mind" Dan Duncan Jacob Semahn September 29, 2019 217
Superior Spider-Man is confronted by the Avengers, who suspect that he is not who he claims to be.
43 18 "Cloak and Dagger" Sol Choi Jacob Semahn October 6, 2019 218
When a new criminal duo, Cloak and Dagger, emerge at Midtown High with the plan to take revenge against Midtown’s benefactor Tiberius Stone and his company Alchemax, Superior Spider-Man must take them down and protect the school.
  • Olivia Holt and Aubrey Joseph (Freeform’s “Cloak and Dagger”) guest star as Cloak and Dagger, respectively.
44 19 "Superior" Dan Duncan & Eric Elrod Kevin Burke & Chris "Doc" Wyatt October 13, 2019 219
Superior Spider-Man must face his most challenging opponent yet when Venom escapes from stasis and attacks Midtown High.
45 20 "Brand New Day" Sol Choi Liza Palmer October 20, 2019 220
When a series of attacks by a suspected team of super-villains captures The Avengers, Spider-Man is left to figure out who could be behind it.
46 21 "The Cellar" Eric Elrod Shannon Eric Denton October 27, 2019 221
Spider-Man takes his mission to The Cellar where he believes The Regent is using the powers of Cloak and Dagger, as well as other supervillains, to hold The Avengers captive.
47 22 "The Road to Goblin War" Sol Choi J. M. DeMatteis November 3, 2019 222
Spider-Man must take down the slick new villain, Slyde, as he steals various chemicals from around the city in an effort to create a deadly virus that could wipe out New York.
48 23 Goblin War: Part 1 Eric Elrod Gavin Hignight November 10, 2019 223
Spider-Man teams up with Spider-Girl, Ghost-Spider and Doc Ock to track down a new threat – the mysterious Goblin Nation.
49 24 Goblin War: Part 2 Sol Choi Jacob Semahn November 17, 2019 224
Spider-Man and Harry Osborn seek the Goblin King to determine who is behind the Goblin Mask.
50 25 Goblin War: Part 3 Eric Elrod Kevin Burke & Chris "Doc" Wyatt November 24, 2019 225
In order for Spider-Man to defeat the Goblin King, he must first bring together Doc Ock, Spider-Girl, Ghost-Spider, Miles Morales and Harry Osborn.
51 26 Goblin War: Part 4 TBA TBA December 1, 2019 226
Spider-Man and his friends must stop the Goblin King before he destroys New York City.

Season 3: Maximum Venom

No. in Series No. in Season Title Directed by Written by Original Airdate Production Code
52 1 "Web of Venom" Tim Eldred & Sol Choi Kevin Burke & Chris "Doc" Wyatt April 19, 2020 301
When Spider-Man and Max Modell experiment on a sample of Venom symbiote, it escapes and unleashes a weapon of unknown purpose.
53 2 "Amazing Friends" Tim Eldred & Sol Choi Merrill Hagan & Denise Downer May 17, 2020 314
When Toddler Groot lands on Earth to deliver an urgent warning, Spider-Man must decode the message and keep him out of the evil clutches of A.I.M. and Baron Mordo.
54 3 "Vengeance of Venom" Tim Eldred & Sol Choi

Zach Craley & J. M. DeMatteis

June 21, 2020 315
When Toddler Groot lands on Earth to deliver an urgent warning, Spider-Man must decode the message and keep him out of the evil clutches of A.I.M. and Baron Mordo.
55 4 "Spider-Man Unmasked" Tim Eldred & Sol Choi Jim Martin & Gavin Hignight August 16, 2020 307
After Spider-Man’s friend is turned back into the rampaging Rhino by Swarm, Spidey is forced to battle for his life in the Underground Monster League contest.
  • Yvette Nicole Brown (“Community”) guest stars as Head Administrator.
56 5 "Generations" Tim Eldred & Sol Choi Marty Isenberg & Mae Catt September 27, 2020 309
When Spider-Man discovers a vial of jackal serum at Horizon High, he and Ghost-Spider track down Jackal’s secret lab in an attempt to destroy the villain’s evil plans.
57 6 "Maximum Venom" Tim Eldred & Sol Choi Kevin Burke & Chris "Doc" Wyatt October 25, 2020 311
When Spider-Man and his allies attempt to track down the missing and dangerous Lizard, they discover that Venom has returned to seek revenge on the earth.
  • ”Zombies 2″ stars Meg Donnelly, Kylee Russell and Carla Jeffery guest star as Scream, Scorn and Mania, respectively.

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