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Squeaks is a caterpillar in The Fox and the Hound. Throughout the film, Dinky and Boomer try to catch him in an attempt to eat him, but by the end, he transforms into a butterfly and flies away.

Role in the film[]

Squeaks is a caterpillar who never seems to get a rest from Dinky and Boomer's restless hunt. The birds, who both want to devour the caterpillar, constantly invade his tree home and attempt to peck at/corner him, although he is able to evade them.

During the winter season, Squeaks pops up from a snowbank, shivering in the freezing wind. He is spotted by Dinky and Boomer but manages to outsmart them by entering Widow Tweed's cottage through the door's keyhole and warms himself in front of the stove. Dinky and Boomer decide to fly south for the winter, vowing to catch Squeaks when they return. Sometime later when springtime has come again, Squeaks gets carried outside by Widow Tweed while in the flowerpot of a plant (which he presumably munched on.) Widow Tweed waters the plant causing him to sneeze and fly into a drainpipe. Dinky and Bommer witnesses this and the woodpecker forces Squeaks out of top of the pipe by pecking at it. He quickly crawls onto a nearby telephone pole and squeezes under one of the glass circuit protectors. Boomer tries to peck the glass, but gets eletrocuted along with Dinky. Squeaks makes his getaway by crawling along a wire, blinking and beeping each time he crawls.

At the last act, Dinky and Boomer have cornered Squeaks in his tree yet again, but as they look in, they are blinded by a flashing light. Squeaks comes out of the tree, now transformed into a butterfly, much to the two birds' surprise. Not only do they not realize who he is (although they remark that his eyes look familiar), but they are now unable to catch him. Squeaks is happy he has nothing to run or hide from anymore, and greets Big Mama, who recognizes him in butterfly form, wishing him good luck as he flies off.

He is green with big eyes. As a butterfly, he has blue and purple wings and his face and body look the same as in his caterpillar form, except they are blue instead of green.


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