Sprig Plantar is the deuteragonist of the 2019 Disney Channel animated series Amphibia.



Sprig is a very excitable, energetic, and adventurous child - qualities that can bring him to adventure and into trouble. Despite acting careless at times, he is utterly loyal to his friends and family, and will ultimately do what is right in the end.

Sprig is an energetic adventurous frog. Although he seems very calm, he is very easily startled.

It is implied in the episodes "Cracking Mrs. Croaker" and "A Caravan Named Desire" that Sprig has somewhat of a need for affection, as in both episodes, once he discovers that someone doesn't like him, he fell into desperation and went to great lengths to make that someone like him

Physical appearance

Sprig Plantar is a 10-year-old anthropomorphic frog of small height. He has hot pink skin with a light pink underbelly and has short orange hair underneath his hat. He has a large, elongated, chartreuse tongue that extends to certain lengths, four-fingered hands and two-toed feet.

As his everyday clothing, he wears a dark forest green hat with olive green goggles and a jade green jacket paired with dark teal shorts.

In "Dating Season", Sprig's head is colored light pink, and he has orange cheeks. He has a yellow beret-beanie-esque hat with blue feathers on his hat next to each other which makes it look like a geyser. Around his neck, he has a big white disc. He has a very short green shirt with big-circle shaped short sleeves. The big-circle shaped short sleeves are peach colored with orange seed shapes on it the short sleeves. He has big-circle shaped pants with thick vertical stripes with the pattern of colors green to yellow. It also looks like the outfit is too big for him.

In "The Shut-In!", Anne creates a human version of Sprig in her imagination named Twig. He is a human of average height with slightly tan skin and reddish-blonde hair. He wears a dark green beanie with pink and brown pins. He possesses a similar school sweater to Anne with a green undershirt and a dark green jacket over it as well as dark blue shorts, white socks and black sneakers. To complete it, he has a red backpack.


  • Fiddle and violin: He is very good at playing the fiddle and the violin. It is implied that he has perfect pitch to go along with it.
  • Slingshot: He uses this for playing and self-defense. He also demonstrates having a great aim with it.
  • Singing: He is a good singer and can sing while playing his fiddle.
  • Armpit farting: He is shown to be surprisingly adept at making armpit farts that are in tune with music.
  • Vocal mimicry: He has a talent to perfectly imitate other voices.



Season 1

From the start of the series, Sprig starts off as being considered something of a strange kid in the town of Wartwood. Over the course of the first season however, this begins to change through the influence of Anne Boonchuy while also changing her perspective as well. Along with the rest of the Plantars, they slowly begin to gain some respect from the town with many people looking at Sprig as the "fun Plantar".

One of the story arcs in season one involves Sprig's personal relationships. In "Hop Luck", he ends up getting engaged to Maddie Flour, albeit forcibly by Anne in an effort to get dough. Later on in "Dating Season", Sprig is revealed to be friends with Ivy Sundew, an old acquaintance. At the end of the episode, Sprig suddenly realizes that he is in love with Ivy and makes it his goal, through the encouragement of Anne, to admit his feelings to her. While Maddie makes spare appearances, Sprig still brings her up in a resigned manner. While he likes her, he considers her too weird and creepy. It is not until the episode "Cursed!" when he finally breaks up with her and learns that despite her weirdness, she simply wants to be friends with him, and he accepts her. In "Anne of the Year", he and Ivy are finally able to admit their feelings for one another.

Sprig also spends numerous amounts of time learning from his mistakes and maturing somewhat. In "Sprig Vs. Hop Pop", he learns to be more accepting of rules and in "Trip to the Archives" he realizes that even though he would rather have fun, he should be more concerned with helping Anne with her problems instead.

Season 2

In season 2, Sprig jons his family and Anne in their journey to Newtopia, in hopes of finding a way to transport Anne back into her world. In the episode "Handy Anne", it is revealed that he has several different slingshots, and briefly goes on a crisis to select which one to take to Newtopia, but eventually manages to settle down in which one to use.

They eventually arrive to Newtopia in "Marcy at the Gates", where they meet Anne's other human friend, Marcy Wu. In spite of Marcy being clearly harmless, Sprig is initially suspicious about her, fearing she might be like Sasha. As the group helps Marcy to deal with Barbari-Ants that cause Newtopia to be closed for protection, Sprig constantly watches over Marcy, expecting her to betray them at any minute. However, he soon realizes Marcy is a friend when she saves him from at the Barbari-Ant Queen.

In "Hopping Mall", Sprig helps Anne with finding the perfect gift for her mother, putting them in conflict with Priscilla the Killa over a butterfly teapot, but Anne eventually relents when she learns Priscilla wanted it because it belonged to her own mother. That night, as Anne tells Sprig about her mother, Sprig reveals that his and Polly's mother died when they were young. Therefore he says that he can't remember how she looked or how her voice sounded, briefly causing him to somberly wonder if he can miss her even througth he never knew her, before receiving a hug from Anne and letting his emotions take over him.

