"Springtime" is the seventy-fifth episode and the seventeenth episode in season 4 of Mickey Mouse. It premiered on May 12, 2018.



The arrival of spring is placed in jeopardy when winter refuses to relinquish its grasp of the season.


In a forest covered with snow, Old Man Winter Pete stomps snow from a snow cloud onto everything in the land, including a scared family of quails. As he goes off to spread more snow, Mickey jumps out and plays the panflute to make the sun rise. He hops across the grass and plays the flute to a tree, which wakes it up. He plays to make the flowers grow, while the bunnies and butterflies look on. They go to see a tiny golden flower with a deer, squirrels, quails, and raccoons gathered around it. Mickey plays the flute to the flower, which grows bigger and shines brighter. Pete is enjoying a squirrel ice pop when he sees Mickey played the flute. Pete confronts the mouse and gives him a very long and literally icy stare, which melts when Mickey plays his flute. He dances and plays a song to Pete, who wears a spring costume of plants and vegetables. Pete gets mad and the plants decay. He stomps the ground and makes frost spirals in an attempt to freeze the flower. Mickey blocks them with his left hand which freezes, but he breaks the ice and fights Pete. They jump out, land on ice and skate. Pete shoots Mickey with snow bullets from his peg, then gets chased by butterflies summoned by Mickey. Mickey plays to some eggs which hatch into baby birds, but Pete makes them into snow Peeps. Mickey plays to an old willow tree, which grows a long leafy hairdo, but Pete shoots it, giving it an older snowy beard. The two eventually run and bonk heads. Mickey loses his panflute but Pete has it. He plays the flute to trap Mickey inside an ice cage. He then blows it at a groundhog, which hides in its burrow and taking its shadow with it, and Humphrey, who fails to jump into his cave and gets covered in ice. Mickey tries to break free of the cage with the animals' help, but Pete already has his sights on the golden flower in hope of freezing it. Mickey is so mad that his starts to melt the ice cage, giving him the idea to use that to melt the cage completely. He rushes over to stop Pete, who almost succeeds at freezing the golden flower in ice. They scuffle until Pete gets knocked off the cliff. Despite being the victor, Mickey is exhausted from the fight, but plays to the flower with whatever little strength he has left. The sun shines on the golden flower, restoring it and causing it to grow even larger until it blooms, revealing Goddess Minnie. Mickey helps her onto the ground, and she fills the forest with flowers and trees. Pete recovers from his fall, but panics when he sees the grass and flowers surrounding him. With the animals and trees happily celebrating, Mickey and Minnie dance on the now peacefully sleeping Pete's tummy.



  • This episode was inspired by Fantasia.
  • This is the first episode in the series to have no dialogue or sound effects.
    • This is also the only episode so far where none of the characters wear gloves.
  • Mickey's outfit is very similar to that of Peter Pan.
  • Minnie's dress was inspired by the Goddess from The Goddess of Spring.
  • The ending credits theme is performed by the Disney Studio Orchestra.
  • Some of the woodland creatures were inspired by the forest animals from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.


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