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"Spider With a Top Hat" is the second segment of the twenty-fourth episode of Star vs. the Forces of Evil. It premiered on October 10, 2016 alongside "Hungry Larry", and is the second segment of the eleventh episode in the second season.


Star's most entertaining spell, Spider with a Top Hat, wants to become a fighting spell instead.


Inside Star's wand, all of her spells coexist in another realm and wait to be called upon for some kind of attack or other helpful chore. Spider with a Top Hat acts as a support spell for the others; giving them vigor whenever they are about to go out or whenever they come back from a serious fight. Unbeknownst to them however, Spider wants to be used for fighting as well. He asks Narwhal how he accomplishes his task of helping Star and he informs him that he needs to find his warrior spirit. At night, he continuously throws himself at the wall in his room to try and toughen himself up, but this only causes him to get seriously injured.

In the morning, the other spells begin to notice that he is slightly in pain, but he diverts them enough for them to get to work. He attempts to train with the Warnicorns at their gym, but hurts himself. While throwing himself at the wall, he makes a small crack and goes to tell Narwhal about it. He laughs at him, but upon realizing how serious he is, tries to talk him out of it, but this angers him. In the morning, the spells realize that they have overslept and discover Spider weak and disillusioned and try to cheer him up, but he is too somber.

Star begins calling various spells out to attack some unseen foe. Eventually, she begins calling spells that are not even for attacking including Make-up Blast (a butterfly spell). Rock the Warnicorn comes back injured and tells Spider that he is next up and gives him encouragement. Spider arrives to see chaos as a giant wolf monster takes out Star and Marco easily. Spider pulls off his hat to reveal it is a gatling gun and defeats the wolf. Star tells Marco that Spider with a Top Hat is her strongest spell. Afterwards, all the spells congratulate Spider and he is later seen happily being called again by Star for an unknown cause.


Additional voices

  • Maria Bamford as Make-up Blast
  • Eric Bauza as Winged Bunny
  • Dominic Bisignano as Male Cupcake, Minotaur, Beanbag Monster, Rainbow Fist
  • Grey DeLisle as Female Cupcake, Female Warnicorn
  • Ron Lynch as Richard the One Eyed Narwhal
  • Eric Christian Olsen as Rock, Narwhal
  • Kari Wahlgren as Female Narwhal


  • This episode give more insight to the inner workings of Star's wand and reveals that the creatures she summons do, in fact, have personal lives.
  • Spider with a Top Hat presents the other spells with bottles of cold ones. While it is most likely soda, the nickname cold ones is typically are associated with beer.

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