Other appearaces

Sprig makes a cameo in the Big City Greens episode "Present Tense", as a plush toy in a claw machine.


Anne Boonchuy

[Anne]'s brave, she's smart, and most of all she's not going to be pushed around by a bully like you!
―Sprig defending Anne from Sasha[src]

Sprig and Anne have a very strong friendship. Even after a slight misunderstanding at first meeting, they were able to quickly bond with one another due to their similar personalities. They continuously refer to themselves as "Spranne" and even have a catchphrase: "Spranne against the world!" Sprig is very protective of Anne. While he initially viewed her as a pet, their relationship has since changed to that of siblings. Sometimes Sprig will look to Anne for advice and clearly likes to confide in her about things. They have zero romantic attraction with one another, though in Sprig's case it appears to be solely based on age as revealed in "Bizarre Bazaar". ("Yeah, she's way too old for me."). In "Hopping Mall", the two become even closer when Sprig reveals that he does not remember anything about his mother and seemed intrigued when Anne began to talk about her's.

Hop Pop Plantar

Sprig always challenges Hop Pop's authority and considers him too old-fashioned for his more rebellious beliefs. However, he does love and care about him, most likely because he is the only parental figure he has. He simply wants Hop-Pop to look at him as an independent person while also cherishing their familial bond such as in "Fishing Trip". Sprig will sometimes try to annoy Hop Pop into doing things for him; usually winning out. While he does take advantage of him, he often comes around to apologizing and understanding why his decisions and authority is important.

Polly Plantar

Sprig and Polly have a typical sibling relationship. Sprig hates having to step down for his younger sister, but as revealed in "Civil Wart", he understands why he needs to be accommodating for her. He does care a great deal about her though he does admit that she can be pretty weird at times. Sometimes Sprig will take a commanding role over Polly whenever they are up to their usual schemes. Despite their contrasting personalities, Sprig understands Polly great deal and is very supportive of her endeavors such as in "Girl Time". The feeling are mutal as Polly cares a lot about Sprig, but will take advance of him when she can.

Ivy Sundew

Sprig has been friends with Ivy for a long time. They often played together (often making practial jokes or ambush the other) and were occasional sparring partners. Their relationship has been very mutual, but by the end of "Dating Season", he fell in love with her. Since then, he has been nervous about telling her his feelings, but still maintained a friendly and approachable demeanor. They finally confess their feelings for each other in "Anne of the Year" and it is implied that they have begun dating since.

Maddie Flour

Sprig was put off by Maddie and her unusual behavior. As a matter of fact, he was outright frightened of her. Nevertheless, he displayed a loyalty to her when they were betrothed. When he broke up with her, he felt guilty about not doing it in front of her. He eventually learns to accept her strange behavior and is glad that they are just friends.

Sasha Waybright

When he first met Sasha he tried to befriend her and was cordial towards her, but she reacted cold and uninterested in him. When Hop Pop was about to executed and Sasha tried to make Anne submit to her will, Sprig had enough of her and threw a ball of mud in her face. He called her out how she treated Anne and called her a fake friend and a bully. Sasha then tried to kill him by stabbing him with her sword, only to be stopped by Anne who was motivated by Sprig to finally stand up for herself and against Sasha.

Marcy Wu

Because of his experience with Sasha, he did not trust Marcy and wasn't interested in finding or meeting her, even seeming relieved that they didn't found a trace of her when they first arrived in Newtopia. When they eventually first met, Sprig was very wary and followed her because of his distrust in her. She eventually gained Sprig's trust when she saved him and risked her own life for him. Sprig then apologized to Marcy for his prior suspicions of her, with Marcy just being glad he's okay since she's learned that he means a lot to Anne. The two became quick friends and Sprig trusted her. Marcy did the same and even invited him to a sleep over. Like Hop Pop and Polly, Sprig is very impressed and amazed at how smart Marcy is.


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  • Sprig claims that he has a short attention span. This, combined with his excitable personality, implies that he has Attention Deficit Hyepractivity Disorder (ADHD). When asked if Sprig has ADHD, Matt Braly said it is "very likely" he has ADHD.[1]
  • He considers Anne "way too old" for him when they were accused of being a couple, implying that he prefers dating people closer to his age.
  • Sprig seems to be a musical prodigy as he can sing and is capable of performing the fiddle flawlessly. Not to mention he can also perform armpit fart numbers.
  • Sprig, arguably, has already had two love interests. Ivy Sundew, whom he starts dating at the end of season one, and Maddie Flour, whom he was engaged to, but broke off.
  • As revealed in the concept art, Sprig went through numerous color changes before settling on hot pink.
  • According to Anne in "Contagi-Anne", Sprig likes mushrooms.


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